“i’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain…”

AKA all my favorite old Hollywood movie musicals.  And there are a ton.

// Mary Poppins – 1964 //


A singing nanny, a cross father, and plenty of magical (and sometimes animated) adventures.  This one makes me cry simply because of Saving Mr. Banks (though even before that, ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’ always did leave me a little teary).  There’s plenty of smart humor in this one, so adults and older teens can enjoy it, too.  ‘Feed the Birds’ is simply wonderful.  Favorite part of the film?  The finale.

// State Fair – 1945 //


Dana Andrews is splendid in this film, but everyone else turns in a great performance, too.  The songs give me all the happy feelings, as does the way the whole thing turns out perfectly in the end. (When Elisabeth and I watched this for the first time, we were getting a little worried when there was only about two minutes left and Margie and Wayne were still mopey.  Thankfully, it all turned out fine.)  Favorite part of the film?  All the songs.

// Singin’ in the Rain – 1952 //


For the longest time, this was my favorite movie.  And it still is one of my favorites.  I love the friendship between Don and Kathy and Cosmo – it’s so fun to watch! (Especially during ‘Good Morning’.)  The costumes are the BEST and Jean Hagen totally deserved her Oscar nomination.  Fun fact: my siblings and I used to sing the songs to this so often that Mom literally banned it for about a year.  Favorite part of the film?  Debbie Reynolds.

// The Happiest Millionaire – 1967 //


*siiiiigh* This movie is my happy place.  The songs, the story, the characters, the actors…all of it.  Cordy’s relationship with her dad is so sweet and the romance is adorable and the Sherman brothers almost outdid their song-writing turn in Mary Poppins with this movie.  Plus, it’s so very funny.  Favorite part of the film?  The ball, I think.  Or the whole opening when John is getting used to the Biddles’ way of doing things.

// Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – 1954 //


The first time I watched this film, I hated it for some inexplicable reason. (I was quite young.)  Then I watched it just last year and I loved and adored it.  It’s so perfect!  Millie is one of the best heroines in the history of cinema, in my opinion, and the Pontipee brothers are…unique.  And lovable, too.  Favorite part of the film?  The barn-raising scene, of course.

// The Sound of Music -1965 //


Christopher Plummer kinda makes this movie what it is.  I mean, Julie Andrews is QUEEN and all that, but there’s just something about Christopher Plummer as Captain von Trapp that puts The Sound of Music on my list of favorite musicals.  I also enjoy all the children (you really need to read Forever Liesel by Charmian Carr) and Eleanor Parker as the Baroness.  Favorite part of the film?  Maria’s wedding. ❤

// White Christmas – 1954 //


Favorite Christmas movie and one of my very favorite movies in general.  Most of the songs make me feel like my heart is filled with sparkles and little glittery hearts and diamonds.  Love it.  Also, the characters are great, especially Judy and Betty, and Dean Jaggers as General Waverly makes me cry and it’s just…gahhhh.  So amazing.  Favorite part of the film?  Either ‘Count Your Blessings’ or the bit where they surprise the General.  I can’t decide.  Oh, and all the costumes.

How many of these movie musicals have you seen?  What are some of your favorites?



26 thoughts on ““i’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain…”

  1. Is there a Like button for this post? 😆
    Very well written, it’s easy on the eyes to have a picture break every once in awhile.
    I’ve never seen Singing in the Rain or State Fair, but both sound interesting! I just love The Happiest Millionaire and SBfSB is a great one, too. (Though I’m not fond of all the mushy love, haha, but that’s just me.)
    thanks for posting about these!


  2. Those last 3 are favorites of mine too. White Christmas is my classic Christmas go-to (Its a Wonderful Life is just too stressful). And I love Seven Bride for Seven Brothers; I was just humming a song from that today.

    I just saw State Fair last year (I think after seeing one of your posts). Dana Andrews, oh my. He is so handsome. And yes, the ending had me worried too! And oh, I want all of Margie’s dresses!


