a tour of my bookshelves

Before I start this post, I have to say that I’m not a very good photographer and I’ve never done a bookshelf tour before, so it might get a little messy/disorganized.  But I love my bookshelves and I hope that by the end of this post, you’ll ‘get’ them as well.


Bookshelf #1 – Nonfiction


Bookshelf #2 – Fiction

I rearrange my books semi-frequently, but I try to keep them topically grouped.  Right now, I’ve got one shelf for fiction and one shelf for non-fiction and it’s worked out quite well so far.  I’ve tried arranging my books by color before, but I hate how all the different genres get jumbled up.  Basically, I try to keep the same genres, authors, and topics together.


Above, you’ll see all my WWI and WWII books (well, the WWI books are hidden behind that really big book on the far left, but they are there).  I usually try to put these books in semi-chronological order (#historygeek).  I didn’t do it this time (you’ll notice that all my Cornelius Ryan books are together), but it is a neat way to organize history books.


Up next are the biographies (Unbroken is on the shelf below – that’s because I’m reading it right now).  They segue nicely into my movie books (because I’ve got biographies of actors and actresses – two of Audrey Hepburn!).  There’s also a few literary-themed books at the very end.


Continuing with the ‘books about books’, there are some good ones about Shakespeare, Harper Lee, and Lucy Maud Montgomery.  Then a small section for Random History Books, followed by western nonfiction, and then Christian nonfiction. ❤


The last shelf on Bookshelf #1 (at least the last that I own) is filled with mostly random stuff as well as the tail end of my nonfiction collection.  Not much to see, really.


Moving on to Bookshelf #2, we find my Jane Austen collection, along with many, many other classics (including Brick Shakespeare – The Comedies ;)).  I finally trashed my copy of Jo’s Boys, even though it broke up my Little Women series.  I’m really rather proud of my copy of Little Women.  It’s an Easton Press edition that normally costs close to sixty-five dollars…but I bought it at a thrift store for three or four.  It’s beautiful.


More classics, and then children’s books and middle-grade books (some of which are classics).


After finishing out the middle-grade section with books 1-4 of the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins, this shelf moves into YA territory.  I have quite a few ‘mainstream’ titles, but I also have Violins of Autumn by Amy MacAuley and That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton, neither of which are all that common (I think).


My westerns!  And all my Christian fiction!  This is one of my favorite shelves. 🙂

And there you have it.  I briefly considered including my DVD shelf in this post, but this is about books, so I decided not to.  I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life as an avid bookworm + my way of arranging things.

What do your bookshelves look like?



26 thoughts on “a tour of my bookshelves

  1. Very cool. I see many books there that I wouldn’t mind spending some time reading (WWII, Orsen Scott Card). I have one bookshelf full of books, but they’re all Beatle-related. I own many other books, but they’re all in boxes … I need more shelving 🙂


  2. I love bookshelves and looking at how everyone arranges theirs. I’ve seriously cleared mine out over the last several years because I want to have nice (preferably hardbacked) copies. So I have waaay more reference/nonfiction than fiction. I also had to clear off a shelf for library books (which isn’t enough). I’m hoping to get some really tall and wide bookshelves in the future and really start building my library.


  3. This is such a great idea! Do you mind if I use it sometime?
    I haven’t read many westerns (actually, only True Grit, which I loved). Is there any you’d recommend? It’s one of the few genres I haven’t dabbled in.

    I also arrange my books by genre (which drives my friends crazy- they do theirs alphabetically, but I have too many books for that to look nice!). My series usually don’t match as well as yours though, since I buy all my books second hand. I also don’t have as many nonfiction books.

    Again, love the idea 🙂


    • Not at all! I’d like to see your bookshelves myself. 🙂

      Westerns to recommend? Hmmm…well, ‘Shane’ by Jack Schaefer is excellent. There’s lots of great Louis L’Amour books as well, with ‘To Tame a Land’ being a great one for beginners (you get a really good sense of LL’s writing style and the story/characters are really interesting). ‘Last Stand at Papago Wells’ and ‘The Cherokee Trail’ are also awesome L’Amour westerns. I would also recommend the Saga of the Sierras series by Brock and Bodie Theone, especially if you’re into good Christian fiction.

      Arranging books by genre works best for me, I find. As well as by author.

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    • My series only match that well because I’ll buy the whole series, mismatched and everything, mostly from thrift stores, and then if I see a volume that matches most of the books I already have, I’ll buy that to make my collection better looking. Does that make sense?


  4. *drools*


    You have a book on Churchill?! Cool! I'm pretty fascinated by him, and recently chose him to research about for a 5 paragraph essay I'm writing. It was so interesting! (I'm writing a story set in WW2 so that was a lot of the reason why I was so interested in him.)


    • Haha! That’s exactly how I feel after I’ve newly re-arranged my books – I just sit back and bask in the awesomeness.

      I haven’t read that book yet (it’s really massive) but I don’t know much about Churchill, other than the fact that he had a really interesting life. So I’ll get around to reading it one of these days.


  5. It turns out we shelve our books fairly similarly! I’ve got non-fiction stuff shelved together by subject, and then fiction is alphabetical by author’s last name, with stuff by the same author either in series order or else alphabetical by title. Or sometimes in the order they were written in, if I feel like that. And all my books about Jane Austen, Raymond Chandler, and J.R.R. Tolkien are by their respective novels.

    I think I have that same edition of The Cherokee Trail!


    • I could go the alphabetical route with my fiction the next time I arrange my books. Which will undoubtedly be in our new house – I need to start packing them up right away. I also used to put books about Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, LMM, etc., with the books the authors had written, but I grouped alllll the nonfiction together this time.


      • I do re-arrange mine occasionally when I run out of shelf room. I used to have ALL the fiction alphabetical by author, but then I outgrew the space for them, so separated out some of them. All my Sherlock Holmes-related books (canon, pastiche, and non-fiction related to him) are together now and overflowing the shelf I’d put them on. All my Rex Stout books are near those, and then I’ve got a shelf where I have all my books about Robin Hood, all the Camelot-related books, my Wolverine comics, and some fairy tale collections. I may re-arrange again to put all my Tolkien books by those, as they’re getting to take up quite a chunk of shelf space.


      • Sadly, my library has turned into The Lego Room, so you’ll have to wade through crowds of joyful small people clustered around the Lego tables to get to the bookshelves… but you’ve probably got experience doing that, so you should be able to peruse them with only minor difficulty!


      • I’m sort of used to wading through Legos, because every time I go into the little boys’ room, it looks like their room has vomited hundreds upon hundreds of Legos. 😛



    My bookshelf is way smaller 😉 And I only have one. (I do have a bunch of boxes full of grad-school books, though, which there’s no room for on my shelf.)

    I’m trying to remember how I organize my bookshelf. It’s definitely not alphabetical, and it’s not by subject, either. I think I just kind of group books by the same author together; and the rest is according to color or whatever strikes my fancy on that particular book-arranging day. But again, I don’t have anywhere near as many books that I’m keeping track of.

    I spy your copy of To Tame a Land ❤


    • I keep buying books, so I can’t stand a random book arranging method. 😛 For smaller collections, though, it can often be charming and I’ll bet that’s what your shelves look like. 🙂

      Yes, indeed. That’s one book I’ll never get rid of. (Unless it falls apart.)


  7. I have about the same number of books, but most of them are graphic novels. Also you took these pictures perfectly fine. I’m saying that as someone who’s taken several photography courses as part of my Journalism training. The lighting is perfectly fine and on your closeups, it’s clear enough that you can read individual titles.


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