my favorite hitchcock heroes, heroines, and villains

This post is part of my Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon 2017.  Check out the other posts in this blogathon here.

Alfred Hitchcock was a master filmmaker – that’s something no one can deny.  His skills as a director merged with great scripts, great actors, and great music to make some of the best films ever.  While there are lots and lots of things I could chose to talk about today, I decided to list a few of my favorite Hitchcock characters.  All of my favorite books and movies have one thing in common – awesome characters – and Hitchcock’s movies are no exception.

Let’s get started!

Favorite Hitchcock Heroes


-Gilbert Redman (The Lady Vanishes): There are many, many good things about The Lady Vanishes (I can still hum that special tune), but Gilbert is one of the best.  He’s handsome and funny and helpful and brave – everything a good hero should be.

-T.R. Devlin (Notorious): Cary Grant is one of my least favorite actors, but Notorious is one of only two movies where I do more than tolerate him; I actually kinda love him. (The other film is Room for One More.)  Sure, he’s a jerkface for most of the movie, but I think it might be partly because he finds himself falling in love with Alicia, and he thinks nothing good can come of it.  And when he rescues her… *heart-eyes*

-Mitch Brenner (The Birds): Hitchcock favored his villains over his heroes, so it was actually a bit hard for me to come up with a third hero.  I finally settled on Mitch because he’s very capable and level-headed during so much of the terror and *cough* Rod Taylor’s pretty handsome.

Favorite Hitchcock Heroines


-Iris Henderson (The Lady Vanishes): Hurrah for strong female characters!  Iris is an awesome heroine in her search for Miss Froy and in her general demeanor and strength of character.  One of my favorite female protagonists in classic film.

-Alicia Huberman (Notorious): Alicia is such a brave woman and I admire her, despite her checkered past.  I mean, she even goes so far as to marry Alex Sebastian to gather more information about his evil plots.  Ingrid Bergman is a luminous presence onscreen, and I’ll be talking more about her performance as Alicia later on this month for the Ingrid Bergman blogathon.

-Lisa Fremont (Rear Window): First, Grace Kelly.  Secondly, Edith Head’s gorgeous costumes.  And thirdly (and most importantly), Lisa is the BOSS.  She goes out and does a lot of the fieldwork for Jeff, even going so far as to enter the bad guy’s apartment in the search for the truth.  She’s a wonderful character.

Favorite Hitchcock Villains (here be spoilers)


-Dr. Murchison (Spellbound): I know Leo G. Carroll best as the kindly Mr. Waverly from The Man From UNCLE TV show, so it’s always a half surprise for me to see him playing such a villainous character.  But Carroll pulls it off and Dr. Murchison is one of the most sinister villains (I think) in the Hitchcock canon.

-Phillip Vandamm (North by Northwest): It’s James Mason, people.  You can’t beat that.  Again, I’m more familiar with his role as a good guy in Journey to the Centre of the Earth, but he makes for a suave, polished, utterly dangerous villain in North by Northwest.  He’s one of my favorite things about the film.

-Bruno Antony (Strangers on a Train): Bruno is a fascinating villain and I think, in some ways, he’s the the prototype for ca-raaaaazy villains like Jim Moriarty or the Joker, even.  He’s just…wow.  Really insane and intense and sort of weird.  Still, he’s a fun baddie to watch.

Who are some of your favorite characters from Hitchcock’s films?



15 thoughts on “my favorite hitchcock heroes, heroines, and villains

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  2. Great choices all. Mitch and Gilbert are two of my major film crushes, both Rod and Michael were two gorgeous guys. 🙂 Here are a few more favourites of mine.

    Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) from North By Northwest.
    Richard Hannay (Robert Donat)from The 39 Steps.
    George Lumley (Bruce Dern) from Family Plot.
    Ben McKenna (James Stewart) from The Man Who Knew Too Much.

    Eve (Eva Marie Saint) from North By Northwest.
    Juanita (Karin Dor) from Topaz.
    Jo (Doris Day) from The Man Who Knew Too Much.
    Lila (Vera Miles) from Psycho.

    Tobin from Saboteur.
    Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) from Psycho.

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  3. I haven’t seen HEAPS of Hitchcock films, but I merely dropped in to say I loved Grace Kelly’s character (Lisa Fremont) in Rear Window – she was THE BESTEST. 😀 And I thiiink that was my first Grace Kelly movie, also. I love heroines who do more than just look pretty – Lisa had guts, and that made me admire her. (Nothing worse than a hero/heroine you cannot admire. :P)

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  4. Like I commented on your post advertising this blog series, I haven’t actually seen any Hitchcock movies. I’ll be using this series as inspiration for which ones I should watch first when i get the time.

    Also I notice that you didn’t put anyone from Psycho on that list. I have heard recently that while Psycho is his most well known movie, it’s far from his best. So I can’t say I’m too surprised.


  5. Wonderful list! James Mason as Vandamm…so amazing. He has one of the best voices for a villain ever! I also really like Ray Milland in Dial M for Murder. Another amazing voice! And Joseph Cotten in Shadow of a Doubt. You’re comment about how Hitchcock favored villains is very interesting and so true. I never thought of that before, but am realizing that there are so many villains I enjoy in his films.

    I do like Teresa Wright, also, as a heroine. Robert Donat in The 39 Steps. Joan Fontaine in Rebecca, because it’s always fun to see a different personality besides the typically brave ones deal with tense situations.


  6. Two words. Rod Taylor. I can totally understand why Tippi Hedren would follow him around like a lovestruck stalker. I agree with your Hitchcock heroines, but I would add Grant’s John Robie to my list of favorite heroes. Also, I kind of think of Mark from Marnie as a bit of a villain.


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  8. Great post. I am impressed to see here Dr. Murchison from Spellbound. You are right about him being so sinister. You would never have thought him so evil, but the ending reveals it. My favourite villain from a Hitchcock’s film is definitely (and of course) Norman Bates. Creepy, creepy. Lisa Fremont (Rear Window) is also a good choice.


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