mini movie reviews {#1}

And when I say mini, I mean mini.


Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951) – Mehhhhhhh.

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) – The book transitioned onto the screen so brilliantly, it’s incredible (so is the casting).

Mary Badham and Gregory Peck on the set of To Kill a Mockingbird (1962). The two kept in touch after filming, and she continued to call him Atticus until the day he died. | Awwww...:

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) – SUCH a classic; Jimmy Stewart is perfect and so are all the kid actors.

Lifeboat (1944) – The Lady Vanishes has some serious competition for the title of ‘favorite Hitchcock movie ever’.

Lifeboat - Alfred Hitchcock - 1944.:

Arizona (1940) – Jean Arthur still annoys me, but the story is actually pretty interesting.

Laura (1944)ย  – Elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, mysterious…am I describing the titular character or the film itself?

Laura - The mood of LA noir. Gene Tierney (1944). Filmed at Stage 9 (20th Century Fox), Los Angeles:

The Violent Men (1955) – #obsessedwithGlennFord

3:10 to Yuma (1957) – #obsessedwithBenWade

Blackboard Jungle (1955) – #obsessedwithRichardDadierandSidneyPoitier

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) – I’ve seen this three times.ย  Great noir.

The Birds (1963) – Rod Taylor actually grew on me this time around and I enjoy the small town setting.

Frankenstein (1931) – Boris Karloff was a lovely person, and I mean that un-sarcastically.

What movies have you seen lately?



23 thoughts on “mini movie reviews {#1}

  1. jessica prescott

    Watched “Hello, Dolly” last night. And It. Was. Awesome.

    Like, excuse me while I curl up in the corner with a blanket and gaze and gaze with stars in my eyes at Barbra Streisand and Michael Crawford because HOLY COW.

    Question: Should I watch “Laura”? Do you think I would enjoy it? I guess I’m asking because I know it’s a thriller, and the last two classic thrillers I watched I really hated . . . BUT . . . Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney? So I’m torn, basically. Any advice?


    1. I’d like to watch Hello, Dolly sometime, but I think mainly because of its connection to Wall-E. But from what you say, it sounds good in its own right, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Um…it’s definitely much gentler and less noir-ish than any film noir I’ve ever seen. Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney are at their best in it, in my opinion, so I think you should go for it. *crossing my fingers*


      1. jessica prescott

        YOU SHOULD. Especially since I know how much you love old musicals ๐Ÿ™‚ I originally decided to watch it just because of “Wall-E,” but once I actually started the movie, I was astounded by how GOOD it was. Babra Streisand is absolutely brilliant, and her character–Dolly Levi–fascinates me. And the music is so much fun.

        Okay. I’ll probably try it . . . How complex is the plot? I mean, I already know about the One Big Twist because of reasons; but other than that, how many twists are there? I tend to get really frustrated with movies I can’t follow.


      2. Were there any content issues I should know about beforehand?

        Let’s see…besides the One Big Twist, there aren’t a whole lot of surprises. Besides the fact that you don’t know who the killer is until the very end – and at one point, the detective (Dana Andrews’ character) arrests the wrong person as a sort of trick. But I’d say it’s a pretty straightforward story, for a mystery.


      3. jessica prescott

        Nope, no real content problems. There was a bit of mild innuendo and one kiss–run-of-the-mill Old Hollywood stuff, nothing more.

        Okay, cool! I should be able to handle that all right. I look forward to trying it and telling you what I think ๐Ÿ™‚


      4. Jessica — Laura is not really a thriller. It’s a mystery, but not a thriller.

        Eva — Hello, Dolly! is super fun! Fills me with joy. I listen to the soundtrack a lot.


  2. I had the same reaction to Captain Horatio Hornblower, in spite of Gregory Peck being incredibly handsome in that movie. The A&E miniseries (starring Ioan Gruffudd as Hornblower) are MUCH better.

    On the classics front, I just finished watching The Longest Day for the first time in probably fifteen years; I liked it much better than I used to when I was a kid! I also saw Hacksaw Ridge for the second time last night. It’s incredible. The (true) story is so well-told and the main character is so admirable/lovable, it makes up for watching the Battle of Okinawa through my fingers.


      1. Ooh, I don’t think I knew The Longest Day was a book! Have you read Stephen Ambrose’s “D-Day”? I’ve read bits and pieces of it; it’s outstanding (like all of his writing).

        The language in Hacksaw Rudge was actually surprisingly mild…nothing worse than what you’d hear in a Marvel movie. The violence WAS intense. It’s only in the last 25-30 minutes, but I did cover my eyes for most of it.


  3. To Kill A Mocking Bird๐Ÿ’™ and my History class is watching Apollo 13 all together in the next couple weeks. I’m excited for it! I love the 70’s (it’s then it was based in right? can’t remember lol)


  4. What have I watched recently and NOT done a big review on my blog about? Um…

    ~ “Committed, an episode of the General Electric TV program that had Alan Ladd playing Dan Holiday, his character from his radio show Box 13. It was just okay, but Alan was very sympathetic. He was in two other eps of that show, but I haven’t seen them yet.

    ~ Man from UNCLE for the gazillionth time. It’s unremittingly fun.

    I haven’t watched a lot of movies and stuff lately because I am buckling down on finishing this new draft of “Cloaked.” Cowboy and I watch Agents of SHIELD every week, though.


      1. So we’ll just keep hoping that a new service like VidAngel crops up so you can see it. Or else you’ll just have to come watch it at my house some day, so I can FF through the suggestive stuff.


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