mini book reviews {#2}


Because I don’t talk about books nearly enough on this blog.


~A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – This book is frighteningly relevant to my life right now because my dad has terminal cancer.  I understood A Monster Calls more than I would have at any other time; it’s one of the truest things I’ve ever read.


~The Cherokee Trail by Louis L’Amour – One of my mom’s favorite books.  It’s neat that L’Amour has written a book with a strong female lead (as opposed to women being supporting roles/two-dimensional love interests in most of his stories).  One of his best novels.


~House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker – Just no.

(I’m not even putting a picture of the cover here. *shudders*)

~We’ll Always Have Casablanca by Noah Isenberg – The third book I’ve read about the history, making, and legacy of ‘Casablanca’.  Fascinating read, though I already knew most of the facts presented.


~The Daybreakers by Louis L’Amour – One of my favorite books by Louis L’Amour.  It’s not the most interesting one, but the characters are rich and well-developed (my brother thinks that L’Amour put more effort into his Sackett books than any of the others).  Tom Sunday breaks my heart.  And more cracks appeared when I found out that Glenn Ford plays him in the TV miniseries because it’s horribly perfect casting.


~Textrovert by Lindsey Summers – A cute, fun read with more than a couple surprises.  I think it’s cool that the author got her start on Wattpad.


What have you been reading lately?



14 thoughts on “mini book reviews {#2}

  1. These all sound great. I’m curious about the book that you wouldn’t discuss much, what is that about? Is it a horrible story? I’ve been reading Jane Eyre (for like the 100th time 🙂 )and just did a post on it. My next post is going to be about my favourite screen adaptation of the novel.


  2. Eva, I’m so, so sorry about your dad. I don’t know what to say; but please tell your family that I’m praying for all of you, and I will keep praying. *hugs*

    I really want to read A Monster Calls. And The Cherokee Trail (which my library claims to have, but actually doesn’t . . .)

    What have I been reading lately? Hm. I read the latest book in the Ilyon Chronicles, “Exiles,” which was a lot of fun; and I read “My Name Is Asher Lev” which was sad but EXCELLENT, and I read “Summerlost” which was also sad but excellent.


  3. Ugh, House. That was one of the worst books I’ve read. I’m glad I read it, though. It helped me appreciate all the good and even mediocre books out there. Plus, it’s strangely satisfying to mark a book ‘one star’ on goodreads.


  4. Cool book selections! My mom read The Cherokee Trail aloud to me years ago, when I was less than 12 years old. I bought a copy recently at a thrift store, so hoping to read it… one of these days.

    I’m reading a textual analysis of The Lord of the Rings right now, and can’t for the life of me recall the title. And starting to re-read The Fellowship of the Ring. And getting close to finishing Echoes of Sherlock Holmes, a collection of stories inspired by the Holmes canon. Fun stuff!


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