my definitive ranking of [almost] every Disney prince

Who doesn’t love Disney princes?  They’re charming, handsome, witty, heroic, and caring.  Well, some of them are anyway.  Today I’ll be ranking almost every Disney prince, based on my entirely subjective personal opinion of each one.


10. Prince Florian – Zero personality.  And he kisses a dead girl.  I think I’ve made my point.


9. Prince Charming – Again, no personality.  But he dances well and, uh, um, I can’t really think of anything else to say. *yawns*  However, if you’re talking about the live-action Prince Kit, well, that’s another story altogether. ❤


8. John Smith – Honestly, I can’t think of much to say about John Smith.  He’s voiced Mel Gibson and I really don’t like Mel Gibson, but that’s not the character’s fault.  Overall, ‘Pocahontas’ is its heroine’s story and I don’t focus much on Smith.

7. Prince Eric – I haven’t seen ‘The Little Mermaid’ in quite a while, so I can’t say too much about Prince Eric. (I know, I know, this post has been frightfully dull so far.  It should pick up soon, though.)  Like Ariel, Eric has topped many Disney lists of favorite characters before, but I don’t remember being too impressed with him when I saw TLM a while back.

6. Kristoff – Kristoff is better than Hans, of course, though he’s not one of my absolute favorites.  He’s kind of rough and crude from being raised by a bunch of trolls, but his relationship with Anna is super sweet.  And his frantic ride to bring Anna back to the palace?  So heroically awesome! 


5. Aladdin – To some extent, Aladdin is overshadowed by the Genie, Jafar, and even Jasmine.  But, man, his little solo (“Riffraff, street rat, I don’t buy that…”) is so full of aching hope and longing that I can’t help but melt a little for him.  And he saves Jasmine from getting her hand chopped off and gives his food to those little children and saves them from being trampled…he’s a pretty great hero, actually.


4. Li Shang – He wants so much to do the right thing and make his father and his emperor proud.  There’s a lot hanging on Shang’s shoulder and he definitely feels the weight of that responsibility.  There isn’t much romance in ‘Mulan’, but Shang stands on his own two feet – just like Mulan, he doesn’t need a romantic relationship to define him. (I feel like Shang’s relationship with his father is what really defines him.)


3. The Beast/Prince Adam – Probably the prince that I have the most feelings about.  There’s several Seriously Not Okay things that he does through the course of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (capturing people and locking them up will not get the curse revoked, dude), but he does so much good, too.  I always tear up when he gives Belle the library.  And when he lets her go.  And when he dies.  And when they’re dancing together at the end. *happy sigh*


2. Prince Phillip – I admit that some nostalgia is involved in such a high ranking of Phillip.  My grandmother had three Disney storybooks and I’d read them over and over again when I was little.  One of the stories was ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and it was one of my favorites (I hadn’t even seen the movie, but still).  I thought Prince Phillip was so heroic, fighting the dragon, and really handsome as well. (I still stand by both those opinions.)  I LOVE how he refuses to marry Aurora because he wants to marry…Aurora.  There’s so much to like about him, really.


1. Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert – “He’s so handsome.  Just like his reward posters.”  Flynn’s character growth is great.  I love the little moments of vulnerability that Rapunzel brings out of him, like when they’re stuck in the cave, or sitting by the campfire, or waiting for the lanterns.  And when he sacrifices his own life for Rapunzel’s, it’s one of the most tragically beautiful Disney moments ever.  Of course, we get a Disney Death™ and everything ends Happily Ever After, but his sacrifice was still real.  I love it.



Wow.  Ranking the princes was significantly harder than ranking the princesses, for some reason.  I’m still not entirely happy with my list, to be honest.  Anyway, you guys seem to like these Disney-themed posts, so are there any other lists or rankings you’d like to see on this blog in the future?  Let me know!


