beauty and the beast: first thoughts

(First thoughts besides “gahhhhh” and *siiiiiiigh*and “SQUEEEEE”, that is.)

Soooooo yesterday I finally caught up with watching Every Classic Disney Princess Movie Ever (besides The Princess and the Frog – does that count?) which is pretty cool.  Especially since, y’know, this one finally lived up to all the hype.  Confession: I wasn’t allowed to watch most Disney movies as a kid, so I’ve been catching up in my Later Years, and I haven’t been wowed by any of the princess movies (besides Tangled, of course).  They all seem overrated, to me at least.  Feel free to try to change my opinion in the comments, ’cause I’d love to discuss this perplexing problem with you guys, but for right now, I stick by my statement.

ANYWAY.  First impressions, here we come.

Belle is officially my second favorite Disney princess. (First one being, always and forever, Rapunzel.)  I mean, she loves books.  And not just in the way some people say they do and then they never really read and/or are unable to carry on an intelligent conversation about books.  Also, she has more grace than I do: if a rude, overbearing guy dumped one of my favorite books in the mud and later put his muddy boots all over the open pages, I’d probably do…something.  I dunno what, but something.  And she’s just so relatable and brave and self-sacrificing and just YES.

The Beast made me cry.  Sure, I guess he deserved what he got since he was so arrogant and rude (Kuzco, anyone?), but still.  He makes me cry.  So did ‘Something There’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ because FEELS and Alan Menken’s gorgeous songs get me every time. (Also, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ made me cry even before I watched the movie, so there’s that.)

It’s just so GOOD.  The story, the characters, and the music all came together to create something wonderful.

That’s about all I can say right now because my morning coffee is calling me, so it’s back to my busy little life.  However, if you want to know my thoughts on any part of or character in the film – or if just want to fangirl – be my guest (see what I did there?) and drop a comment (or two).  I’d love to hear from you!


P.S. My review of I’m Not Ashamed isn’t happenin’ this week.  Sorry.  I would still like blog post ideas from you, though. 🙂


31 thoughts on “beauty and the beast: first thoughts

  1. “Beauty and the Beast” has always been one of my favorite Disney Princess movies–although I must say, I’ve come appreciate Belle and the soundtrack a whole lot more as an adult than I ever did as a little girl! You’re right, she’s so relatable, not to mention admirable–and the music sends shivers up my spine now. My favorite track is the very last one, “Transformation,” where the choir bursts into the theme song while Belle and the prince have their final dance. That’s enough to make you cry…or, if you’re me, listen to it over and over again 😉

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  2. I’ve loved this movie for forever. Belle was so relatable, and I loved their story. How the beast sacrifices for Belle to be able to go to her sick father – GAH. Kills me every time. The whole thing is great. You’ve gotta listen to the Broadway soundtrack now – Alan did the music for that, too. If I Can’t Love Her NEVER fails to make me cry. Listen to Josh Groban’s version!


  3. I think the movies were fresh and innovative in their time (some of them are quite old, 40’s for Sleeping Beauty and 50’s for Snow White). And when you grow up with them from the time that you are small, they just have a place it your heart. And a lot of what is significant is the music. And the whole princess thing and animation built Disney and today’s animation up a great deal. Another things is the reworking of fairytales (if you read the originals that are quite scary).

    Disney and Veggie Tales and a few old movies were about ALL that I was allowed to watch until I was about 13 when we very slowly expanded . . . into LOtR and Period Dramas like every other homeschool family, lol.

    If you like the story-line of Beauty and the Beast, you might like Beauty by Robin McKinley. I LOVE it.

    Tangled is my favorite Disney princess movie too.


    • Yes, yes they were. I just don’t much like them now (the really old ones especially). Though I love the songs for pretty much every Disney film, whether I love the movie itself or not.


