my top ten favorite disney songs

After spending the last few days immersing myself in the brilliant song-writing skills of Alan Menken (thanks to Tangled and Enchanted) I felt like sharing a few of my favorite Disney songs with all of you.  Of course, this list represents only a tiny fraction of all the Disney (and Pixar!) tunes I love – and don’t get me started on instrumental scores.  Basically, if it’s Disney (and especially if it’s Menken or the Sherman brothers) chances are I’m going to love it.

10. ‘Be Our Guest’ – Beauty and the Beast

This song truly makes me feel welcome, if that makes any sense, and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

9. ‘Reflection’ – Mulan

The first time I watched Mulan, I shook my head inwardly at ‘Reflection’ and categorized it as “just another Disney princess song”.  But Lea Salonga’s impassioned singing and the words themselves now tug at my heartstrings.  Just a little bit.

8. ‘Once Upon a Dream’ – Sleeping Beauty

A sweet moment in the film and one of Disney’s most iconic love songs.

7. ‘How Far I’ll Go’ – Moana

I haven’t seen Moana yet, but this song always gets to me.  The melody, Moana’s voice, the quiet (though building) desperation…Disney’s “I want” songs might be cliched, but they can also be wonderful.

6. ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’ – Mulan

LISTEN to this song.  Isn’t it just about the most epic thing you’ve ever heard???

5. ‘A Whole New World’ – Aladdin

My mom said that this song was the ‘Let It Go’ of the 90’s and I can believe it.  And it is a beautiful Disney love song, one of their best.

4. ‘Something There’ – Beauty and the Beast

Weird opinion here: I like this song better than ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  It’s feelsy and, y’know, beautiful and such a good example of how a relationship can realistically develop (instead of insta-love).

3. ‘Feed the Birds’ – Mary Poppins

The only song on this list from a live-action Disney film.  This one always makes me cry, mostly from the incredibly emotional connections to Saving Mr. Banks.  And apparently it was Walt Disney’s favorite song. ❤

2. ‘I See the Light’ – Tangled

I just watched Tangled last night and just…YES.  It blew me away all over again.  In my opinion, Eugene and Rapunzel are Disney’s best couple and ‘I See the Light’ is the most romantic Disney song/moment ever.  I love everything about it so much.

1. ‘Go the Distance’ – Hercules

Though I don’t much care for the movie as a whole, this song is my favorite Disney song.  It’s inspiring and all-around awesome.

So, there’s my list.  What are some of your favorite Disney songs?



10 thoughts on “my top ten favorite disney songs

  1. *nods* Nobody does an “I want” song like Disney. Nobody.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I adore “Reflection”!!! It’s so beautiful and earnest and introspective, without being cheesy in any way. Lea Salonga is the queen, and all shall bow before her.

    My favorite Disney songs . . . mmmmm. It’s always hard to narrow it down–although “God Help the Outcasts” shall always and forever be my top pick. I also love “Let It Go” (I know it’s overplayed buy IDINA MENZEL), “Great Spirits” from Brother Bear, “Once Upon a Time in New York City” from Oliver and Company, and “If I Never Knew You” from Pocahontas. I definitely have other favorites; but those are the ones at the top of my list right now 🙂

    Oh–and “Know Who You Are” from Moana. CHILLS, PEOPLE.

    I don’t usually pay much attention to the score itself (other than the songs); but the “Short Hair” theme from Mulan is absolutely phenomenal. I DO notice that one 😉


    • ‘God Help the Outcasts’ is a beautiful song, probably my favorite from Hunchback of Notre Dame. (I also like that bit in the ?opening? song that says “Who is the monster and who is the man?” #chills)


  2. I love “At Last I See the Light” and “Once Upon and Dream” too.I love “You’ll Be in My Heart” from Tarzan and “Evermore” from the new Beauty and the Beast.

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  3. Hercules is the only Disney animated movie from the 90’s I’ve never seen. I have heard that the songs are good, even if the movie isn’t all that special. Every other song you put on this list is amazing though. Some of them are just fun, while the others are nearly impossible to not feel some sort of emotional response to. Also, nice to see Tangled up so high on the list.

    I’m actually in the middle of a project where I’m going through every single main Disney Animation Studios feature ever, in order of release. That includes 24 movies I’d never seen before starting this blog series. Getting close to the Renaissance right now, but first I need to get through The Black Cauldron.


    • Hercules is one Disney movie I don’t like, mostly because of major worldview issues. Some of the songs are great, though. Glad you enjoyed my list! And Tangled is one of my favorites movies ever (not just one of my favorite Disney movies) so it had to be high up on the list. 🙂

      I’ll be checking out your blog!


      • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tangled ends up being in my top 5 Disney movies by the time I’m done watching them all. It’s on a small list of movies that always puts me in a good mood by the time it’s over, no matter how I’m feeling beforehand, and it gets better with each viewing.


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