my definitive ranking of [almost] every Disney princess

I have a love-hate relationship with Disney princesses.  Some I love, some I hate.  I feel neutral towards some of them.  So, I’m ranking them. (Except Tiana ’cause I haven’t seen all of ‘Princess and the Frog’ and Merida because she’s Pixar and I haven’t seen ‘Brave’ and Elsa because she’s a queen.)  I’m planning to do a ranking of Disney princes as well which should be great.


11. Snow White – So, yes, Snow White was the very first Disney princess which makes her special.  I guess.  But she doesn’t have much of a personality beyond ‘nice’ and her voice is annoying.  There’s nothing I really like about her.


10. Cinderella – I don’t have many warm feelings for Cinderella (original version of the character, NOT live-action remake).  Pretty much the only thing she has going for her (to put her above Snow White) is that her voice sounds better.


9. Ariel – I’ve seen Ariel top ‘definitive ranking of Disney princess’ lists time and time again, but I really can’t stand her.  While she has more of a personality and better songs than Cinderella or Snow White, she’s rebellious and a bit clueless at the same time (deals with Ursula are never a good idea).

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8. Aurora – The sleeping princess who doesn’t do much.  But her dresses and hair and song and general sweet disposition are all on point and I find her story an intriguing one.  And her name is so pretty!


7. Pocohontas – She stands up for nature and her people and does…not much else?  Really, the only thing that puts her ahead of Aurora is the fact that Alan Menken composed some gorgeous songs for her to sing.  And I did like the continuation of Pocohantas’ character in the second movie, so there’s that.


6. Jasmine – Jasmine is a good princess and her and Aladdin’s relationship is cute, but she’s not one of my favorites.  Sort of in the middle and all that.  Though I do like how she wasn’t a complete idiot about ‘Prince Ali’s’ secret identity.  And Rajah is awesome!


5. Anna – Anna is probably my favorite part of ‘Frozen’.  I enjoy her sense of humor, loyalty, honesty, dorky relationships with the guys in her life, and, of course, her sacrifice at the end. #lifegoals


4. Mulan – While there’s plenty of Disney princesses that could give Mulan competition for the title ‘bravest Disney Princess ever’, I believe she deserves that recognition. (Though she’s not technically a princess.)  I mean, she goes off into a brutal and bloody war so that her father won’t have to and it’s just…heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.


3. Moana – The top three on this list are somewhat interchangeable with each other.  Just so you know.  Moana is a vividly realized character with an intact family (always a plus when it comes to Disney princesses), a huge heart for her home, and so much strength of character.


2. Rapunzel – Another Disney princess with both her parents still living!  Let this become a habit, Disney.  I felt a little guilty for not placing her at #1, but I realized that I like ‘Tangled’ more than Rapunzel herself. (Just a little bit.)  She’s a bright, beautiful, exuberant character with great goals and the Best Sidekick Ever.  Let’s all try to be more like Rapunzel.





Soooooooo…how did my rankings match up with yours?  Let me know in the comments!


33 thoughts on “my definitive ranking of [almost] every Disney princess

  1. Great list! I haven’t watched Beauty and the Beast because I’ve been putting it off all my life but Rapunzel I absolutely love. She’s so vibrant, warm, fun and charming! Anna is great fun too and Aurora is so lovely in Maleficent. And I guess I have to like Moana (haven’t watched) because I get compared to her.


  2. Looking at this post, I realized – I really don’t like most of the Disney Princesses! HAHAAHA!

    I do like Mulan, Pocahontas and Belle but the others . . . eh.

    This was so fun!


  3. Belle is the best thing to bless this earth. She captures the essence of being a female protagonist without being a damsel in distress OR a masculine I-can-take-care-of-myself type. And she loves READING SO WHAT ELSE DO YOU EVEN NEED IN LIFE?!?!


  4. Oh my word!!!!! WE AGREE!!! Well, pretty much. But, I definitely agree with Ariel, I find her and her voice very annoying. Then, while I didn’t like the movieMoana, the character was pretty awesome! And BELLE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Ariel is super annoying. Moana isn’t my favorite Disney princess movie, but she is one of my favorite princesses. 🙂 (Though I still really love the movie.)

      Belle is the best, definitely.


  5. I loved the animated Cinderella as a child, but now she falls a little short according to my ‘good story’ expectations. I agree with you about Moana, Rapunzel, and Belle… but my favorite has always been (and probably will always be) Belle. In my opinion, she has the most interesting story (apart from Aladdin which I haven’t seen- so I can’t really judge), and the best developed character, apart from the more recent princesses.
    Anyways, great post!