  4. Now I wish I’d seen BatB all the way through . . . I’ve seen a BUNCH of clips, but have never had time to watch it in one sitting. I love the songs soooooooooooooooooooooooo much, though. “Tale As Old As Time” is my actual jam ❤

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Okay, I'm a teeny bit confused: How do you define a "classic Disney princess film"? I mean, do you count stuff like "Mulan" and "Pocahontas" and "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "The Little Mermaid," or are you talking about the more princess-y ones?

    I think "Snow White" is definitely overrated; and I suspect I'd feel the same way about "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" if I ever saw them all the way through. But some of the others–"Hunchback" and "Mulan," for example–I think are absolutely FANTASTIC. So it all depends *which* princess movies we're talking about, I guess?

    Side note: I think "Tangled" is definitely one of the greatest Disney films of all time (although "Hunchback" edges it out for the top spot, haha). But I, personally, didn't really LIKE watching it–and still don't. It's not my kind of movie, you know what I mean? It's beautiful, though. "Frozen," on the other hand, is one of my favorite animated movies; although I can't watch it too often because it makes me too emotional.

    Other side note: YOU NEED TO SEE MOANA. 😉


    • Wait, do you consider Hunchback of Notre Dame a Disney Princess movie?? I’ve never heard that before. I mean, there isn’t a princess in it, is there? I haven’t seen it in a couple of years, so I could be wrong, I’d just like to get my facts straight.


      • It . . . it really depends how you look at it, I guess? Mostly, I call it a “princess movie” because of Esmeralda, who will always and forever be a princess in my eyes (I LOVE HER)–but no, she’s not actual royalty in any way. But then . . . neither is Mulan; and Mulan is universally considered a Disney princess; so I figure it counts. I’d also call “Moana” a princess movie, even though Moana’s not royalty and doesn’t marry a prince.

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      • Haha, yeah. Well, Mulan and Moana both become people of a lot of importance, rulers or leaders, (although I personally think Mulan shouldn’t be one, I just go along with it) and I guess that’s why? I agree though, and the whole thing is a bit silly, but hey, it’s Disney 😛


    • You really should watch BatB all the way through, ’cause I know you’d adore it.

      Basically, I define classic Disney princess films as any movie made pre-2000 that has a strong female lead (forgot Pocahontas – haven’t seen that yet, either). Of course, not every film like that would fit into the Disney princess movie category, but most would. (I kinda consider Tangled a classic, too, though.) Don’t like Frozen much, but Tangled is the literal BEST and I don’t understand why it’s not more widely known. 😛


      • I really should . . .

        *nods* That’s basically how I’d define it, too. Tangled is definitely amazing 🙂 Not my favorite story, personally, but still incredibly beautiful.


  5. Mmm, I love Beauty and the Beast. It is always in my top three favorite Disney movies of all time, and by far my favorite Disney princess movie (no matter how much I love Rapunzel/Tangled). It’s just about the best movie ever, especially when you compare it to other Disney princess movies. 😀


  6. I think everyone’s favorite Disney movie is “Beauty and the Beast”.
    My parents went to see it when they had just got engaged so we are all looking forward to the live action one coming out.
    The part where the Beast says “I let her go” always make me cry.


  7. I feel really bad for the Beast, because he was probably just a kid when he was cursed. Not my favorite Disney movie (though I’ve been considering buying it lately, since it’s out of the vault right now), but definitely enjoyable, even thought-provoking. I’m starting to really look forward to the live-action one coming out next month.


  8. I agree with you. If a guy dumped my book on the ground, I would do something to him. Belle was way too nice to Gaston in that part of the movie.
    I’m glad you liked the movie! Belle is my favorite princess. She loves books, and we look alike. I just hope I have a huge library like hers in the future. 🙂


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  10. There’s a good reason why this is the only animated movie to ever be nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Picture before they expanded the category for 10 contenders. The music is fantastic, the love story is very well developed and Belle is a great lead character. As I’m narrowing my list of all the Disney movies in order of personal preference, it looks like Beauty and the Beast will be in the top 10.


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