the We Love Superheroes Week tag!


The We Love Superheroes Week is here and there’s a fun tag to go along with it!

1. Who are your favorite superheroes? (Go ahead and list up to five if you want!)

Captain America, obviously.  I mean, Cap and his awesomeness are what got me into superheroes in the first place so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.  Batman, but only when he’s played by Christian Bale.  Wonder Woman, because Diana is #goals.  The Flash (CW version of the character) – who doesn’t love an adorable nerd?  And basically everyone in ‘The Incredibles’.


2. What’s your favorite superhero movie?

So, so difficult to narrow it down.  I haven’t seen tons of superhero movies, but almost all of the ones I’ve seen have been amazing.  I’d probably go with ‘Batman Begins’, though.  Besides being a great superhero movie, it’s also a great movie overall and I have so many good memories associated with it.  Runners up would be all of MCU’s Captain America movies, ‘Wonder Woman’, and ‘The Incredibles’.


3. Do you have a favorite superhero couple?

Do Diana and Steve count?  ‘Cause he isn’t a superhero, but they are beautiful together.  Otherwise, it’s definitely Bob and Helen Parr from ‘The Incredibles’.

4. What was your introduction to the world of superheroes?

I kind of addressed this in my answer to the first question, but I’ll just clarify: it was ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.  I’d never seen a superhero movie before and it blew me away.  Steve Rogers was my new favorite hero and Bucky’s ‘death’ made me cry and so did everything about the ending.  After that, I was hooked on superheroes and the MCU in particular.  I’m kind of a DC girl these days, but Cap will always be my favorite.


5. If you could be any superhero for a day, who would you like to be?

I’m not good at placing myself in the shoes of fictional characters, so I really have no idea.


6. Do you have a favorite supervillain?

Megamind? 😀  I’m also rather intrigued by Eobard Thawne and Jonathon Crane and Zemo.


7. Can you think of a superhero who should get their own solo film, but hasn’t yet?

I don’t read comics, so I have no idea.

This is a stand-alone superhero movie that I’m quite wild to see.

8. Do you read comic books?

See above.


9. Why do you like superheroes?

Well, it changes with every superhero.  For some, like Ant-Man or The Flash or Megamind, it’s mostly entertainment value.  With Captain America and Wonder Woman, it’s more about the life lessons that can be learned and the fact that they’re such strong, brilliant characters with stories that demand to be told.  And, basically, the idea of super powered people living right alongside us is fascinating.


10. Have you ever cosplayed as a superhero? Feel free to share pics if you want!

I have not.  But I wouldn’t be opposed to it either.

I’d like to cosplay this outfit.

Don’t forget to head over to Hamlette’s blog!  There’s a cool giveaway and lots of great posts that will be published in the next few days (including my own).



25 thoughts on “the We Love Superheroes Week tag!

  1. the Cap is one of my favorites too but I didn’t see those movies until way later so I didn’t even there was a Cap until I saw the first Captain America movie. Chris Evans is the perfect Captain.

    I was never quite a fan of Batman but I have seen all the movies and they’re not bad.

    the incredibles – love that movie

    have a lovely day.


  2. jessica prescott

    Cap is very important to me. He was definitely my very first movie crush; but he’s so much more than that, too. He makes me want to be a better person. ❤

    Eobard Thawne quite fascinates me. He plans everything out so carefully; I have to admit I admire that. Even though he is Evil and Bad . . . I gotta give him that. The man can stick to a plan.


    1. Cap wasn’t my first movie crush…I kind of don’t even have a crush on him? I admire and respect him hugely and he’s amazing, but I don’t have a crush on him. It’s kind of weird, actually.

      Eobard sticks to his plan like-like- I don’t even know what. He’s super dedicated. (Just not in a good way.)


      1. jessica prescott

        Wow. Really? That fascinates me.

        Cap is one of the very few fictional characters I genuinely would love to marry, if asked. The others are Colonel Brandon, the Tenth Doctor, and–who else?–Rye Tyler. xD


  3. 1. Who are your favorite superheroes? (Go ahead and list up to five if you want!)

    I’ll list four of my favourite heroes. One Avengers character, one X-Men character and two DC characters.

    For the X-Men, it’s X-23/Laura Kinney/All-New Wolverine. She’s actually the character who got me into comics. Long story short, she’s Wolverine’s clone daughter who was literally born and raised to be an emotionless killer, escaped, and has been both recovering from her tortured past and growing as a hero ever since. She’s grown to the point where she’s more of a straight hero than Wolverine’s ever been, despite starting off as even more of an anti-hero.

