in appreciation of jim gordon

This blog post is part of my Good Cop, Bad Cop Blogathon.


The first couple of times I watched ‘Batman Begins’, my attention was mostly focused on Batman/Bruce Wayne (as is only natural).  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, enough to keep watching it, and as I did, one character began to stand out more and more: Sergeant (and later Lieutenant) Jim Gordon.

We first see Gordon in one of Bruce’s many flashback memories, where he’s comforting young Bruce after the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne.  It’s a touching moment and one that defines Jim Gordon as a compassionate person.


Several years pass between Bruce’s first interaction with Gordon and the next and if you’ve watched the movie, you know what all happens in that time. (If not, go find a copy of the film and watch it!)  Anyway, I find it interesting that when Bruce gets back to Gotham, he makes it a point to find and talk to Gordon right away, trusting that he hasn’t been corrupted and will be willing to fight for justice in the city.

The fact that Jim Gordon hasn’t fallen prey to the corruption that infests Gotham’s police force…it really speaks to me, that honesty and honour.  It can’t have been easy, especially because he has a wife and (at least) one child – when Batman comes to talk to him, you can see that the Gordons live in a slummy part of town.  Joining the ‘protection’ racket and turning a blind eye to the Falcones of Gotham would have meant better pay, a better house (and, ultimately, more safety) for the Gordon family, but Jim Gordon is a man of principle who won’t be bought.


I’ve always found the scene where Batman first talks with Gordon (in his office, with the stapler) interesting because when he hears the click and the ‘Don’t turn around’ and all that, you can totally see the shock and then the acceptance on his face.  I’m pretty sure Gordon has expected this day to always come, the day when someone would come and harm him (or even kill him) because he doesn’t play by the twisted rules of Gotham’s underbelly.  It’s a fascinating little moment Gary Oldman absolutely sells it.

The tentative partnership/almost-friendship that springs up between Jim Gordon and Batman in ‘Batman Begins’ is beautiful.  From “I think you’re trying to help” to Gordon going into Arkham Asylum because he knows that ‘the Bat-Man’ won’t hurt him to Batman relying on Gordon to destroy the monorail tracks…I love it.  There’s definitely not full trust there (yet), at least not on Gordon’s side, but they’re a team and together they defeat Ra’s and Crane.


(I haven’t seen ‘The Dark Knight’ yet, so I can’t comment on Jim Gordon’s awesomeness in that, but he’s great in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – he really carries Gotham on his shoulders while Bruce is out of the picture and his righteous indignation in response to Crane’s kangaroo court is one of his best moments.)

Jim Gordon stands up for what he believes in (much like another guy I like) and doesn’t back down and is basically BFFs with BatBale, so yeah.  He’s pretty amazing. (As is Gary Oldman.)  One of my favorite fictional cops ever.

What about you?  What do you think of the Dark Knight trilogy’s Jim Gordon?



11 thoughts on “in appreciation of jim gordon

  1. jessica prescott

    He sounds like a pretty great guy. Especially if he’s like Cap. ❤

    I've never seen the Dark Knight movies; but I do remember seeing Gary Oldman in Oliver Stone's "JFK," a movie which I did NOT like, but I was still deeply impressed by Oldman's performance. He slipped into the role of Lee Harvey Oswald so effortlessly, I thought he WAS Oswald . . . the real guy . . . it came as a shock to realize that they weren't using historical footage, that it was really an actor (Oldman) playing him.


    1. I’ve seen Gary Oldman in a couple movies besides the Dark Knight trilogy – he’s such a great actor. I want to see his newest film – ‘Darkest Hour’ – where he plays Churchill. He looks pretty much exactly like the man himself! (Something he seems to excel at, based on your comment.)


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  3. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the older Batman movies or not, but Jim Gordon in the Dark Knight trilogy is far more dignified and he’s complex of a character. In fact I’d go so far to say that of all the movies, this is the closest he gets to his comic book counterpart.

    It doesn’t hurt that he’s portrayed by such a skilled actor as Gary Oldman.

    Of course I could name several movies off the top of my head where Oldman portrays very obvious, over the top villains. But that’s more the director’s/script’s fault than it is his.


    1. The only Batman movies I’ve seen are ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and ‘LEGO Batman’. I don’t have too much of a wish to see any of the older ones (except maybe the one with Val Kilmer because I have a friend who really likes that one). I figure that Oldman’s Gordon will remain my favorite portrayal of the character no matter how many Batman movies I watch.

      Have you seen ‘Air Force One’? He plays the main bad guy in that, though I don’t remember too much about his performance.


      1. I saw Air Force One back when the line, “Get Off My Plane” was a popular quote in real life. I’ve seen it several times since, including a couple years ago. Still holds up well. Oldman is good in the movie.


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