five movies I’d take to a desert island

Even harder to decide than with the books, mainly because there’s lots and lots of movies I love but very few that would hold up under dozens of re-watches.  Still, I’m pretty happy with this list. (And, in the end, there were several that I wanted to include but didn’t.  I think it’s a pretty subjective thing, depending on my mood.)

// The Magnificent Seven {1960} //


Obviously.  Favorite movie ever and all that.  As for the re-watchability, well…a few days ago my dad wanted to watch this with me and I was a little worried that I would be bored because I’d already seen it so many times and maybe, just maybe I was sick of it.  Turns out, as soon as the opening credits started to roll and that glorious theme started playing, I was sucked in and didn’t look back.  The music, story, and characters are all AWESOME.

// Little Women {1994} //


Watching this movie, for me, is like eating a warm, delicious, comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup.  It’s one of those films that I actually think is better than the book *gasps from everyone* and I love it to pieces.  The music pulls everything together (like the Anne movies) and Christian Bale is adorable as Laurie and Winona Ryder is perfection as Jo.  ‘Little Women’ makes me cry and laugh and, overall, gives everything about life a warm glow.  At least for a little while.

// Tangled {2010} //


First Disney princess movie I ever saw.  One of the first movies that made me cry.  Most likely the first animated movie that made me cry.  If I can’t get to sleep, I replay ‘Tangled’ in my head.  Flynn/Rapunzel will forever be my favorite Disney couple.  Mother Gothel is definitely on the list of ‘top ten villains’ that I’m currently mulling over in my head (blog post worthy? absolutely).  And it definitely deserves more recognition than ‘Frozen’, as it’s easily the better movie.

// Singin’ in the Rain {1952} //


Best musical everrrrr.  End of story.  (Okay, not exactly the end of the story.  It used to be my favorite movie of all time and it’s still right up there and I could watch it every day, not even kidding.)

// Ramona and Beezus {2010} //


I wasn’t too happy with my decisions for the fifth movie on this list, but then I watched ‘Ramona and Beezus’ the other night and knew I’d found the perfect fifth pick.  Honestly, it’s a movie for middle-graders (if not a younger age group) that’s a bit cheesy, but mostly full of heart and SO. MUCH. happiness that it’s become my go-to ‘happy place’ movie.  I want to hug it.  There’s lots of fun adventures and a sweet romance and a wedding-ending (those are the best).

What movies would you take a desert island?  Would y’all like a ‘TV show episode’ version of this post?



20 thoughts on “five movies I’d take to a desert island

    • Singin’ in the Rain IS very awesome. There’s so many things I love about it. 🙂 I haven’t watched The Son of Monte Cristo, though I have seen the 2002 version of the Count of Monte Cristo.


  1. Mother Gothel is the reason I don’t like Tangled. I know she’s a fabulous character, as a character, but I physically cannot make myself watch her scenes, and a movie where you have to continually skip scenes is no fun. It’s the same way with the live-action Cinderella–I fast-forward every single scene with Cate Blanchett in it, but that means I end up skipping a lot.

    Movies I would take to a desert island? Hm . . . like you said, that would mean movies I wouldn’t mind re-watching over and over, and there aren’t too many of those. Because I general I don’t much like re-watches. But here are a few:

    – Woman in Gold
    – The Breakfast Club
    – Wonder Woman
    – Wall-E
    – Toy Story 3


    • Then you, um, REALLY shouldn’t read my ‘top ten villains’ list that I’m working on because Cate Blanchett’s evil stepmother is on that list, too. 😛

      I have seen three movies of the five you listed – Woman in Gold, Wall-E, and Toy Story 3. Don’t really have any interest in seeing The Breakfast Club, but I soooooooo want to see Wonder Woman. So, so much.


      • Lol!! I don’t mind READING about them, in other people’s posts–I just can’t bear actually WATCHING them. 😉

        Wonder Woman is fantastic and you should definitely watch it as soon as you can!! 🙂 Yeah, I don’t know if you’d enjoy The Breakfast Club, but it meant a lot to me. It’s a really deep and inspiring story, but it’s also bittersweet.

        (Hamlette’s not a fan, I know, and I think your movie tastes often line up more with hers than with mine.)


  2. Excellent list — I haven’t seen Beezus and Ramona, but I love those books.

    My 5 desert island movies would prob be:

    1. The Man from Snowy River
    2. The Man from UNCLE
    3. The Magnificent Seven
    4. The Avengers
    5. Robin Hood (Disney animated version)

    I legit never get tired of those 5.


  3. I cannot agree more with Little Women! Ahhh, such memories …. my poor mother was in the hospital – in intensive care – and actually … she was dying. And it took 43 days. And I, and my father, were up there every day – often more than once a day. Sure – I had friends, and church, and even a boyfriend — but what I truly needed was how you described this movie! and that is exactly what it brought to me! Thank you for putting it into words!!!


  4. OHMYGOODNESSYES to the first 3, can’t say cause I haven’t seen it all to the 4th, and I’ve never seen the fifth. 🙂

    I would take… um…

    1. Anne of Green Gables.
    2. Little Women 1994
    3. Soul Surfer
    4. Swiss Family Robinson
    5. The Lord of Rings series… ehh, can you count all 3? 😛 Well, then, I’d take… The Bourne Identity.

    That’s actually kind of hard. I love ssooo many movies. *sigh* And yes!!! DO THE TV SHOWS!! (I’ve recently had a slight obsession with TV shows. ;D)


  5. This kind of list is impossible for me. I generally don’t have favourite overall movies so much as I have movies that I feel like watching at the time being. There’s also a list of movies that, while they might not be my among favourites, they always put me in a good mood by the time they’re done, no matter how I’m feeling beforehand. Sure, I can sort out my favourite movies of a specific genre, or my favourite movie within a series. But … I just can’t.


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