    • It’s been a while since I’ve seen It’s A Wonderful Life, but I’m sure I like White Christmas better anyway. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed State Fair! Dana Andrews is incredibly handsome.


  3. OH MY GOODNESS! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS POST!!!!! Okay, I’ve seen all of these except The Happiest Millionaire. I love each of these (except the one I just mentioned because I haven’t seen it) and especially Mary Poppins, Singing in the Rain, and The Sound of Music. I also hold dear White Christmas (even though we don’t even celebrate Chirstmas any more) and State Fair. Such wonderful choices, makes me all nostalgic so thanks 😛


    • Thank you!

      The Happiest Millionaire is super long and all that, but I think anyone could enjoy it (as long as they loved old musicals, as I can clearly see you do). Definitely worth at least a try, in my opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well you’re correct, I love old, long, musicals. Okay, I will add it to my ‘to watch list’ for sure! Sounds like something my dad would like to watch with me, although he’s probably already seen it. 🙂


  4. Yes. The Pontipee Brothers are indeed “unique” hahaha. 🙂

    I’ve seen all these except the last one and I liked them all! (Except The Happiest Millionaire. *hides* :-P)


  5. Hahaha, I’ve actually seen two of these! Be proud of me! 😉 Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

    I am really quite fond of The Sound of Music. The only thing I DON’T like about it is *ducks rotten tomatoes* Christopher Plummer. He makes me really mad. Sorry. 😉 But the singing is gold, and the mountain scenery is gold, and Julie Andrews is gold, and the ending is PHENOMENAL.


      • Errrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

        I read Maria von Trapp’s autobiography before I watched the movie; and the real-life Captain von Trapp in from her memories was so kind and gentle and sunny-tempered and adorable, I was FURIOUS with Christopher Plummer’s portrayal for making him such a grouch. I realize it’s more the screenwriters’ fault than his; but I’m still mad about it.

        Also . . . I just . . . don’t find him very attractive, I guess? His smile bothers me.


  6. I love all of these that I’ve seen, but I *despise* Seven Brides. Every feminist bone in my body shudders. XD I’m glad you like it, though! It was my little brother’s favorite movie for almost a year and he watched it every day (probably half the reason I don’t like it lol). The costumes are beautiful, and I do like the barn-raising scene, too. 🙂


    • Interesting. I guess I never really thought about it from a feminist’s POV (I don’t really have that mindset, so… :P). I know all about not liking a movie ’cause your little siblings watch it to death, though. 😉


      • I mean, it *is* a feminist perspective, but it’s also just a basic dignity/respect issue, too. I just never liked how they take all of the women, who end up falling madly in love with them despite it. But lol my dislike for it came before my siblings watched it every day for a year (not even kidding), so that just cemented my dislike. I HAVE seen it twice on stage, though, because some of my friends love it and drag me along lol.


  7. I have seen all these musicals.

    The relationship between Don and Cosmo in Singin’ in the Rain is the best! My mom and I like to quote the part where Don asks Cosmo to “Call him a cab.”
    That’s funny that you didn’t like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when you first watched it. Before I got a dvd of the movie, we had a VHS of the movie. I watched the movie so much, I wore out the VHS, so that it could not play anymore.

    I noticed that there were no Fred Astaire musicals here. Have you not seen any of the musicals he was in, or do you not like the musicals with him compared to the musicals you listed above?


    • I’ve seen two, perhaps three Fred Astaire musicals and they didn’t really stand out to me. They seemed more about the music and dancing than the actual story and I prefer my musicals to have interesting plots/characters, along with great songs. 🙂


      • That makes sense. I guess the Fred Astaire musicals might have great songs and dances, but they don’t really have interesting plots. 🙂
        Have you seen The Red Shoes (1948)? It does not have songs like the other musicals, but it has a lot of dancing and an interesting plot.


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