nineteeen years!

So, my birthday was yesterday.  I turned nineteen (about which I’m still really excited) and I’m not going to do a recap of my ‘nineteen before nineteen’ post because it would just be depressing, how few things I’ve accomplished on that list.  But I do feel that I’ve grown in maturity and all that which is a big thing, of course.


Last year, I celebrated my birthday by breakfast at Wimpy’s, baking cupcakes for church, and watching ‘The Outsiders’.  This year, my birthday fell on a Sunday so there were a lot more people at our home (our church meets in my family’s home now, because it’s easier for Dad, the pastor).  My mom surprised me with balloons and everything was awesome.  A very happy, memorable time, especially since some dear family friends were also able to come.

I was given quite a lot of money (#BUYALLTHEBOOKS) and an Amazon gift card and chocolate covered almonds and two Louis L’Amour books that I love (Last Stand at Papago Wells and The Daybreakers) and a little stuffed lion and a LEGO minifigure of Commissioner Gordon (which I wouldn’t have appreciated even a couple weeks ago, but after re-watching ‘Batman Begins’, I’ve realized just how amazing he is).  And there were tons of Facebook posts and it was just…I’m constantly reminded of how many wonderful people love me and not only are a part of my life but are happy that they’re a part of my life.

And all I can do, all I want to do right now, is give back to them. 🙂  Just…express my love and gratitude and admiration for all my friends and relatives because they deserve it.

After everyone went home, we did random stuff until the evening when I pulled out the movie I’d selected to watch on this birthday – ‘3:10 to Yuma’ (and do I even have to clarify that it’s not the remake?). *gives 3:10 alllll the hugs*  I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  My heart may or may not have skipped a beat when the camera panned over to Glenn Ford/Ben Wade for the first time.  And then we finished off the night with “The Hostages” (I’d forgotten how good Combat! was) and a rather interesting ep of MacGyver. ❤

So, that was my birthday.  I share it with Alan Ladd and Garrett Hedlund and my awesome chiropractor.

Have you had a birthday recently?  What are some of your birthday traditions?


P.S. A third royal baby is on the way and I’m so excited!


12 thoughts on “nineteeen years!

  1. I’m glad you had such beautiful and fantastic birthday. You must be so happy because never more you won’t have another nineteen birthday anymore. I, recently, had a birthday, yes, but under terrible circumstances. I could just pray to my Father because He gives and takes our lives even when we don’t know His will, He’s perfect. So, we don’t know what will happens tomorrow I’m glad you had a perfect birthday. Happy Birthday!


  2. #BUYALLTHEBOOKS. Yes. My motto for life.

    I’m so, so happy you had such a lovely birthday, dear Eva! ❤

    L'Amour is amazing . . . so glad we agree on that! *high-five* I STILL need to read "The Cherokee Trail" though. My library is so annoying.



    • I legit just bought seven new books today with birthday money (two were presents for other people, though). So, yeah, I’m taking that hashtag literally. 😉 (Two of those books were Louis L’Amour books, btw.)

      Do you think it’ll be a boy or a girl? #GIRLPOWER


      • I don’t know!!! If it’s a girl, though, I really really hope they name her Alice, after the Queen’s Aunt Alice who lived to be a hundred and three years old. (I mean, seriously . . . ONE HUNDRED AND THREE. Beat that.)


  3. Happy birthday, friend! So sorry I didn’t get around to sending good wishes over Facebook yesterday, but I’m so glad to hear you had a lovely day!



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