the Good Cop, Bad Cop Blogathon!


Funny thing: I’m not even really here right now.  I’m in Montana, staying at a missionary family’s house.  Nevertheless, WordPress is awesome with letting me schedule posts, so this blogathon has still legit begun.  Leave the links to your blogathon entries in the comments and I’ll post a master list of participants on Saturday (when I get back).  I may or may not have internet access while in Montana – if I do, I’ll try to read/respond to as many entries as possible; if not, I’ll do all that when I get back.

Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!


12 thoughts on “the Good Cop, Bad Cop Blogathon!

  1. Just wanted to apologize that my posts are late. Holy week is always busy for me :/ I will try to have my posts finished tomorrow! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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