the underland chronicles: my dream cast


But on the other hand, Hollywood would probably mess the whole thing up.

So to help them along, I’ve come up with my own dream cast for the Underland Chronicles.  It’ll be awesome.  And feel free to list your own dream casting in the comments – nobody imagines fictional characters in exactly the same way as the next person.

Here goes something awesome…

// Gregor – Asa Butterfield //

Build Series Presents Asa Butterfield, Carla Gugino and Britt Robertson Discussing "The Space Between Us"

So, I’m thinking that the film’s producers would ‘age up’ everyone, just like in ‘The Giver’, so Gregor and Luxa would be in their late teens at least.  I’ve seen Asa Butterfield in several movies, at several different ages, and I can’t think of anyone else as Gregor.  He’s got that understated bravery/sensitivity thing going in ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘The Space Between Us’ and he’d do a fine job of bringing Gregor to life.

// Luxa – Chloë Grace Moretz //


Look at that mischievous little smirk!  I haven’t seen Chloë in too many films – just ‘Hugo’ and ‘If I Stay’, but I think she looks the part of Luxa and she and Asa Butterfield already have great ‘friendship with the potential to become something more’ chemistry, as seen in ‘Hugo’.

// Voice of Ripred – Harrison Ford //


Ripred is a definite fan-favorite, so who better to voice him than another established fan-favorite?  Harrison Ford’s distinctive gravelly, growly voice would lend itself wonderfully to Ripred’s terse, sarcastic comments, and because it’s Ford, the viewers would already be open to the idea of Ripred being nicer/awesomer than he seems at first. (And don’t forget the Tragic Backstory.  I’m getting emotional just thinking of how Harrison Ford would handle Ripred telling Lizzy all about it.)

// Vikus – Liam Neeson //


Vikus is someone who needs to be portrayed with care, because he could end up being too gung-ho for the war effort or too limp-wristed and wimpy.  Liam Neeson would balance Vikus’ peace loving ways and inner steel, and it would be amazing.

// Solovet – Cate Blanchett //


I believe Solovet was the first person I cast, except maybe Hamnet.  Cate Blanchett is the BOSS and if I could have only one casting choice on this list make it to the big screen, it would be this one.  She’s a liiiittle young to play Liam Neeson’s wife, but I know they could pull it off.  And seeing her leading the army and being sympathetic and manipulative and almost a villain before her ultimately tragic end…GAH.  She’s perfect for the part.

// Voice of Bane – Alan Tudyk //


Looking at Tudyk’s screen credits, I saw that he’s voiced a lot of controlling, deceptive, power-hungry characters – King Candy (‘Wreck-It Ralph’), Duke Weselton (‘Frozen’), and Alistair Krei (‘Big Hero 6’).  He can do so many voices so well and I know he’d do a great job, voicing Bane.

// Voice of Temp – Hank Azaria //


The dude has great range for voice acting – I watched featurette for ‘Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian’ where he went through a bunch of different voices for Kahmanrah and it was awesome.  Plus, he voiced Abraham Lincoln in that as well and Rasputin’s creepy sidekick in ‘Anastasia’.  Voicing a talking cockroach?  Easy!

// Gregor’s Dad – Ralph Macchio //


Gregor’s dad is a pretty important role, since the quest for him is what moves the first book along (at least partly).  I think Ralph Macchio could do frail and weak and just-recovering-from-being-kept-in-a-pit-by-rats, but also trying to help Gregor be the best person he can be very well indeed.

// Gregor’s Mom – Emily Blunt //


Those scenes in the Underland when Gregor’s mom first comes down would be hilarious.  And I hope that if Emily Blunt was cast, they’d make Gregor’s mom a stronger character with more to do, so that would be great.

// Voice of Ares – Chadwick Boseman //


*screams and flails into the distance*  (Because Chadwick Boseman.)  I sometimes forget that Ares is quite young because he’s so serious and brooding, and Boseman would do an amazing job of bringing out the best in Ares – his loyalty, bravery, and general awesomeness.

// Hamnet – Jonas Armstrong //


Ohhhh, boy.  I know if I ever see Hamnet on-screen, I’ll be crying so hard I probably won’t actually see him. (Slight exaggeration there.  But still.)  Jonas Armstrong does ‘wounded by his past’ incredibly well (hello, BBC Robin Hood) and he looks quite a bit like the Hamnet I picture in my head and, yeah, he’d be more than able to play Hamnet as the warrior, the peacemaker, the lost son who never came home… *chills*  I only ask that they do flashbacks to when Solovet locked him up and the Garden of the Hesperides and that he says his “I do no harm.  I do no more harm.” line.

// Mareth – Jeremy Renner //


Mareth is a pretty small role, but he helps Gregor several times and goes on their journey to kill the Bane and is best buds with Howard and Hamnet and, yeah, he’s pretty awesome.  Jeremy Renner does a lot of action-y stuff, so he could definitely pull off the battle scenes.  And he’d bring good characterization to what is almost a bit part.