    For the Avengers, I’m kind of split between Captain America and She-Hulk. You know plenty about Captain America already. She-Hulk is Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin who became a hulk after an emergency blood transfer from Bruce after gangsters shot her in a drive-by. Unlike Bruce, she has full control over her transformations, she retains her full intelligence, and she loves being a superhero.

    For DC, it’s Batman and Supergirl, with Superman being not all that far behind. Not a huge fan of the Supergirl TV show though.

    2. What’s your favorite superhero movie?

    As a fan of the genre, I’m not sure if I can narrow it down. So I’ll go with my favourite movie from the three major franchises: Avengers, X-Men and DC in general.
    For X-Men, it’s Logan. For Avengers, it’s Captain America: Winter Soldier. For DC, it’s The Dark Knight. Batman Begins is probably my second favourite, with Superman 2 (from the 1970’s) being my third.

    3. Do you have a favorite superhero couple?

    Probably Superman and Lois Lane, with Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman not too far behind. And yes, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are great too.

    4. What was your introduction to the world of superheroes?

    I was a fan of Batman as a kid even though mom didn’t want me watching the show. I think it was a babysitter who brought Batman Forever over one day. I enjoyed it a lot back then. It’s not a good movie by any means, but kind of fun if you’re in the right mood for a dumb movie.

    5. If you could be any superhero for a day, who would you like to be?

    Probably Superman. Not only do many people look up to him, but he’s incredibly powerful.

    6. Do you have a favorite supervillain?

    There are so many great villains. That’s a tough one. For X-Men, probably Magneto because he’s so complex, even if he’s been more of an anti-hero in the comics and movies lately. For Avengers, I have no idea. For Batman, definitely the Joker. And for other DC, I’d go with Lex Luthor.

    7. Can you think of a superhero who should get their own solo film, but hasn’t yet?

    X-23. She did very well in Logan and there’s actually a big push for a solo movie, both from Logan’s director and from fans. It’s one that could actually happen, but there’s no guarantee.

    8. Do you read comic books?

    Yup. Although I’ve been talking more about movies lately, I started my current blog to talk about comics not long after I got into them.

    9. Why do you like superheroes?

    They’re like a modern version of mythology. There’s a huge variey of them and there are so many different sub-genres you can write into them. Some heroes, like Captain America and Superman, are people you look up to. Others like Batman and Wolverine are anti-heroes who are chaotic, have tragic pasts, but they have a code of honor that they do their best not to cross. Some are great for epic battles, while others are better suited for espionage or street level fights.

    10. Have you ever cosplayed as a superhero?

    I went as Cyclops of the X-Men once, and I would like to be Batman someday.


      1. I thought she was a dumb concept before I learned more about her to. It’s also worth noting that she was the last major character Stan Lee created for Marvel before he started slowing down with his writing.


    1. Yep. At this stage in my life, I’m more a DC girl than a Marvel one. The tone/mood of that universe suits me better, I think. 🙂 (But Marvel still has a HUGE place in my heart.)


      1. I was more into Batman and Robin in my teens than most Marvel stuff, to be honest. Aside from reading my brother’s Spiderman Magazine every time he got a new issue, I didn’t have much to do with Marvel until the first X-men movie came out.

        It’s actually the tone/mood of the DC universe that I don’t care for — it’s very dark and downbeat and pessimistic. Nothing heroes do changes things for the better, in the end. They might make a small or temporary difference, but that’s it. The real world is too much like that these days for me to want that from my superhero stories. But you’re in a different place in life than I am, so hey, glad it’s working for you.


      2. Yes, I seem to recall reading about your love for a certain incarnation of Robin…? I don’t remember which one, though.

        One reason I might be more drawn to DC than Marvel right now is because the MCU is so vast right now and I’ve only seen a small fraction of the films, so it’s a bit frustrating.


      3. The Chris O’Donnell version of Robin will always have a special niche in my heart, though I liked the character in some comics I’ve read too. But man, his Robin hit me right between the eyes when I was about 15 and just starting to get interested in boys a little. I wrote fanfiction about him, that’s how big a thing he was for me.

        Yes, the MCU is fast, and expanding all the time — it’s a little hard to keep up with, even when you have the means, motive, and opportunity to go see the movies!


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