every Best Picture Oscar winner I have seen


It’s the Oscars season!  Hence, this post.


~’It Happened One Night’ – Okay, so I’ve only seen the first half of this.  But I thought I should add it.

~’You Can’t Take it With You’ – I don’t really dig the ‘crazy family’ trope, so I didn’t enjoy this movie too much.

~’Gone With the Wind’ – A spectacle in every sense of the word.  Not my absolute favorite, but it’s great to watch once every couple years or so.


~’Rebecca’ – Very good, a little off-type for Hitchcock, and another movie I like better than its book.

~’How Green was My Valley’ – Sweet and sad and little Roddy McDowell is adorable.

~’Mrs. Miniver’ – I watched this so long ago that I hardly remember a thing about it.


~’Casablanca’ – Second favorite movie of all time.  It really is as good as ‘they’ say.

~’The Best Years of Our Lives’ – Another favorite!  I watched it for Dana Andrews but, really, the entire cast does a superb job and the music sets the tone perfectly.

~’Gentleman’s Agreement’ – Excellent film and one I should watch again soon.


~’All About Eve’ – Was Not Impressed.

~’Around the World in 80 Days’ – An old family favorite.  It is over-long (a few sequences could have been chopped out and the plot would have stayed the same), but colorful and fun.

~’Ben-Hur’ – Another family favorite.  I watched this a lot as a young child and it’s super nostalgic and really very epic.

ben hur 3.jpg

~’Lawrence of Arabia’ – Ohhhh the amazingness of this movie.  Everything about it is Oscar-worthy.

~’The Sound of Music’ – ❤

~’Oliver!’ – A good musical film with plenty of verve.  Not very much like Dickens’ original work, but the songs are so great you can overlook that.


~’Patton’ – Again, watched this so long ago that I have very little recollection of it. (I might not have even seen the whole thing.)

~’Chariots of Fire’ – An incredible true story, told well.  One those movies that I really like but can never remember to put on my lists of favorites.

~’Rain Man’ – The first Tom Cruise movie I ever saw and one that made me (briefly) dislike him a lot.  But it’s an amazing film and I’d gladly see it again.


~’Schindler’s List’ – I’m not sure that I’ll ever watch this again, simply because of the heavy subject matter, but it’s a truly great film.

~’Titanic’ – I expected to not like this movie (thanks, internet memes) but I loved it.  The story, the characters, the music, the costumes…wow.

~’Gladiator’ – *bawls* This is one of my uncle’s favorite movies and he introduced it to me and some of my siblings a few months ago.  Now it’s one of my favorites.



And there you have it!  Eighty-nine films have won Best Picture to date and I’ve seen roughly twenty of those.  Not too great, but I still have time to catch up! 

How many Best Picture Oscar winners have you seen?


Note: some of the movies I mentioned were watched with VidAngel or other content filters so I don’t/can’t wholeheartedly recommend all the films in this post.


23 thoughts on “every Best Picture Oscar winner I have seen

  1. jessica prescott

    Fun post idea!

    I’ve seen: The Sound of Music, Chariots of Fire, and Rain Man.

    Sound of Music is one of the first movies I was actually allowed to watch–after Star Wars–so it kind of has a nostalgic appeal for me; but *whispers* I only semi-enjoy it. No, let me qualify that. I really enjoy the very beginning and the very end, before Maria arrives in the house and after she and the others leave it. But the whole time they’re IN the house just . . . bores me. Plus I ain’t a fan of Christopher Plummer’s Captain.

    Chariots of Fire is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And the soundtrack is GOLD.

    Rain Man . . . *bawls* I LOVE THIS MOVIE OKAY.

    I’d really like to see both Ben-Hur and Lawrence of Arabia. And maybe Gentleman’s Agreement, for the historical value.


    1. Dude. How do you not like Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp?

      JK. I know everyone has different opinions. 🙂

      Let me know what you think of those three if/when you watch them!


      1. jessica prescott


        Reason 1: I don’t like his face, it creeps me out and I don’t find it attractive. Reason 2: He’s not an adorable sunshiny cupcake like the real-life Captain is described as being. Reason 3: Just . . . he’s boring to me??? I don’t know why???

