ranking every superhero movie I’ve seen

From worst to best.

18. ‘Spider-Man 2’ (2004) – As I write this, I hardly remember anything about this film.  And I watched it only a couple days ago!  It was dull and (obviously) forgettable and I was annoyed through most of it because Tobey Maguire was so old.

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17. ‘Superman’ (1978) – Came for Glenn Ford, stayed because…I don’t even know?  Sure, lots of people love this movie for the classic that it is, but it didn’t hold my interest and I found it pretty cheesy.

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16. ‘Spider-Man 3’ (2007) – I might have ranked this higher, because the story was actually interesting and I was quite invested in the characters, if Harry hadn’t died.  The writers had a GREAT thing going with the Spider-Man/Green Goblin team-up at the end and they wrecked it.

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15. ‘Thor’ (2011) – The only reason this film is higher on the list than the previous films is because of Loki.  No, I’m not one of those crazy Loki fangirls.  But he was the only good thing about the movie.  Well-written, authentic, and beautifully portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.  I fought to keep myself awake through any scene he wasn’t in, though.

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14. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (2012) – I know a lot of people hate on The Origin Story these days, but I actually have a fondness for them.  That being said, this movie didn’t grip me like I thought it would.  There were some good moments, but the villain was ridiculous and I never fully bought Peter’s transformation into Spider-Man (his suit is wayyy too good-looking to be homemade).

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13. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012) – Not having seen ‘The Dark Knight’, it was a little jarring to go from ‘Batman Begins’ right into TDKR.  Still, I enjoyed the film.  Bane wasn’t one of my favorite villains, but the threat he posed to Gotham felt real and there were actual stakes involved and Catwoman was cool.  Actually, the whole cast did an awesome job.

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12. ‘Megamind’ (2010) – One of my favorite animated movies!  Though I can’t stand Will Ferrell IRL, he does such a good voice-acting job (first with Megamind, then with Lord Business).  I can’t get enough of the villain-to-hero, hero-to-villain transformations in this film.

11. ‘Ant-Man’ (2015) – Okay, so I really dug this movie the first time I watched.  Hilarious hero, super cool action sequences, a great heroine, FALCON!, etc, etc.  But the second time I found my mind wandering.  It’s still a good movie, though, and one of Marvel’s best (in my opinion).  It’s actually been a while since I saw it last…time for a re-watch?

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10. ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ (2010) – How can I not love this movie?  It was my introduction to Captain America, to Marvel, and to superheroes (and superhero films in general).  As soon as Steve jumped on that dummy grenade, my heart was well and truly lost.  I cried when Bucky died and when Steve died…and was so very happy to find out that neither death was permanent.  “I had a date” remains one of the best last movie lines ever.

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9. ‘The Incredibles’ (2004) – This movie is technically perfect.  Every story beat lands perfectly, the humour and wit still make me laugh, the music complements what’s on-screen while never overpowering, and the characters hold a special place in my heart.  Especially Bob and Dash and Mirage.

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8. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ (2014) – I don’t know why I enjoy this movie so much.  Most of it is one long action scene after another and Electro is a stupid villain.  But the relationships in this film are, I suppose, what draw me to it the most.  Peter and Aunt May, Peter and Gwen, Peter and Harry.  It’s really cool and heartwarming and I wish that Harry hadn’t turned bad and Gwen hadn’t died.

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6. ‘Big Hero 6’ (2014) – Okay, I swear it was a total accident that #6 on my list was ‘Big Hero 6’.  Anyway, I really dig this movie.  It’s got real, deep, juicy emotions – not always something you’d associate with an animated film.  Hiro is my hero.  Baymax and the other members of BH6 are dear to my heart.  And don’t even get me started on Tadashi.  Plus, it’s an animated Marvel movie!  How cool is that?

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5. ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (2016) – There’s no doubt that this movie is one of Marvel’s best.  It’s a huge, famous-character-studded spectacle (though now dimmed, no doubt, by ‘Avengers: Infinity War’).  And I do love it.  But as someone on Facebook said, it’s more like ‘Avengers 2.1’ than a third Captain America movie, and for that reason I don’t like it as much as ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’.  Good bits include: Black Panther, Spidey, Zemo, every scene with Bucky, paprika.

