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Is my new blog theme great or what?  I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT IT. (Not to boast, or anything.  Just…y’know.  I love it.)


Even though having family over is loads of fun, it’s unbelievably wonderful to have my room back again.  I’ve organized all the gifts I was given on New Year’s Eve, including a lovely, vintage-y calendar that has a Parisian/Italian flavor to it (given to me by my sister, Rebekah) and a framed drawing of Lightning McQueen (a gift from my cousin, Sara).


Also, Elisabeth gave me John Anderton, Spike Scarlotti, and “Stay Gold” bookmarks, so I’m going to be a very happy reader for a looooong time to come.


Recently watched Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.  SO GOOD, GUYS.  I haven’t actually seen the first two, but they’re definitely on my to-watch list now.  My two favorite things about the film are the Indiana Jones-esque prologue and the cast, because I recognized a ton of people (Robin Williams, Dan Stevens, Anjali Jay, Ben Kingsley, Owen Wilson – well, I recognized his voice – plus Dick van Dyke, Bill Cobbs, Mickey Rooney, and whatever the-kid-who-plays-Larry’s-son’s actor’s name is – he plays Young Shawn in a few episodes of Psych).  Super cool, right?


I may or may not be developing a crush on Dwayne Johnson.


Terence, over at A Shroud of Thoughts, is hosting the 3rd annual Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathon and I’m really excited about that.  For the last two blogathons I’ve reviewed episodes of Combat! – “Masquerade” and “The Hostages” – but this year I’m branching out to write about the amazing western show Wanted: Dead or Alive.  I’ll be reviewing the episode “Secret Ballot”, which is my favorite ep in the show.  It’s deep and juicy and emotional, plus there are some great guest stars.  Can’t wait to share it with all of you. 🙂


Every time I listen to “How Far I’ll Go”, I want to watch Moana a little bit more.  My favorite version is actually not the original, but this cover by Georgia Merry.  Go listen to it right now, ’cause it’s GREAT.


I want to be able to juggle blogging + college work + recreational reading + writing + prayer + Bible reading + chores + taking care of my little siblings + a zillion other things.  Seems impossible, looking at that huge list, but I’m not quite as worried as I might’ve been a year ago, because everything is possible with God.  I’m just worried about wasting my time and not getting everything done that I want to – I’m the biggest procrastinator – but I’m hoping/praying that I’ll be able to work everything out to my satisfaction and God’s approval.

Talk to ya’ll later!



24 thoughts on “thoughts, news, and some fangirling

  1. Your new blog theme is A+!!!

    Pretty sure everybody has a crush on Dwayne Johnson, haha! He seems like a really sweet guy. I saw his movie “San Andreas” and loved it; there’s some language, but otherwise it’s a GREAT movie. I bet it would be easy to clean it up with ClearPlay or something like it.

    I think I’m gonna do the TV Episode Blogathon this year! And no, I’m not going to do Star Trek…I’m going to branch out–somewhat–and do something a little more obscure. (*dances excitedly*) See you there!


    • Thanks! Looking at it again, I realize I should’ve included Indiana Jones…oh, well.

      Well, I just hadn’t seen Dwayne Johnson in a lot of movies, but my cousins gave my siblings and I ‘Tooth Fairy’ and I quite liked him in that. 🙂 I want to see him in more serious films, though, since all of his films so far (that I’ve seen) have been comedies.

      Wow! I’m shocked that you didn’t chose to talk about Star Trek. 😉 But I noticed you picked a show that I believe stars William Shatner anyway, right? (By the way, speaking of William Shatner, he plays the dad of one of the main characters in the TV show Psych and he’s AWESOME there. You should totally watch the main episode he’s in sometime. It’s called ‘In For A Penny’ – he plays a lovable con man.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Speaking of Indiana Jones, my little brother got an Indiana Jones hat, bullwhip, and a holster for Christmas and it’s making me want to watch The Last Crusade again, haha!

        To be honest, “San Andreas” is the only Dwayne Johnson movie I’ve seen thus far–but like I said, it’s very good. In the story, his character and his wife are talking about getting a divorce, but they have to work together to try and get back together with their daughter (who’s trapped in the earthquake on the other side of California). It’s a wonderful, exciting, suspenseful story and, without spoiling it for you, it does have a happy ending 🙂

        Goodness me, I’m embarrassingly transparent in my…ahem…enjoyment of William Shatner’s characters, aren’t I? 😉 😉 😉 Oh well. I heard he was in Psych but I haven’t actually seen that show yet. It sounds hilarious, though!



    Just . . . wow.

    Everything about it is perfect. Every. Single. Thing. It’s absolutely beautiful and heartfelt and magical. Moana is so sweet and so brave, Maui is equal parts irritating and adorable (you DID say you had a crush on Dwayne Johnson, right? 😉 ) and the movie’s theme is a *perfect* balance between “following your dreams” and “caring for others.”

    And that ending? DON’T GET ME STARTED.

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  3. I love your header! What’s the Tom Cruise movie?

    Also, you need to see Moana. Like, BADLY. Lin’s my favorite and all of his music is just THE BEST and the movie is so beautiful even without the music and just – GAH. WATCH IT.


    • Well, I’ve seen him in the Get Smart movie and a couple other pretty forgettable films, but when my uncle and aunt and cousins came over, they gave me a copy of Tooth Fairy, which, admittedly, is a pretty cheesy/silly movie, but my uncle really likes Dwayne Johnson and I guess that rubbed off on me a little and he was pretty sweet/funny in Tooth Fairy and so I quite like him now. (That was quite the run-on sentence.) And I’d LOVE to see him in some more serious films, too, but VidAngel recently shut down so that’s probably not going to happen for a long time. 😛


      • I’m so angry about VidAngel shutting down.

        Trying to think what-all I’ve seen him in. The Tooth Fairyis adorkable, and I might need to pick up a copy of that at some point. The Scorpion King is awesome and really has very little content — mostly violence, a teensy bit of innuendo. The Rundown amuses me endlessly and also just has violence and language. I’m extremely fond of Walking Tall, but it does have more sexual content to it, in a PG-13 way. He was great fun in Get Smart. I also saw The Gridiron Gang and Doom, which were forgettable.

        But my #1 Favorite of his movies is Hercules. Ohhhhhhhhh, how I love Hercules. It’s very violent, though, and does have some innuendo and language (including the F-word, grrrr), so you’d want Vid Angel (or me with my finger on the mute button) to see that one. The soundtrack is great for writing, though!


      • Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂 Much appreciated.

        (Btw, our stupid TV remote doesn’t have a mute button, which is so dumb. Whenever we watch The Last Crusade, it’s kind of funny, ’cause we always have to go through this whole thing of pausing it + turning the volume down all the way + playing it + pausing it + turning the volume back up + playing it again when Indy takes Jesus’ name in vain. *sigh*)


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