        I will let you know! 🙂


  2. Looking at the all-time list of winners, it looks like I’ve seen more winners than I thought. Also it’s often fun to look at past Best Picture winners and compare them to their competitors, seeing which movies truly stood the test of time. For example, “For Green is My Valley”, while it may be a good movie, beat out Citizen Kane. Which of those two movies are talked about more these days?

    Casablanca – agreed, it’s a great movie.

    Ben-Hur – it’s the first of three movies in history to win 11 Academy Awards (still the most any one movie has won), and it deserves every one of them.

    Lawrence of Arabia – brilliant movie. It balances out the drama, fun and the story, and it’s fairly accurate with its history.

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – A surprisingly deep movie, with one of Jack Nicolson’s best roles of his entire career.

    Rocky – I found this movie kind of boring when I watched it in my early teens. There’s a chance I’d enjoy it more now.

    Chariots of Fire – great movie about a bit of an unbelievable yet true story. Great soundtrack too.

    Gandhi – watched this in history class in grade 10. Another deserving win.

    Forrest Gump – This movie is unique. In case you haven’t seen this, it’s about a mentally disabled man who does incredible things. Very entertaining, but also very well made.

    Braveheart – Very inspirational movie, if you can handle the gore. Apollo 13 also came out that year, and while I think that’s the better movie (and the more historically accurate one), Braveheart deserved the Oscar.

    Titanic – It’s pretty good (also the second of three movies to win 11 Academy Awards), but I would argue that year’s Good Will Hunting was the better movie.

    Shakespeare in Love – I’d call this one mediocre at best. That year’s Life Is Beautiful and Saving Private Ryan are both leagues better.

    Gladiator – Pretty much everything about this movie is well done, and it’s absolutely deserving of its recognition.

    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – The third and final movie to win 11 Academy Awards, and save for maybe “Best Original Song” (not a good year for that anyway), and the lack of a Best Supporting Actor nom for Sean Austin (which he likely deserved the win for), the movie deserves every one of them. An epic in every sense of the word, yet with a lot of well-written and acted personal drama.

    The Departed – This is a bit of a weird crime drama, but a great one.

    The Hurt Locker – I thought this was ok. Kind of a one and done movie. Pixar’s Up would have been the more deserving win. I do find it amusing that James Cameron’s Avatar was nominated that year as well, but The Hurt Locker was directed by his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow.

    The King’s Speech – Yeah, The King’s Speech is a great movie.

    With the exception of Birdman (a movie that appears to be done almost entirely done in a single shot), and 12-years a slave, I can’t say I’m too interested in any of the winners since. Definitely not Argo, a movie with historical inaccuracies that both remove Canada from their involvement of the event (in reality, Canadians basically led the entire effort), but it also insults the British by saying they closed their embassy when they didn’t. I don’t feel like being insulted.


  3. Let’s see…. “holds up fingers”

    I saw It Happened One Night but wasn’t impressed. I saw a few scenes of Gone with the Wind but couldn’t stick it out #shudders

    I LOVE You Can’t Take it With You – definitely a family favorite.

    Mrs. Miniver was good – but so sad. Greer Garson is wonderful.

    Around The World in 80 Days frankly kind of put me to sleep – I liked the book better!

    BEN HUR WAS AMAAAZING. One of the best movies ever. Truly, truly stupendous.

    I’ve seen scenes of Lawrence of Arabia – I really liked Omar Sharif in that one.

    The Sound of Music – yeeees. ❤ And Chariots of Fire is one of the best movies ever!!

    I saw the end scene of Shcindler’s List – someone should it at a church gathering to highlight a sermon. But I wouldn’t be able to watch that movie myself.

    This was such a fun post – do you mind if I try it out on my blog, Eva?


    1. I think I like the book of Around the World in 80 Days better, simply because the movie is unnecessarily long, but they’re both great.

      Ben Hur is a movie I need to watch again soon. I’m not a Charlton Heston fan, but he was on point in the role.

      Not at all! I’d love to see your list. 🙂


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