hello, 2017!

Audrey Hepburn:

I’m going to be all over the place in this post, guys.  Just so you know.

OKAY.  So.  My prediction for how New Year’s would go was sort of true and sort of not.  Chili dogs?  Check.  Meet the Robinsons?  Check. (Though I didn’t ring in the new year with it, just watched it at some point on New Year’s Eve.)  However, what I couldn’t have foreseen, was that my uncle and aunt and cousins came up to Canada (they live in the States) and surprised us.  And it was a surprise, because they’d said they were coming, but then their car broke down so they couldn’t come…or so we thought.  They were able to get a rental car and come visit anyway (Dad and Mom kept it a secret the whole time!), which was incredible.  We’ve been having so much fun.

New Year’s Eve: we watched Meet the Robinsons, fulfilling a three-year strong tradition (there’s just something about it that speaks to my heart when it comes to the new year and fresh starts and all that).  Then all the other kids went to bed and I stayed up and read my Bible and prayed and read a rather amazing historical Christian novel (Shadows Over Stonewycke by Michael Phillips & Judith Pella) and went to bed quite early in the morning of New Year’s Day.  And then yesterday, we had church at our house (it went wonderfully + was such a blessing) and had a big meal with everyone and, overall, it was a great day.

I guess this post isn’t as random as I thought it’d be, ’cause really the only other thing I wanted to mention was William Christopher’s passing.  Really?  Really?  We couldn’t get a break from all these deaths? (I know people die every day.  But actors and actresses are more well-known, so their deaths are far more public.)  And, you know, I haven’t watched M*A*S*H* (though I want to) but I’ve seen William Christopher in Hogan’s Heroes and liked him so much there that I hunted down the Andy Griffith Show episode he was in, too (he’s in a few different episodes of Hogan’s Heroes, but the one that made me notice him was “Movies Are Your Best Escape” because he. is. so. CUTE. in that).  I don’t know why his death has made more of an impact on me than any of the others, but it does. *sigh*

Since I don’t want to end this post on a total downer, here’s a picture of my little cousin, Lizzie, who is the most perfectly adorable little girl I’ve ever seen.  No lie.

Image may contain: 1 person, child and close-up

Happy 2017!



5 thoughts on “hello, 2017!

  1. Happy New Year, Eva! Here’s to 2017: may it be a little less stressful for everybody, and may all of our favorite actors and actresses live long and prosper. P.S. Your little cousin is adorable!


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