// Perdita – Gal Gadot //


Perdita is a true bit part, to be honest.  She does become the head of Regalia’s army, but I pretty much added her just because she was in the fanfiction I wrote and I had the brilliant brainstorm of having her played by Gal Gadot.  Because she would be brilliant in the role.  Plus, this would be the second film/film series in which she plays opposite (opposite-ish) a character named Ares.  How can you pass up that opportunity?


So, that’s my list!  I still have some characters to cast: Boots, Howard, Henry, Lizzy, Mrs. Cormaci, etc., so if you have suggestions for those characters, please let me know. 🙂


18 thoughts on “the underland chronicles: my dream cast

  1. I have to give it to you Eva I love that list but there’s one problem I have never read the series and mostly actors I don’t really know but if they’re good for the roles that I trust you because you know a lot about movies a lot about actors and a lot about books which is a good thing.


    1. I think you would really enjoy the Underland Chronicles, Sara. Though they might be better saved until you’re a little older, since they’re quite sad and depressing in parts. Thanks for your faith in my dream casting skills!


  2. These sound like amazing books . . . 🙂 Also, I’ve never seen Asa Butterfield in ANYTHING, can you believe that?? I should probably fix that.


    1. Um…yes. You should remedy that. 😉 I highly recommend you start with ‘Hugo’. It’s a beautiful, gentle, superb film all about movie and moviemaking – but there’s a splendid bookish girl as well. I think it’s be right up your alley. There are a couple of intense scenes (involving Hugo’s dreams) but hopefully you’d be okay – it IS a children’s film after all.


      1. Oh, that sounds wonderful–just right for me! Thanks for recommending it! I’ll put it on my list now 🙂


  3. I love it!! Cate Blanchett is PERFECT 🙂
    Here’s what I had come up with:
    I cast Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman) as Bane- I thought he could do the dangerous/unstable side of him really well.
    Gregor would be played by Tom Holland (the newest spiderman), while Asa Butterfield would play Howard. I thought his quiet compassion would work well for him.
    I imagined Ripred voiced by Christian Bale. But I could also see Harrison Ford, now you’ve pointed it out…
    I was picturing Sebastian Stan as Ares… but I could also see Chadwick Boseman. I also totally missed how young Ares was until I reread them this summer, and it makes it all the more heartbreaking.
    For Temp I thought of David Tennant. Not only is he a phenomenal actor so I would want him on my dream cast of anything, but he’s the narrator for the How To Train Your Dragon audiobooks, and does the slightly goofy, dramatic, earnest voice really well.
    Scarlett Johansson would play Twirltongue- she’d do evil/manipulative quite well.
    Mrs. Cormaci I imagined as Helena Bonham Carter- pretty eccentric but helpful.
    Lizzie could be Malina Weissman (from Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events)- she plays a fairly quiet character in Unfortunate Events and yet brings a lot to the role.
    Nerissa could be Elle Fanning, Dulcet could be Auli’i Cravalho (she voices Moana), Henry could be Logan Lerman, and then I already think I mentioned Luxa as Millie Bobby Brown. 🙂

    Also, how old is Mareth? I was under the impression he was early twenties, but I’m not sure how accurate that was… age difference aside, Jeremy Renner could really pull off the character. And Gal Gadot as Perdita? Awesome.

    Thanks for the post! That was a lot of fun 🙂



      I shall endevour to remain calm…

      1) Tom Holland as Gregor? Okay, that’s pretty great. I still prefer Asa Butterfield, but I can also TOTALLY see him playing Howard. That would be awesome. And you’re right about the quiet compassion. ❤

      2) I like Christian Bale, so I'm definitely not opposed to casting him, but I just think Harrison Ford's voice would work better for Ripred. But everyone has their own ideas, like I said!

      3) Sebastian Stan would do an epic job voicing Ares.

      4) ScarJo as Twirltongue. YESSSSSSS.

      5) But my favorite of all your castings is Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Cormaci. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. I can't get over the perfectness.

      Mareth is the same age as Hamnet and I think Hamnet's in his late thirties? At least? Because everything that happened at the Garden of the Hesperides was ten years or so before they found Hamnet in the jungle and he was already Solovet's second-in-command, so he had to be in his twenties at least. (I just did a pile of research about this for the fanfic I wrote.)

      You're welcome! And thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm. That’s kind of hard to say. Do you like fantasy? (Non magical.) Do you like talking animals in books? It’s kind of dark for a children’s series, especially the last two books, but the stories and characters are sooooo good. I’d probably recommend it to everybody, whether it was their Thing or not. If you do get a chance, I’d say try the first book and see if you like it. 🙂 And then go from there.


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