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4. ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ (2017) – When I watched this movie for the first time, my heart grew three sizes larger (just like a certain Grinch).  Okay, maybe not.  But ROBIN IS MY PRECIOUS CHILD FOREVER AND EVER.  And I grew to care about Bruce Wayne/Batman even before seeing Christian Bale in the role…because of this movie.  ‘LEGO Batman’ makes me laugh and cry in equal parts, which is quite a feat and very awesome.

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3. ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (2014) – Perfectly crafted and still so intense even after multiple viewings.  Especially the Nick Fury car chase.  Steve and Bucky’s relationship is at the forefront in TWS and I LOVE that.  Their friendship is everything goals.

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2. ‘Wonder Woman’ (2017) – There’s so much to like about this movie.  Gal Gadot is a stunning actress, both in looks and charisma, and she’s a joy to watch.  Chris Pine is his usual charming self (though he isn’t all jokester – there’s plenty of serious moments that give his character depth; the “we’re all to blame!” scene comes to mind).  The cinematography is gorgeous.  But most importantly, the characters and themes are powerfully, perfectly drawn.

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1. ‘Batman Begins’ (2005) – ASDOFJIWEOIRJOADSKFKASEOI.  Sorry.  I just…words literally cannot express how much I adore this film.  Not only is it my favorite superhero movie, it’s also in my top ten favorite movies of all time.  I’ve seen it so many times and each time, I wish there was another hour or two.  Or three.  The story is crafted with such care, going back and forth in Bruce’s life.  Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard outdid themselves with the score (that one cue in ‘Macrotus’ is superb).  Christian Bale made me understand Bruce Wayne AND Batman as I never had before.  This movie is a huge part of why I’m more a DC fan than a Marvel fan these days.

I hope to add many more superhero films to this list, but those are what I’ve got so far. 🙂  Do you agree with my rankings?  Or do you, as is more probable, disagree with them?  Let me know in the comments!



24 thoughts on “ranking every superhero movie I’ve seen

  1. I love that you included animated/kids superhero movies too!! My favorite superhero movies are probably CA:TFA, Incredibles, Batman Begins, and The Avengers. But there are so many.


  2. Yesss I love how high the Lego Batman movie is- it was brilliant. Winter Soldier, Logan (x-men), and the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy (all of it) is at the top of the list for me. Also, I rank the third Tobey Maguire spiderman higher, just because it was the first superhero movie I’ve ever seen. Have you not seen Avengers (the first one)? Because that’s super well-done too. As for least favorites, I’d probably say Spiderman 1 & 2 (Maguire), X-men 1 & 2, and Iron Man 2.


    1. It WAS brilliant. ❤

      I want to see Logan, though definitely with a filter because language + excessive violence. I haven't seen The Avengers yet, though I want to!


  3. jessica prescott

    I like your rankings! Of course, I’ve only seen some of these movies–but the ones I’ve seen, I mostly agree with.

    Infinity War is definitely the BEST superhero movie I’ve ever seen–in terms of storytelling and character development and all of those objective factors–but, it’s not my personal favorite, at the same time. My personal favorite is still The Winter Soldier (which is also a very, very, very good film, I agree).

    I don’t know if I should watch the Dark Knight movies? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder.


    1. I totally get how ‘the best’ can not be your personal favorite.

      The Dark Knight movies are EPIC. I can’t even. (Especially the first one, of course.) I think you’d enjoy their thought-provokingness. Basically, each film takes a central theme and expands on that theme in a bunch of ways. In the first film, the theme is fear and how it affects people. Super cool.


  4. thebookshopbarista

    Great choices! Batman Begins is definitely my favorite superhero movie too. It’s so depthful and well written and acted. And the music… gosh… don’t even get me started there.
    And Wonder Woman! I love that movie. Like you said, the characters and the themes are beautifully crafted. It has a pretty good soundtrack too.
    Have you seen any of the other DC movies?


