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‘Tis the season



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The Questions

*** Does it snow where you live around Christmas?  How much? Any special snowy Christmas stories? ***

Of course it snows here.  This is Canada, where (according to pretty much everyone who isn’t a Canadian) it snows and hails and sleets all year ’round. *glowers at movies/TV shows/internet stupidity that makes it appear so*  In all seriousness, it does snow a fair bit where we live, though so far this winter has been a dismal disappointment – we get lovely, luscious snow one day and then the very next, it all melts away, leaving muddy, splotchy grass.  Not very uplifting.  But the month is young!  When my family lived in the country, my siblings and I would make giant snow forts/tunnels and play on/in them for hours.  Very fun.


*** Do you get a real tree or a fake tree? ***

We haven’t ever had a tree.  But if we did, I’d want it to be real.

*** What is your favorite Christmas movie? ***

White Christmas, forever and ever.  There’s lots of other that I enjoy as well, but White Christmas will always be my favorite.  Most of the other Christmas movies I love aren’t what you would call traditional Christmas films. (Stalag 17, for one.)  I also find the Christmas episodes of classic (and modern) TV shows to be a lovely, heartwarming treat.  Along with this.

*** Where in the world would you like to spend Christmas the most? ***

At home.  Boring, I know.  Still, as Jane Austen says “There is nothing like staying at home. for real comfort”.


*** What fictional/literary character would you most like to spend Christmas with? ***

When I first pondered this question, no one came to mind, but then possibilities began flooding in so fast that I haven’t sorted them out yet.  So I’ll just throw them all at you because I love each and every one: the Curtis brothers (The Outsiders), Mr. Knightley + Emma (Emma), the Finch family (To Kill a Mockingbird), the Pontipees (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), and Spike + family (Flashpoint). *siiiiigh*  I’d be more than happy to spend Christmas with any of these families (and they’re all families because I think a one-on-one Christmas celebration with a fictional character would be awkward).

*** What is your favorite Christmas song? ***

HOW CAN YOU ASK SUCH A QUESTION?  I adore ‘Oh Come, All Ye Faithful’, ‘Hark, the Herald Angels Sing’, ‘White Christmas’, ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Jingle Bells’…oh, so many.  How can I chose?  I guess I’d pick ‘Oh Come, All Ye Faithful’ because it means a lot to me (not that the others don’t, but that one especially).

*** What is your favorite Christmas book/story (besides, ya know, the story)? ***

How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. *bawls* It never gets old, it never fails to hit that sweet spot for me somewhere in the middle of humor, feels, and a very, very timely message for our generation.  LOVE.


*** Which do you prefer: multi-colored lights or white lights? ***

Multi-colored!  They’re so cheerful and bright. ❤

*** What time period/decade would you most like to spend Christmas in? ***

Um…I like the way Christmas is now, but I guess the 40s.  Just because the 40s is pretty much the best in every way (except for, y’know, World War II and all) and all those Christmas carols would be playing the department stores and there’d be loads of gorgeous window displays and everything would be merry and bright and full of good cheer. (Not that it isn’t these days.  And I’m more talking about post-WWII 40s, by the way.)  That would be amazing.

*** Which period drama has the best Christmas scene/episode? ***

Another (almost) impossible question.  I love the Christmas scenes in Little Women (1994 version), White Christmas (of course), Eloise at Christmastime, It’s a Wonderful Life, Emma (2009 version)…there are so many, many perfect moments.  But I think I’d have to go with a Christmas scene that I’ve discussed before on this blog – the one from Stalag 17, when the gang gives Joey a new piccolo and everyone’s singing ‘Oh Come, All Ye Faithful’.  Because I really think that that scene sums up a whole lot of what Christmas is about (besides Jesus being born, of course – I’m talking more about the general spirit of peace and generosity and good-will).  Never fails to make me cry.


I had so much fun with this tag – feel free to borrow it + don’t forget to listen to tons of good Christmas music this holiday season!



18 thoughts on “a very merry tag

  1. Very fun post! I’m also curiuos, how come your family doesn’t get christmas trees (ours doesn’t either)? Is it because of biblicalness, frivolity, messiness? I’m very interested.


    • Thanks! We don’t have a tree mostly because the tradition has pagan origins. Though, personally, if I marry someone who celebrates Christmas in every way (including the tree), I wouldn’t have any problems with that.


  2. *gasps* Canada isn’t covered with snow 100% of the winter time??? I THOUGHT — 😛
    Nooo, that’s not boring! Christmas *must* be at home, especially if you have an awesome family. (If you’re alone, that’s different, haha.)
    Christmas with the Finch family would be lovely, but with the Pontipee brothers?! No. It is enough with my own five brothers. Thanks. 😀 (Hahaha.)
    Also, Eva, remember our favourite ad? LET US REWATCH IT 100 TIMES THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON. 🙂
    Great answers and lovely new blog look!
    ~ Naomi


    • Hehe… We’ve been getting tons of snow lately, so it feels more like December now. 🙂 But, yes, Canada is NOT always covered in snow.

      Well, when I said the Pontipee family, I mostly meant ‘the Pontipee family after the events of the movie’ because there’d be so many little kids and one big happy family and all that. I definitely wouldn’t want to spend Christmas with just seven guys. 😉

      YES. I must watch it again and again and cry my eyes out every time… *snifff*

      Glad you like the new look. 🙂


  3. We don’t have snow here, either . . . we NEVER get snow at Christmas . . . sad :-/

    But Christmas itself is still amazing! I can’t wait to be done with my finals (TOMORROW!!!) so I can start getting ready 🙂


  4. It must be nice to live in a place where it snows at Christmas time. I don’t think it will ever snow in Phoenix. It snows in Northern Arizona, but I don’t think it will ever snow in the city.

    You’ve never had a Christmas tree!!!! For us, part of Christmas is the tree, which means taking it out, decorating it, playing Christmas music, and/or watching Gone with the Wind while decorating it. We have a fake tree, but it still looks beautiful with the lights, garland, and ornaments. You are the first person I’ve known that hasn’t had a Christmas tree. Are Christmas trees not common in Canada?


    • No, Christmas trees are quite common in Canada, but my family’s never had one because of the tradition’s pagan origins. However, I’m not opposed to having a tree if my husband (whenever I get married) wants one. 🙂


      • I feel like Christmas has to be kind of key to the story, not just “this happens around Christmas time.” So Little Women counts, and so do While You Were Sleeping and We’re No Angels, but I don’t think of Sleepless in Seattle as a Christmas movie because parts of it take place then, but it’s not exactly central to the plot.

        Man, now I’m in the mood for While You Were Sleeping too.


      • Well, I recently watched Christmas in Connecticut and it didn’t feel like a Christmas movie at all. Even though it takes place at Christmas. No Christmas mood or spirit or anything. 😛 Whereas Stalag 17 has such a strong feeling of Christmas to it, for me at least. Weird, huh?


      • It was an okay way to pass an evening, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again anytime soon – it was pretty funny, though. (And I enjoyed seeing Barbara Stanwick in her younger days, since the only other thing I’ve seen her in is The Big Valley.)


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