five movies that remind me of summer

As requested, here’s my list of five movies that remind me of summer, a companion to this post. (By the way, none of the movies on my list are adaptions of the books on my previous list, though most – if not all – remind me of summer.  I thought it would be nice to branch out a little.)

~The Magnificent Seven (1960)Westerns almost always make me think of summer (unless they’re Winter Westerns, like The Secret of Convict Lake)…but especially Mag7.  There’s that gorgeous, brilliantly blue sky (you can only get that shade of blue in the summer, people) and dustiness and heat with the occasional bits of shade and all the sunflower decorations for the fiesta.  Love it!

Roman Holiday 3.jpg

~Roman Holiday (1953) -Who doesn’t want to have a day in the sun like Princess Ann does?  A haircut, gelato, a motorcycle ride, strolls with a Certain Handsome Actor, a party, an impromptu swim (the best kind), and all under the hot Italian sun.  What could be lovelier?


~Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)There’s the jungle.  There’s the desert.  They’re both pretty warm, I’d think, which automatically brings summer to mind, whether it actually is summer or not. (Probably not, though, since Indy’s teaching that class.)  Of course, you also have the bit in Nepal, which is all wintery, but still.  I think Raiders is basically the definition of a summer blockbuster, so there’s that as well.


~Tangled (2010) – This movie is light and fun, though it still manages to come through on an emotional level.  Probably the main thing that makes me associate this film with summer is the way the sun is used throughout.  (I’ve read that some people say that the people in Tangled worship the sun or something, but that’s just stupid.  Really.  Just because Canadians put maple leaves on everything doesn’t mean we’re tree worshipers.)  Tangled is a golden movie that always makes me feel better.  Just like summer!


~The Sound of Music (1965) – A joyous, summery film.  Need I say more?


What are some movies that remind you of summer?



13 thoughts on “five movies that remind me of summer

  1. I find these posts really fun to read, because this is a foreign way of thinking about books and movies to me. I don’t associate either with seasons (or locations, or memories, or who I saw it with or anything other than the book/movie taken by itself.) And these are also all fun movies!! Dig it.


  2. Tangled is definitely such a fun, sunny film. And Roman Holiday too – it’s been ages since I watched it but I remember it having a really great vibe, I feel like it would be the perfect summer movie. 🙂


  3. Movies that remind me of summer? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . Well, Lilo and Stitch, definitely (because BEACH); and Rain Man (because ROAD TRIP); and Cars (because RACE TRACK); and The Sandlot (because BASEBALL); and Ant Man (because . . . um . . . heists?? Idk).

    That’s hilarious that The Sound of Music reminds you of summer–I mean, I can see why you would say that, but it still strikes me as really funny. That movie always reminds me of Christmas vacation, because that’s when we watch it.

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    • I considered putting State Fair on the list (’45 version, since it’s the only one I’ve seen) but every time I thought of it, it reminded me more of springtime than summer.



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