19 thoughts on “my definitive ranking of [almost] every Disney prince

  1. Hilarious! I’m surprised Kristoff isn’t higher on the list. He’s one of my favorites because he’s just so darn cute. But yeah, Flynn is a great “prince”. ‘Tangled’ is one of my favorite Disney films and he’s part of the reason why. He’s also really charming, for an animated character. (Can someone make a live-action Tangled movie so we can see a live-action Flynn Rider? *grinning sheepishly*)


  2. You forgot Prince Naveen!!!!! 😀

    Boy, Disney Prince’s are kinda dumb looking aren’t they? “laughs out loud”

    I consider the Beast in a class of his own – but after him I like Flynn, Naveen and Shang!


    1. No, I didn’t forget him – I just haven’t seen all of Princess and the Frog. 🙂

      The Beast is definitely in a class of his own. Shang is a great guy.


  3. Sounds about right. 😉 Flynn and Phillip would have to be my top 2 too. And the Beast would probably be 3rd! I’d have to really think about it beyond that. Nice list!


  4. Quasimodo is my favorite Disney prince–always and forever. I don’t care if people don’t count him as a “prince”–to me HE IS A PRINCE. ❤

    Li Shang is fabulous too *grins*

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  5. 1. Flynn
    2. Adam as Adam NOT as the Beast (sorry that freaks me out), Aladdin
    3. Li Shang, John Smith
    4. Prince Phillip (he is an idiot, but a hilarious one), Kristoff
    5. Prince Charming (Kit would be #1 with Flynn of course), Prince Florian (Florian?!!!!!), Eric (he fell for ANOTHER GIRL who looked NOTHING like the girl he SAW on the beach)

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  6. Wait, the prince in Snow White actually has a name?

    In Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time (surprisingly kind of fun), Prince Charming does have a bit of a personality. But judging by the original on its own, Charming is basically a non-character, and the only thing making him better than Snow White’s prince is that he … seems like he might be a nice guy?

    Ah, John Smith. A boring character that doesn’t even have the same name as the historic figure he’s loosely based on.

    Prince Eric is at least a character, but nothing about him feels prince-like. He’s just a shallow young man who falls in love with a voice at first … listen?

    Kristoff is alright. He’s noble enough.

    I’d probably rank Aladdin in my top 3. A thief with a heart of gold.

    Li Shang is awesome, so no argument with him being high up.

    You sum up The Beast pretty well. He starts off as somewhat unlikable – maybe a bit too far in that direction, but by the end he’s a real gentleman.

    I’d probably put Prince Phillip a bit lower, but he is by far the best of the classic princes. My only real problem with him is that he doesn’t talk at all in the third act, and that’s a fault of the writing/editing and not a fault of the character.

    Flynn Rider is quite possibly the most well developed of the Disney Princes, and that includes Aladdin.

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    1. Not in the original movie, no, but I believe Florian is the name that Disney gave him afterwards. At least that’s what it looked like when I googled it.

      I do eventually want to see the Cinderella (and Aladdin!) sequels. And yeah, he’s not much better than Snow White’s prince. 😛

      It was neat, reading your comments on the princes!


      1. Skip Cinderella 2 and just watch 3. You won’t miss anything story-wise, and Cinderella 2 is completely pointless. The Aladdin sequels aren’t nearly as good as the original, but they’re alright.


  7. Wait, what? The Prince’s name in Snow White is Florian? Wow. I did not know that. I knew Adam is the Beast name, but not that!

    Your top four are probably mine too. 😀

    I’m glad you did this post to go with the princess post!

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  8. Prince Phillip is super high on my list, too. I’m not quite sure why, because I haven’t watched that movie very much. But he’s just the quintessential “PRINCE” without being boring like Prince Charming.
    I would probably put Aladdin higher on the list, but then again that movie was the only Disney movie I owned, so I’ve watched it more than the others (except for Little Mermaid, because that was my sister’s favorite… but I really dislike Ariel. The only mark I have against Eric is that he fell in love with Ariel, but that’s enough to put him pretty far down on the list).

    Well, that was a bit of a ramble. Thanks for the fun post!

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    1. I’ve only seen Sleeping Beauty once, but like I said, I read the story version lots of times. Phillip is just so great. ❤

      You know, I'd probably put Aladdin higher on the list as well but I was sick of editing. 😛 I had a difficult time with the rankings.

      You're welcome!

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