five books I’d take to a desert island


// the Bible //


This Book will never grow old, will never be outdated, and will never cease to be the best thing anyone could ever read.  And it would be an immeasurable comfort on all those lonely days waiting for rescue. 🙂

// The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton //


Certainly not the longest of books, but the re-readability, people!  The characters are old friends and I love them and the writing and the story and the feeeeeels.  Very awesome, all of it.  This book (and these characters) deserve all the hugs.

// Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell //


Now this is a door-stopper.  But it’s not boring, not a single part of it.  Margaret Mitchell’s writing is gorgeous and dripping with vivid details. ❤ (Plus, I love that my favorite novel – The Outsiders – and my second favorite novel – GWTW – share such a neat connection.)

// Emma by Jane Austen //


How could I not include a Jane Austen novel?  Her books are unique in that I can literally read them a hundred times and not get tired of them.  You can’t beat that.  Emma is my favorite of all her works, though it’s a tough call at times.  But I love all the Highbury antics and gossip and relationships. #perfect

// The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins //


If I could twist the rules of this post, I would totally include the entire series…but I’m not going to do that.  And The Hunger Games could almost be a stand-alone novel, so that works out okay.  Suzanne Collins does a fabulous job with world-building and characterization – you really feel like you’re right there in the arena, feeling and seeing and thinking exactly what Katniss experiences.  Wow.

What books would you take to a desert island?  Would you like to see a post like this from me, but about movies?



17 thoughts on “five books I’d take to a desert island

  1. Books I’d probably take to a desert island:

    1. The Bible (because obvs.)
    2. The Chosen (because I would have lots and lots of time to cry over how beautiful it is)
    3. A Distant Trumpet (because 600 pages of epicness)
    4. Shadows on the Rock (because it’s super re-readable)
    5. Fangirl (because first love and friendship and sisterhood and accurate representation of mental health issues–it’d help me feel a lot more Connected to the Human Race, basically)

    I love your list 🙂 I think Gone With the Wind is an especially excellent choice; you’d never get tired of it!


  2. I am so happy to see “Gone with the Wind” here! Great choice. I will also take it to a desert island, and it can occupy me for months! Austen is also a nice choice. I am not too sure about my 5 books, but somewhere there I will include “Revolutionary Road” by Richard Yates and “The Bonfire of the Vanities” by Tom Wolfe.


  3. 1. Lonesome Dove
    2. Jane Eyre
    3. The Neverending Story
    4. The Beach
    5. An Unfinished Life

    Difficult to pick number 5….in reality, would probably be a lucky draw of a few including Pope Joan, Namma, The Iliad, True Grit and…and…


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  5. I’d probably choose the bible as my number 1 as well.
    2. Why the Universe is the Way it is – probably my favourite Christian Apologetics book, and for my tastes, a great companion book for the bible.
    3. X-23 Complete Collection vol. 1. It includes the entire origin story of my favourite X-Men character.
    4. Magic Burns – I really like the entire Kate Daniels series, but if I can only take one in the entire series, it would be this one. It’s the second book, and it’s a completely self-contained story. Every book that follows is less and less self-contained.

    The choice for the last is the hardest. Do I go with All-Star Superman (a standalone miniseries collected into trade that sums up everything that makes Superman special), Lord of the Rings (in a single paperback or hardcover), or a printed copy of one of the books I’ve written (and am trying to get published)?
    It’s tough, but I think I’m going to go with Lord Of The Rings.


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