  6. I love this post!! I’m a big fan of Disney movies and Disney princesses! (Can’t wait for the Disney princes list!)

    So I’m way different in some ways here! Cinderella is my favorite!! I have always had a soft spot for her. I don’t know if she was the first one I ever saw or what, but she’s on the top for me. I haven’t seen Moana or the Jasmine movie(which the name is escaping me at the moment😳), so I can’t rank them. Belle’s okay, but honestly…..I wish the hype with her would die down some. I have no problem with anyone liking her, but I just don’t care for her as much. Rapunzel and Anna are okay. I do like Snow White and Aurora quite a bit! Ariel isn’t too bad herself either! Pocahontas and Mulan are pretty good too!!

    So all that said to say this….Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White are my top three!


    1. It’s interesting that Cinderella is your favorite – it’s not something that’s often seen. The movie with Jasmine is Aladdin. 🙂

      I’ll be working on that Disney prince post soon!

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  7. I love this post. I’m always down to talk about Disney princesses 😀

    My favorites–on this list–are definitely Mulan and Moana. They both have so much courage, and kindness. ❤

    And I love Esmeralda from Hunchback, too. Don't know if she's a "princess" per se . . . but she's very important to me.


  8. this sounds like my list if I were to make a list but I would put Mulan first as I think she’s the least romantic of them all aside from Moana, actually, I think they would be tie for first place and neither of them are really princesses. not to say Belle isn’t likable but I find her a little bit less of a fighter even though ‘beauty & the beast’ is my favorite disney animation. I totally adore about dorky Anna is.

    have a lovely day.

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  9. Yes!! The bottom half of your list, especially 🙂 Ariel is so overrated.
    I’d put Moana and Rapunzel lower (and Moana above Rapunzel), and Mulan and Jasmine higher, and I’d also raise Aurora (for a long time, she was my favorite princess, but i don’t really know why). But Belle is definitely number one for me, too.

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    1. Isn’t she, though? 😛

      I love all the Aurora admirers that are coming out of the woodwork! So often people dismiss her because she doesn’t do much, but I really like her.

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  10. The one Disney Princess movie that truly needs a live action remake is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, if only to give Snow White an actual character.

    Ariel also has a serious case of immaturity and obsessiveness. It kind of makes her an idiot. Anna’s a bit of an idiot too, but she actually learns something and she’s likeable. Ariel doesn’t learn anything. The only character who truly learns anything in The Little Mermaid is King Trident. I’m mildly hopeful that the planned live action remake can improve on Ariel’s character without sacrificing Trident’s character development.

    Also can’t argue that Elsa isn’t on the list considering she’s a queen.

    Personally I’d put Jasmine higher (partly due to nostalgia), but otherwise I agree with your top 3. They’re all pretty much equally great in different ways.

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    1. Very true. I’d really enjoy seeing what Disney would do with a Snow White remake.

      To be honest, it’s been a long time since I watched The Little Mermaid and I don’t remember very many details about Ariel’s character – just enough to know that she bugs me. I doubt I’ll watch the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, but I’m a little interested in it.

      Everyone’s rankings are different though on another day, in a different mood, I might have put Jasmine higher myself.


  11. Aggggh! All the feels! I don’t even I is which I like best (except for that, likewise, Rapunzel and Belle are in my top three) but this was fun to read your opinion ☺️

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  12. It’s hard for me to separate them from the movies because often they aren’t super well-developed characters (fairytale characters after all).
    Here is off the top of my head ranking:
    1. Rapunzel
    2. Belle, Pocahontas, Anna, Aurora
    3. Tiana, Cinderella, Moana
    4. Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Snow White

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      1. Haha, its not so much Aurora, as “Once Upon a Dream,” her and Prince Philip’s ridiculousness, etc.


  13. Ah, I loved this post. 😀 Belle is my favourite, too! But I also love Rapunzel and Anna lots. ❤ I haven't actually seen heaps of these, surprisingly, but I agree that a lot of them are rather boring. 😛 (Cinderella is lovely in the musical and in live action remakes, but as the animated one… she could have a bit more to her, put bluntly.)

    I still haven't seen Moana yet! I'm dubious about it, as I have heard a lot of negative comments on it. (But I still wanna see it. :P)

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    1. I love the Cinderella musical! But I think my favorite portrayal of her is in the live-action Disney movie, though.

      What are the negative comments you’ve heard about Moana? I might be able to clear some of them up for you. 🙂


      1. I can’t remember the exact details but along the lines of “it was lame, it was boring, it was silly and weird” etc.


      2. Well, all of those are false. 😛 Not boring, not lame, funny (but not silly), and okay, it got a little weird at times, but it’s also SO GOOD.


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