my favorite composers #1 – Michael Giacchino

(I tried to embed Youtube videos for the soundtracks I discuss, but it did something wonky to this post, so that was out.  Sorry for any inconvenience.)

For a while I thought about writing a blog post listing my top ten favorite movie soundtracks but I eventually gave up on that.  The thing is, there’s not too many soundtracks that I listen to all the way through so it would be hard to write about them and pinpoint favorite tracks and so on.  But there are loads of composers whose work I love and I thought spotlighting each one was a pretty good way of talking about my favorite soundtracks.

So, first up…Michael Giacchino!

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Now, I won’t say he’s my favorite composer of all time.  I just decided to start the series off by talking about him because I’ve been listening to quite a few of his scores lately.  He’s composed the music for some of my favorite movies: ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Sky High’, ‘Tomorrowland’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘Rogue One’, ‘Coco’, etc.  I think you can see from that list that he’s a made a pretty big name for himself working on Disney films. 🙂

I first began to notice Michael Giacchino’s work when I listened to one of the tracks from ‘Rogue One’ – “Your Father Would Be Proud”.  It’s such an achingly beautiful, emotional piece of scoring.  So I listened to more of the soundtrack for ‘Rogue One’ and, yep, it blew me away.

Image result for rogue one your father would be proud scene

Then there’s ‘The Incredibles’, an epic movie made even better by its epic soundtrack.  Apparently, Giacchino was inspired by the spy movies of the 60’s and I can definitely hear that influence, especially in the track “Lava in the Afternoon”.  Another one of my favorite pieces of music from Michael Giacchino is from a movie I haven’t even seen – ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ – and that track is, of course, “London Calling”.

Lastly, I really love the fun, yet sometimes bittersweet vibe of the soundtrack for ‘Coco’.  Not going to link to any specific piece here – they’re all really great and definitely worth a listen or two.

Image result for coco movie

Anyway, I’ll leave my gushing here for the day.  Who are some of your favorite composers?  Do you appreciate Michael Giacchino’s awesomeness? 😉



12 thoughts on “my favorite composers #1 – Michael Giacchino

  1. I wouldn’t recommend Star Trek: Into Darkness, even if you’re a Trekkie. But I do remember it having a good soundtrack. The soundtracks for all of his Pixar movies are genuine works of art, whether it’s the 60’s spy vibe in The Incredibles, or the softer, creative beats in Inside Out. Don’t remember much about the Coco soundtrack, but that’s mostly because I’ve only seen it once. I plan to fix that problem soon.


    1. I don’t know I’d consider myself a Trekkie – even though I’ve watched and enjoyed several episodes of the original series, I don’t LOVE it like so many people seem to.

      The Inside Out soundtrack is a delight!


  2. jessica prescott

    I don’t know anything at all about movie composers, actually. Isn’t that weird? I don’t know why I don’t pay more attention to movie soundtracks and who wrote them.


    1. I didn’t always do it either, but once I started I couldn’t stop! And it’s always fun to watch a movie and be able to identify the composer just by the music – not by actually seeing his or her name in the credits. 🙂


  3. Michael Giacchino is one of my favorite composers! I love the Ratatouille and The Incredibles soundtracks, especially. But I also love him because of what he names his songs–a lot of them are puns or other references. (The soundtrack for Jurassic World, for example, has some great wordplay)


    1. I guess I’ll have to give the Ratatouille soundtrack a listen since it seems so well-loved among Giacchino fans. I don’t care for the film so I’ve never listened to the soundtrack by itself.

      Track titles can be super cool. 🙂 I should listen to the Jurassic World soundtrack, too!


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