celebrating 200 followers + giveaway!

200 followers, guys.  You guys.  How insanely epic is that?!


(Actually, it’s 201 followers.  WOOT.)  I mean…it’s just…I’m overwhelmed.  I transferred over from Blogger to WordPress on Christmas Day 2014 and it’s been amazing ever since.  All your follows and comments, emails and likes and love have kept me blogging through so many things.  Sometimes I’ll write a blog post with a specific person in mind, someone who I knew reads every post of mine and always comments.  It’s been an epic journey and I can’t wait to spend the next weeks, months, and years with y’all.  THANK YOU for putting up with all my feels, fangirling, life stuff, writing troubles, and so, SO much more.  You seriously put a smile on my face year ’round. ❤

Even though this post is mostly a celebration of all of you, I wanted to share a top ten of my favorite blog posts since I missed celebrating my 300th post (I’m a little past that now) and I thought it would be interesting.  I’ll just do a straight-up list, without commentary, ’cause the posts themselves are commentary enough.

There were several other favorites I found while going through the archives, but those are the best, IMO.  Enjoy!

And now for the giveaway… *drumroll activated*

I thought it would be fun to have three prizes, with each one representing one part of my blog’s name – coffee, classics, and craziness.  It was a great idea,  if I do say so myself, but I ended up combining the three prizes into one big prize pack because each is embarrassingly small (I’m only a poor teenager!).  But I think it’s a pretty cool giveaway all the same and I hope you like it.


The prize package consists of a package of gourmet coffee (‘coffee’), a delightfully small copy of Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (‘classics’ – it is used and there’s some pencil marks and highlighting, but it’s still so pretty), and a moose notebook (‘craziness’ – because moose are crazy, plus it can also stand for a fourth ‘c’ – Canadian).


  • Giveaway open only to residents of Canada and continental USA. (Sorry if you’re not in North America.)
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what blog post of mine you like best. (Also include an email you check frequently so I can contact you if you are the winner.)
  • Giveaway is open until September 7th.  If I reach 210 followers by then, an extra little surprise something will be added to the prize package.  So let people know about the giveaway + my blog. 😉

And that’s about it.  Thanks again for everything and enjoy the giveaway.



20 thoughts on “celebrating 200 followers + giveaway!

  1. 200 followers! How exciting! I am happy for you. 🙂 Well, I suppose enter me into the giveaway, and as far as my favorite post of yours, I have to say that I don’t remember what it’s called, but I like the two posts you did about… I think it was 50 favorite books, and the other one was 50 favorite movies.. I THINK.
    Anyways I always like posts like that. They help me to decide other movies to watch and books to read. 🙂 I like your sense of style when it comes to stories, because there’s always something different.
    Well, here’s to the next 200 followers!

    p.s. If it’s alright, I’ll give my email IF or WHEN I win. 🙂


    • I was really surprised to find that I have more followers than you – I know you’ve been blogging for years longer than me, so I just expected you’d have plenty more. 🙂

      YES. I love, love, love that Ben Wade post. So many elements came together so perfectly for that. Incidentally, I’ll be watching 3:10 to Yuma as my ‘birthday movie’ this year (it’s a tradition among the children that the birthday person gets to chose whatever movie they want, no questions asked). Looking forward to it a LOT.



      • Yeah, I’ve been blogging for 15 years, but I’ve only been actively interacting with other bloggers for about 5 years, so until then, I had about ten followers, and most of them were friends or relatives.

        Now, I do have two blogs, each with about 120 followers on GFC and like 50 on Bloglovin’. A lot of those are duplicates, but not all, I’ve just never bothered to figure out exactly how many individual followers there are 🙂

        But you deserve your 200! Your blog is very fun AND informative AND well-written.

        Good choice for a “birthday movie” for sure!


  2. WELL. I think my favorite blog post was the one where we first started talking about our mutual love for Air Bud because it introduced me to your lovely self!!! I’m so glad we got connected through the blogosphere all those years ago! Love you dearly!


  3. I love your blog, and I love you, Eva ❤ Thank YOU for being here, and for putting a smile on MY face–because you always, always do 🙂 Plus, you make me think, and think hard; and you know how much I love doing that.

    My favorite one of your posts is definitely your tribute to Jem, Walter, and Shirley Blythe: https://classicsandcraziness.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/jem-walter-shirley/ Because YOU UNDERSTAND. *hyperventilates slightly because RoI is awesome*

    Your giveaway prize package looks so cool!! I love the moose 🙂

    (You have my email, right? My memphis.edu email? That's the one I check most often.)


  4. Though I don’t read every.single.one of your posts, I do enjoy your blog. My favorite post was What Jesus Did for Me (hands down <3). The giveaway looks fantastic! 🙂

    ~Faith 1p57biskit(at)gmail(dot)com


  5. Congratulations on 201 followers (who knows – possibly more by the time you read this).

    I’m not entering in the contest because I’m not really a fan of coffee and I don’t really use notebooks (unless you count lap tops), but I’ll mention my favourite posts of yours anyway.

    Before I looked at some of the posts you linked in this post, I would have said either the favourite Disney songs post or your recent Hitchcock related posts. But after looking at some of your posts, I’ll have to go with “What Jesus Did For Me”. It’s always nice to read other people’s testimonials, and you’re brave for sharing that on a blog that’s mostly focused on movies.


    • Yep, you’re right – I have 203 now.

      Thanks! I like to think that my blog is open enough that I can talk about anything that’s going on in my life at the moment (though I usually default to movies – I do want to write more book-related posts, though) and in some ways it’s easier for me to share my testimony online than tell people in person (I’m introverted, so it’s better if I can’t see people’s reactions). I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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