  5. liviepearl

    I’d have to figure out all the ones I’ve seen. I know Spiderman: Homecoming is near the top even though at first I was furious that they weren’t continuing with the Amazing Spiderman series. I think I’m overall a bit over Superhero movies though.


  6. Apart from Sky Captain, Megamind and Lego Batman, I’ve seen all of these and many more. And of course when I get far enough into my upcoming Dreamworks blogathon, I’ll eventually see Megamind.

    I remember how a lot of people loved Spider-Man 2 when it first came out, claiming it as the best Superhero movie yet. I liked the action, and Dr. Octopus as a villain, but the love triangle story just felt forced and really held the movie back for me.

    I grew up on the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, and I still very much enjoy them. Although I do acknowledge that they’re super cheesy and their visual effects haven’t aged all that well.

    Spider-Man 3 had a very mixed reception when it released. I’m somewhere in the middle. I really like all the stuff with Sandman and to a lesser extent, the dynamic between Spider-Man and Green Goblin. But the movie is overstuffed and it suffers as a result.

    I know it’s not the best Marvel movie, but Thor might actually be my favourite of the pre-Avengers movies. The journey that Thor goes through just really resonates with me somehow. That and Loki is consistently awesome in these movies. Thor: The Dark World sis very skippable though. And Thor: Ragnorok is a lot of fun, plus it furthers the Thor/Loki relationship well.

    The Amazing Spider-Man movies feel like a bunch of wasted potential to me. The first one starts off a bit rough, but the second half is a very strong movie with great action, great humour and wonderfully written character drama. The second one is the most overstuffed Superhero movie I’ve ever seen, but the romantic comedy within it is really well done, as is the tragic ending.

    The Dark Knight Rises is my least favourite of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. It still has its moments, but it feels like it somehow goes too far and not far enough. Not sure what else to say. Batman Begins is probably the best Batman movie there is when it comes to focusing on Batman’s character. And you should get around to seeing The Dark Knight at some point. It’s phenomenal.

    You already know how I feel about Big Hero 6. It’s kind of adorable. And of course The Incredibles is, well, incredible.

    I like Ant Man, but that’s about it. It’s a good redemption story and a pleasant way to kill a couple of hours.

    I would put the three Captain America movies in that same order. The first one isn’t a work of art, nor is it trying to be. It’s a throwback to classic action movies and it does it very well. Winter Soldier is the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far (even if several others have come close, one of those being Civil War).

    And yes, Wonder Woman is very good. Quite similar to Captain America: The First Avenger in several ways, but it takes itself a lot more seriously without being too serious. My only real problem is that the action is a bit unbalanced. Most of the fight scenes are relatively down to earth, and then there’s the massively over the top final fight. Toning the final fight down a bit would have made for a better movie. Apart from that, Wonder Woman works on every level.


    1. I’m excited for that DreamWorks blogathon. 🙂

      I agree about the final fight in Wonder Woman. It felt way too long and unnecessary. (Have you seen the post I wrote comparing The First Avengers and WW?)


      1. I think I remember it, yeah.

        I’ll probably be dividing up my Dreamworks and James Bond blogathons going one month at a time for each. Because as much as there are some great Dreamworks movies, there’s a lot of mediocrity as well. And watching all 24 Bond movies in a row will get very repetitive. I’m likely starting Dreamworks sometime in the next week.


      2. Sounds good. 🙂 There are several Dreamworks films I haven’t seen and some of the ones I have seen are just plain awful – but when they’re good, they’re really, really good.


      3. I agree! ‘The Croods’ (have you seen that?) moved me emotionally just as much as the best of Pixar. Maybe even more. And the How to Train Your Dragon movies are phenomenal.


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  8. Oh my goodness, you have to see ‘The Dark Knight’ if you haven’t already. I won’t tell you anything about it but if you loved ‘Batman Begins’ you’ll probably LOVE ‘The Dark Knight’. It actually happens to be my favorite superhero movie of all time (maybe my favorite movie of all time.) ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is my second favorite superhero movie.

    This post of yours was so awesome that it has inspired me to write a post ranking all of the superhero movies that I have ever seen (which would be a LOT!) Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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