mini movie reviews {#2}

Some of the awesome (and not-so-awesome) films I’ve watched in the last several weeks…

Pete’s Dragon (2016) – It started out so good, with the songs and the scenery and all that, and then it devolved into stupidity and boredom.  Plus, Wes Bentley creeps me out. (Ditto for Robert Redford.)

The Sheepman (1958) – Westerns + Glenn Ford = perfect combination.  Shirley MacLaine is growing on me as an actress, too.


The Shop Around The Corner (1940) – My favorite Jimmy Stewart role of all time; he’s an absolute sweetheart in this!  The story is fun and romantic and wayyyy too adorable.

North by Northwest (1959) – One of Hitchcock’s finest, though not a personal favorite of mine.  James Mason is TOPS, though, and seeing Martin Landau in something other than Mission: Impossible was neat.


Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959) – Boring.  And there was that freaky thing near the end that makes you wonder just how sane Disney was.  Only thing I liked about this one was Sean Connery.

Pride and Prejudice (1940) – And all the Jane Austen fans say “What?!”.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) – One of my mom’s favorites and, like The Four Feathers (also 2002), I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  It was dark and gritty and rather awesome.


How many of these movies have you seen?  What films have you watched recently?



28 thoughts on “mini movie reviews {#2}

  1. I’ve wanted to see The Sheepman for a while, mainly because good Western comedies seem like a rare thing! I saw the trailer and it looks like fun. (Now if only it was available to watch online…)

    My family re-watched The Shop Around the Corner a couple of months ago after not seeing it in years, and laughed all the way through it! I liked it even better than I’d remembered.

    I haven’t seen that P&P in many years, but yes…that was basically my reaction.


    • I’d say only the first few minutes are really funny – the rest is more of a pretty good B-Western. Still entertaining, though.

      Mom watched The Shop Around the Corner with us yesterday, so that was fun. 🙂


  2. I haven’t seen any of these, no . . .

    The movies I’ve watched recently are “Fiddler on the Roof,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Rain Man.” And I loved all of them. That’s rare for me, to find three movies in a row that I absolutely LOVE–but that’s what happened here. They were all so beautiful, in different ways. (And they were all kind of sad. But that’s sort of a theme for me. I like sad movies.)

    “Don’t you . . . forget about me . . .” *sniffles*


    • FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Yessssss.

      It used to be my favorite movie – I had a huge thing for musicals back in the day (still do, actually) – and I still really, really love it. So glad you did, too!

      I wish I could watch Rain Man again, but Ze Language is too much for me. 😛 *siiiiigh*


      • Fiddler on the Roof is so beautiful. It’s a STRONG movie, you know what I mean? That sounds kind of weird but it’s the only way I can think of to describe it.

        Yep, “Sleepless in Seattle” stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Jacqueline (who is better versed in movies than I am) watched and says it’s VERY good for a romantic comedy, so you might enjoy it, especially if you like Tom Hanks. I just didn’t enjoy it because I had never seen a romantic comedy before and wasn’t familiar with any of the genre conventions, so I couldn’t really appreciate how much better it is than the other films of its kind. I was just sitting there like, “This is BORING because there are no great philosophical questions for my brain to latch on to.” Um . . . duh? Like, I don’t know why I would expect that??? My point being, I don’t think rom-coms are necessarily for me, but “Sleepless in Seattle” is still a pretty great film.


      • If it’s a rom-com, I’d probably enjoy it then. They’re not my favorites, but I do like them every now and then. Plus, it’s just plain fun (for me, anyway) to watch funny, sparkly movies sometimes.


      • Content? Lemme see . . . There was a little swearing, but not much. Zero kissing, and no bedroom scenes. (Although they did include some obvious sexual references which really Annoyed Me, since they were completely out-of-place and unnecessary–I guess they just wanted to spice things up a bit in the absence of kissing? Idk.)


      • Thanks! I actually found it at the library yesterday so I borrowed it. 🙂 I’m going to let me parents watch it first, though, just to make sure it’s all right for me to watch, y’know?


  3. I have seen “Pete’s Dragon”, “The Shop Around the Corner”, “North by Northwest”, and the 1940’s “Pride and Prejudice”. I have not heard of or seen “The Sheepman” or “The Count of Monte Cristo” (2002), but they both seem interesting, especially “The Sheepman.”

    I have to agree with you about the Pete’s Dragon. It was interesting in the beginning, but it seemed to loose momentum towards the end of the movie, which made it seem more boring.

    I love “The Shop Around the Corner!” That is one of my favorite movies! I’m not sure if that is my favorite Jimmy Stewart role. I think that I like him in “It’s a Wonderful Life” more.

    “North by Northwest” is also not one of my favorites. Whenever I watch it, I skip a lot of the intimate scenes, but I love the rest of the movie. My favorite scene is at the art auction. The dialog and action is so funny. Here’s a quote.
    Cary Grant: “How do you know it’s not genuine.”
    Lady at Auction:”One thing’s for sure. You’re a genuine idot.”
    Cary Grant:”Thank you.”
    Sorry. I just had to share that quote. 🙂


    • George Bailey was a great role of Jimmy Stewart’s and it miiiiight edge out TSATC, but I’m not sure.

      Ugh, yes, the innuendo in North by Northwest is one of the reasons I don’t like it. Still, there are some good bits in it. 🙂


  4. Out of these I’ve seen Pete’s Dragon (which was well, kinda meh) and North by Northwest (which I love). And I really, really want to see Shop Around the Corner!


  5. Love The Sheepman and North By Northwest and The Count of Monte Cristo. I expected to hate the latter, and was so excited to love it!

    I’m meh about Darby O’Gill too. And I’ve only seen the 1940s P&P once.

    I need see The Shop Around the Corner again, because I remember being annoyed at how grumpy Jimmy Stewart was? Hmm.

    So the only one I haven’t seen is the new Pete’s Dragon!


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