“I’ve got the solution.”

(AKA a bunch of gushy thoughts about the TV show Flashpoint.)

Five seasons.  Seventy-three episodes.  In less than three weeks.

Do not binge watch this show.  Ever.  It’ll leave you feeling like your heart is all twisted up and you just got punched in the stomach.  For the one hundredth time.  I’m serious. 

In case you didn’t know, Flashpoint is about an elite police unit called the SRU (Strategic Response Unit) – it’s sort of like SWAT.  The unit/team responds to various ‘hot calls’, most of which involve some sort of hostage situation.  SRU’s responsibility is to calm everyone down (both hostage taker and hostage[s]) and make sure everything turns out all right.  Only, that doesn’t always happen. (Fun fact: Most episodes of Flashpoint are specifically designed to rope you in with a super emotional plot/likable characters and then crush all your hopes and feelings and leave you in a puddle of tears.) 

Anyway, this show can get super, super tense. (Especially the bomb episodes, partly because BOMBS and partly because my absolute favorite character is the team’s demolitions expert, so he’s pretty much always two centimetres away from some of the deadliest, most diabolical bombs known to man.)  People die and characters suffer from regrets, broken homes, and PTSD.  It’s really tough, but I still love it because it’s CANADIAN and awesome and full of wonderful people (I love every. single. character.) and since it’s so intensely emotional, it’s dug right into my heart (duh).  But enough of all that, because I want to talk about my favorite part of the show…


THE CHARACTERS. (Of course.)

First impression of the team:

  • Greg – That dude from Monk.
  • Ed – Cool beans.
  • Sam – JERK.
  • Jules – The Woman On The Team.
  • Spike – Comic relief?
  • Lou – Guy in the background all the time.
  • Wordy – That dude from Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye.

Final impression of the team:

  • Greg – Sergeant Saunders 2.0.  Also, pretty awesome.
  • Ed – SERIOUS cool beans.
  • Sam – Afghanistan veteran whose backstory is super tragic + heartbreaking. *heart eyed emoji* One half of a great ship.
  • Jules – Love her!  One half of a great ship.
  • Lou – *bawls*
  • Wordy – *bawls again*

That’s the team, in a nutshell.  Spike is my favorite, closely followed by everyone else. (I really can’t list them in order of liking except for Spike, who’s always at the top.)  There are quite a few minor characters who’ve stolen my heart as well, but I can’t list them all right now.  (If you happen to like this show, I’d love to discuss all the characters further, but this post is sort of just to get people interested in watching it themselves, so I want to keep moving forward.)  Since there’s five seasons of everyone being pushed to the breaking point, their true colors bleed through a lot which helps you get to like/know them very well, very quickly.

First episode weirdness is pretty much a prerequisite for any TV show, and Flashpoint is no exception.  The first episode actually bored me so much that I ended up flipping through a book for most of it.  But then we started watching the second ep, all about a father taking hostages in a hospital so that he can force the doctors to do heart surgery on his little girl, and it was suspenseful, emotional, and interesting – I couldn’t stop watching.  But it wasn’t until the third episode (wow – such a long time, right?) that I truly fell in love with Flashpoint because that episode is so gripping, heartbreaking, and intense that I decided that episode would be my favorite forever and ever. (I enjoy being emotionally manipulated, I guess?)  Of course, that didn’t last long (though it still remains one of my favorite eps) because the awesome episodes kept coming and coming and coming.


I believe the main thing that I’ve taken away from Flashpoint is to not judge people from first impressions.  Most episodes start out with a little prologue that’s taken from the middle of the episode (sort like YA novel prologues) and it often gives you the wrong idea about practically everything.  There’s not a whole lot of black and white in this show – most of the antagonists are good people who’ve been driven to do desperate things.  And the main characters themselves change (sometimes not always for the better).  The longer you watch, the deeper things get and that’s awesome.

WATCH IT, PEOPLE.  It’s so, so good.



4 thoughts on ““I’ve got the solution.”

  1. This sounds a little like Leverage, only heavier and more intense . . . I don’t know if I should watch it? I WANT to, for the human-interest element; but I know I’d probably freak out and die with all the suspense. So maybe not.

    (You should check out Leverage–it’s awesome!!)


    • Hoo boy…this show is probably THE most intense thing I’ve ever watched, so you probably wouldn’t dig that part of it. BUT THE HUMAN-INTEREST ELEMENT IS SO GREAT. You’d love that part. *sigh* Let me know if you ever do decide to try some eps! 🙂


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