my top ten favorite TV shows


~Combat! -Most of the episodes in C! would make excellent war films by themselves.  In many episodes, the writing is brisk, the characters are realistic, and the emotions and tensions are real.  The best WWII show ever made.

~Rat PatrolMy first real TV show obsession.  Yes, it’s campy and cheesy – but isn’t that true of so many great shows?  The characters are what made me fall in love with RP.  From Tully to Dietrich to Moffitt, I love ’em all.

~Hogan’s HeroesOkay.  I used to dislike this show because I didn’t enjoy the humor, but I like it lots now.  Again, it’s the characters.  And the humor.  I mean, I laugh out loud quite a bit at HH now, and it’s a great show overall, especially because it gave me three of the four or five Russian words I know.

~The FugitiveI’ve only seen a few episodes of this, but I *cough* kind of like it better than the Harrison Ford movie *cough*.  Stories of falsely accused people have always struck a huge chord with me, for some reason, and this is, like, the ultimate example of that.  Plus, David Janssen’s acting ability blows me away.

~Psych – I’ve watched most of these episodes to death.  Still love it.

~Monk – Ditto.

~BBC Robin Hood – I can’t express my adoration for this show.  The characters!  The music!  The writing!  It’s all so, sooooooo good.  Btw, my favorite character used to be Will, but I’m pretty sure it’s Allan now.  Especially in Season 3 (*goes away and cries forever*).

~Get Smart – Normally, I dislike the type of humor found in Get Smart (slapstick, y’know).  But there are tons of genuinely funny moments; I’m grinning just thinking about them.  I don’t sit down and watch the episodes these days, but my little brothers love + watch them frequently, so I still get a good dose of Maxwell Smart almost every week.

~Wanted: Dead or Alive – My favorite Western TV show.  Steve McQueen does such a good job, and the eps have heart.

~Flashpoint – Canada has produced some wonderful shows, and my favorite is definitely Flashpoint.  The team-family is the best thing about it, with Spike being his own special kind of awesome.  And the finale is one of the greatest, most gripping TV finales I’ve ever seen.  Ever.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?



19 thoughts on “my top ten favorite TV shows

  1. Hogan’s Heroes! One thing that’s great about the show is that both Seargent Schultz and Colonel Klink are played by Jews. In fact it was Werner Klemperer (Klink’s actor) who pushed for a more comedic tone that made the Germans look like fools. That’s one way to get revenge for the holocaust.

    Can’t say I’ve seen any of those other shows, but maybe if I find the time, I should look into Flashpoint and The Fugitive. I like the Fugitive movie, and I’m always up for supporting more Canadian shows.


    1. Most – if not all – of the Germans on Hogan’s Heroes were played by Jewish actors. So awesome!

      Have you seen Sue Thomas F.B. Eye? That’s a Canadian show, even if it’s not set in Canada.


  2. jessica prescott

    Favorite TV shows? My top favorite would definitely be “Boy Meets World.” It’s so genuine and so heartwarming (and heartBREAKING, too, at times . . .) I love how the characters feel like real-life people I’ve met and talked to, because I almost never feel that way when I’m watching TV. Also: it makes me cry. And you know how I feel about stuff that makes me cry ❤

    My other favorite show is "Leverage." It's so cleverly done–I don't think I've ever solved a single one of the mysteries ahead of time–and the characters are FUNNY and sweet and good-hearted. As well as flawed and immature . . . But they all grow up so much over the course of five seasons. *hugs them proudly* Plus, I adore the family dynamic they've got going on. Crazy mom and dad and three crazy kiddos. #winning

    I've actually been watching both Monk and Psych lately! I really love Adrian Monk, and I also relate to him quite a bit, honestly (because I've had OCD and it's awful). And Sharona is a total boss and I love her too 🙂 The plots don't always QUITE keep me engaged, and I sometimes find myself solving the crimes before Monk does; but I really like the characters and how they grow and develop, so I think I'll definitely keep watching for that, if nothing else.

    Psych is a lot slipperier and harder to see through ahead of time. So that's a lot of fun. But I don't like the characters as well? So far, anyway. YouTube only has the first season *shakes finger at YouTube*


    1. I saw a few episodes of Boy Meets World a loooong time ago – I’d like to watch some more someday. 🙂

      Yay! You’re watching Monk and Psych! I’m the opposite of you – I like the characters of Psych better than those of Monk. However, the first season isn’t that great, so that might be part of it.


  3. Oh my goodness, I’ve never done a list of my top ten fave tv shows! Must rectify that.

    I’ve never watched Psych or Flashpoint, but I’m familiar with the rest of these. And love some of them quite a lot! Including our shared #1 fave ❤


      1. You’d probably get more of the references than I do. I think I caught one to The Man From Snowy River, though, so now you HAVE to watch it, right? 🙂


  4. I love Hogan’s Heroes, too 🙂 It’s one of those rare shows that gets better with each season.

    Other favorites? Star Trek (of course *wink*), The Cosby Show (I feel the same way about that one as you do about Psych), Call the Midwife, Magnum P.I., Blue Bloods, and Murder She Wrote. The title of the last one sounds gruesome, I know–but it’s the most delightful 1980’s detective show, with Angela Lansbury playing the main character.


    1. My siblings and I practically have Season 1 memorized because we’ve seen eps from it so often. We prefer the later seasons, overall, except for the fact that they replaced Kinch. 😛

      I’ve seen several episodes of Murder She Wrote because my grandparents love it + own all twelve seasons. To be honest, Jessica Fletcher annoys me, but there are some good things about the show.

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  5. Tony

    My fave TV shows? Combat!, Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Police Story (early ’70s series), The Monkees and The Fugitive. The reason the David Janssen series works better than the Harrison Ford movies is that the B&W episodes of The Fugitive have a moody, film noir quality about them that perfectly suits the atmosphere of paranoia that drives the core story. In a way that a modern big budget film can never capture.


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