the writer’s tag

I know I just did a tag, but…whatever.  Hamlette tagged me and here are my answers.

1. What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

While I’ve flitted around from genre to genre over the years (ranging from historical fiction to dystopia to fanfiction) I’ve come to settle into westerns.  Louis L’Amour’s stories have inspired me, as have so many of the western films that I love.  Westerns are my happy place, my sweet spot, and I love writing them.

Styles?  I don’t really know.  Sometimes I tend to copy-cat whatever author I’ve read most recently – consciously or unconsciously – especially ones with a strong voice, like Suzanne Collins.  Obviously, that’s a problem.  I can’t really define my writing style/voice/whatever, but that’ll probably come in time.

Topics, topics, topics…I have this weird fascination with the idea of someone being thought a traitor but actually isn’t, or someone who is, in fact, a traitor, but then changes their ways.  Is that an actual topic?  I’ve written a couple of things centered around that, but mostly the stuff I write is all over the place.


2. How long have you been writing?

I don’t know exactly how long, but it’s been several years.  The big thing that pushed me into writing was when I read Northanger Abbey in my pre- to early teens.  I became obsessed with all things Jane Austen + Regency, so I started writing my own Regency novellas (they. were. wretched.) and then it branched out from there.  But even before then, I’d write stories.

3. Why do you write?

1) God has given me my ability to write (however small that ability is) and I want to use that talent as best I can to bring honor to His name.  So that when people compliment my writing I can turn it all back to Him.

2) It’s just plain awesomeness.


4. When is the best time to write?

For me, personally?  When I write, it’s usually sometime in the mid- to late-morning.  My brain’s not trying to wake up anymore and it’s not crammed full of things I’ve done during the day either.  Though writing in the evening has a certain charm about it as well.

5. Parts of writing you love vs. parts you hate.

I love thinking.  Thinking about how the plot could fit together, thinking of crackling, witty dialogue and lovely, brave characters who are wounded in some way, at some time, but still able to do What Needs To Be Done.  I love all that.  And I love listening to cool beans music as I write.

What I hate is actually sitting down and writing and realizing that all those plot twists and dialogue bits and brilliant characterization has flown from my head and all that’s left is the wreck of whatever I tried to write yesterday. (Okay, it’s not that bad.  But sometimes it’s pretty close.)  I also dislike writing dialogue; I feel like I can never get it to sound natural.


6. How do you overcome writer’s block?

Ignore it and hope it goes away?  Usually, I pray.  Then I switch back and forth between the two major projects I’ve got going right now (more about those in a minute) or I write some fanfiction.  Eventually, it all works out.

7. Are you working on something at the moment?

Yup.  Well, I’m not actively working on it at this very moment and I haven’t written anything in a few days, but I’ve got some things in progress: two western novels – Reese and The Bounty Hunter – and then a spot of 3:10 to Yuma fanfiction.  I literally have no idea where I’m going with the fic ’cause the movie wrapped up so neatly, but I WANT TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH THESE CHARACTERS. (With *cough* one character in *cough* particular.)

8. Writing goals this year?

Write every day.  Seems unreachable, but I haven’t been trying hard enough.

you bet!:

Feel free to snag this tag if you want to.  It’s open to anyone, as far as I’m concerned. 🙂



6 thoughts on “the writer’s tag

  1. Honestly, writing every day is a HUGE thing I’m trying to keep going right now. Which is hard with having just tossed my WIP to my editing team, but I have a shiny new idea, so I’m trying to keep things flowing. Because if I can write every day, my writing energy just builds and builds. If I write like once a week, it comes and goes.

    So cool that Northanger Abbey is what sparked your desire to write!!!


    • With things being so hectic and all these days, it’s hard to write every day – usually, if I don’t get some writing done in the morning, it doesn’t happen. 😛 But I’m sure if I tried harder I could do it.

      Well, it was mostly just the whole Jane Austen craze thing, but Northanger Abbey did start it. 🙂


  2. There were two books that really inspired me to want to write, I think. One was “The Valley of Fear” by AC Doyle, and the other was . . . “To Tame a Land” by L’Amour.

    You see, I only *read* To Tame a Land–in the sense of, read it all the way through–a year or two ago. But I was exposed to the story much, much earlier; when I was about 13 or so, I think (it’s a bit blurry now). My older brother was on a Western kick, and he had a L’Amour anthology lying around on the table upstairs. I wasn’t allowed to read it yet (too much gunplay, I guess); but one day, when no one was around, I opened the book to the last page and started reading. Just for kicks, I guess. Just to be rebellious. I was 13 or something, after all.

    Well, that last page happened to the be the final scene of “To Tame a Land.” And you know yourself what a powerful ending scene it is. I knew literally nothing about the story or the characters, and yet I was MESMERIZED by it. I was internally screaming and flailing and fangirling over these people that I knew nothing whatever about; and that, I think, is when I knew–really, truly knew–that I wanted to be an author someday. Because I WANTED TO WRITE STORIES LIKE THAT ONE DARN IT. I’ll probably never get there but . . . I’m still trying. 🙂


  3. I love these kinds of tags! I couldn’t resist replying to this one.

    1. What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

    Typically, I write adventure and fantasy. I have tried to branch out to others such as history and mystery…but that is just a pain in my side, for me! I don’t particularly like to research things, haha.

    I would LIKE to say that my style has a bit of everything and is well balanced, but there is honestly no real way for me to tell! I hope that my dialogue, descriptions, and character’s thoughts are well balanced enough! Some of this here, and some of that there, eh?

    Topics typically are girls who go on adventures. I don’t know why I’m so interested in that…

    2. How long have you been writing?
    I started to commit to it about 2-3 years ago. That’s when I actually hung on to ideas and wrote them out. (I’ve always loved stories and writing, though)

    3. Why do you write?
    I agree with you on this one. If I can rope someone in long enough to read my books, they’ll read the gospel message by the end of it 😉 I want my books to act as a light for the lost and encouragement for those who are saved. That’s what life is all about, right?

    4. When is the best time to write?
    To each his own, but personally I’d rather write in long stretches of time so I can engross myself in what I’m writing. Don’t count me in for these 15 minute writing sprees ! 🙈

    5. Parts of writing you love vs. parts you hate.
    I love hearing what people think when they read it. How do they see it in their head? Is it vibrant? Is it real? (Basically are you seeing it as I am? LOL) I think that’s my favorite part of writing as a whole to see someone enjoy your writing).

    Ugh. I dread finding plot holes. Just when I think I’ve got my ducks in a row, there’s a goose following along! Then I gotta think, “how’d that get there?” And go back and fix it. I just want to surge on ahead with what I’m currently writing, not fix old problems! Ah, well.

    6. How do you overcome writer’s block?
    Two ways. 1) pester my sister and writer friend about the book asking if it’ll be good enough/how is it and 2) I review all my little notes about WHERE the story is going and that snaps me back on track for inspiration.

    7. Are you working on something at the moment?
    Yes! But it’s sort of a secret 😉 (if you want to read it, just email me. I’d like to read your western works sometime!!)
    8. Writing goals this year?
    Finish the story I am currently working on then write a story set in the theme of summer and write it during summer!

    (And a p.s., I really enjoy reading your style of writing/blogging. It’s quirky and different! Rather than one long sentence after the other you change it up. It’s easy on the eyes and very much enjoyable. Keep it up!!)


    • Your comment went into my ‘spam’ folder for some reason and only discovered it a few minutes ago. Sorry about that!

      It was great, reading your answers, and I like the fact that we have similar goals when it comes to why we write. 🙂 And the fact that you like my style of blogging. Thanks so much!

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