cover reveal: ‘dancing & doughnuts’ by Rachel Kovaciny


Do you know how happy I am to participate in this cover reveal?  Ridiculously happy!!!  I’ve had the privilege of reading a draft of Dancing & Doughnuts and let me assure you…if you liked Cloaked, you’ll love D&D (it sounds cliched to say, but it’s true).  It’s a sweet, happy mystery filled with lovely characters and descriptions of doughnuts that will send you out to buy some ASAP.

Before we get to the beautiful cover, let me share a few things about Dancing & Doughnuts.  It’s a retelling of the classic fairytale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses (one of my favorite fairytales, incidentally), and it’s book 2 in Rachel’s series Once Upon a WesternDancing & Doughnuts is set for release in August 2018 and here’s a little plot summary so you won’t go into the story completely blind as to what’s going on:

Someone’s been spiking the apple cider at a Kansas dance hall owned by a family with twelve daughters. No one in the small town has been able to find the culprit. A hungry Civil War veteran drifts into town and decides he’s going to solve this mystery for them and earn the reward the family is offering.

And you can find the book on Goodreads here and Rachel Kovaciny herself here!

SO.  Let’s get to the real reason we’re all here: the cover reveal!


Are you ready???

Dancing and Doughnuts cover


Isn’t it wonderful?  As with Cloaked, I love the textures and the general style of it all.  Reminds me of a Lois Lenski illustration, in a way.  Super vintage and I love it.

What do you think of the cover?  Do you plan on reading D&D? (You should!)



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