friday finds {#21}


Don’t Instagram Your Godliness – I don’t have Instagram, but I have taken to posting more on Facebook than ever before and this article was a timely reminder and help.

Writing Contests: Facts and Fakes…and How to Tell the Difference – Informative and amusing.

William Holden from A to Z – Very fun post!  I learned some interesting things about Holden.


Modestly Styled Gals #1 – Okay, so linking to this post isn’t so much about how great it is (it’s good, though) but about how I’ve never really promoted my sister’s blog here and this post is about one of my good friends, too, so that’s awesome.

Dear Disney, This Isn’t Tolerance, It’s an Agenda – Controversial, but true.

Cassian Andor and Bodhi Rook are the True Heroes of ‘Rogue One’ – I think Jyn is a true hero as well, but it’s also true that she wouldn’t have been able to do what she did without Cassian and Bodhi’s support and efforts (along with Chirrut and Baze and K2, of course).

Behind the scenes of ‘The Court Jester’ – Basil Rathbone and Angela Lansbury.

Why I Read… Young Adult – Though I’ve become increasingly disenchanted with the YA genre in general lately, this post made some good points and reminds me why I’ll never wholly give up on those crisp, buzzy stories.

“Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen (again) – Made me want to read the book (again), which is exactly what a good review should, in my opinion.

On the Set of The Ten Commandments (1956) – A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at one of the greatest (truly greatest) movies ever made, all told through photos.

8 Mini Stories – All beautiful, all unique.

Love this!

What awesome posts have you read this week?



7 thoughts on “friday finds {#21}

  1. Good article, about the YA genre. I love reading YA. I really like how there’s a strong sense of the magic of stories there; too many adult-genre novels (from what I’ve seen) are just aiming to be clever and entertaining, but YA authors are like “NO, THIS STORY IS REAL, IT REALLY HAPPENED, IT’S MAGIC, LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT.” And I will never get tired of that enthusiasm.


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