my little brothers’ take on ‘pixar VS pixar’

So, I saw this idea on a blog (I forget which one) where you take all of Pixar’s movies (or, at least, all the ones you’ve seen) and randomly select two at a time and pit them against each other to see which is your favorite.  I did that (I’ve seen every Pixar movie except ‘Brave’ and ‘The Incredibles 2′) and it’s sitting in my drafts right now; I’ll publish it at some point.  But today I wanted to share my little brothers’ choices with you.  Along with ‘Brave’ and ‘The Incredibles 2’, they’ve also not seen ‘Toy Story’ or ‘Coco’, so it still worked out to have an even number of films.

Ethan is seven and Jonah is five and I sat them down separately (because I didn’t want them copying each other’s answers) and asked them these very important questions.  Their answers are pretty much verbatim, just with a bit of tweaking here and there.  I hope you love their honesty and adorableness as much as I do. ❤

‘Cars 3’ VS ‘Cars 2’

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E: ‘Cars 3’ because Lightning McQueen is nicer in it than in ‘Cars 2’ and because of the girl [Cruz] and how she wins in the dirt race.

J: ‘Cars 2’ because I really like Finn McMissile and I like Mater in it.

‘Ratatouille’ VS ‘Cars’

Related image

E: ‘Ratatouille’ because it’s about chefs and I like making [scrambled] eggs and also because it has that funny grandma in it and how Remy makes that guy cook really well.

J: ‘Ratatouille’ because I like Remy in it and Emile and I like how Remy imagines Gusteau.

‘UP’ VS ‘Toy Story 2’

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E: ‘Toy Story 2’ because Woody cares about Jessie and doesn’t want to go back to Andy’s house and I like it because it’s very interesting.

J: ‘Toy Story 2’ because I like the horse in it that Woody rides on and I really like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, how he karate chops people.

‘Toy Story 3’ VS ‘WALL-E’

Image result for toy story 3

E: ‘WALL-E’ because EVE is cool in it because she has a gun and the pudgy guy is nice to WALL-E and EVE and WALL-E did all of the work in the old town basically by himself and he never shut down.

J: ‘WALL-E’ because I like WALL-E how he’s a robot and how he picks up the garbage and also I like how EVE makes WALL-E back up and I like those cleaning things that clean up WALL-E.

‘Inside Out’ VS ‘Monsters University’

Image result for monsters university

E: ‘Inside Out’ because it’s very interesting and plus Bing-Bong helps Joy and Sadness.  But I don’t get why Joy is called Joy because she’s actually kind of a jerk.  And Fear is funny.

J: ‘Inside Out’ because I like Fear in it because his head gets on fire and because Anger did that and I like their computer – and their new one.

‘Finding Nemo’ VS ‘A Bug’s Life’

Image result for finding nemo

E: ‘A Bug’s Life’ because they gather up all the food and then Flik gets new bugs and the Ladybug’s funny.  And also because the grasshopper dies.

J: ‘Finding Nemo’ because I like that big shark in it and because his dad tried to warn Dory.

‘Monsters, Inc’ VS ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Image result for the good dinosaur

E: ‘Monsters, Inc’ because I like it how Sully cares about the little girl and he’s nice to the little girl and even if she gets captured he tries to get her.  And I like it because of Mike and Sully because they’re both funny, especially Mike.

J: ‘The Good Dinosaur’ because at the ending the little boy meets his mom and dad and all his family and also because I like Buck in it.

‘Finding Dory’ VS ‘The Incredibles’

Image result for the incredibles 1

E: ‘The Incredibles’ because it’s a superhero movie and I like superheroes and plus Dash is kind of like me so I like Dash.  And what Mr. Incredible fights is really cool.  And I like it because of Mirage and because she helps them even though she’s kind of bad.

J: ‘The Incredibles’ because I like the dad of the Incredibles how they made him muscular and I like the big robot in it.


Did you agree with my little brothers’ choices?  Let me know in the comments!



10 thoughts on “my little brothers’ take on ‘pixar VS pixar’

  1. Gabby A.

    Haha, this is gold! 😀 Your little brothers are cute, and are very good at analyzing their thoughts on movies. 😉 My siblings would probably say things more along the lines of… “I just LIKE it, okay?!”

    The part that made me giggle the most was this bit: “‘Ratatouille’ because it’s about chefs and I like making [scrambled] eggs…” XD


  2. This is a fun idea for a quick post. With most of those contests I can see people arguing either way, but Cars 3 is objectively better than Cars 2. Finding Nemo is far more dramatic than A Bug’s Life, while also being almost as funny and entertaining.

    I can understand a little kid preferring The Good Dinosaur. A lot of younger kids love dinosaurs, and I was one of those kids. ButI don’t know why anyone else would prefer it over Monsters Inc.

    And yeah, while Finding Dory is a good movie, The Incredibles is better. Planning on seeing Incredibles 2 very soon.


    1. Yeah, a lot of the categories are tough because Pixar simply makes the best movies.

      Monsters, Inc. is one of the Pixar films I like least, but I’d pick it over The Good Dinosaur any day.



    It was so cute how they had their own opinions and expressed them so well! It was funny how, for the most part, they choose the one that the other didn’t choose, 😁. People are their own persons with their own personalities from the time they are very small! I love studying children and how surprisingly intelligent and complex their psychology is!
    The only Pixar movies I haven’t seen yet are Coco (which we may not see) and Incredibles 2 (because it’s not on DVD yet). Only those 12 and up in our family have seen Brave (because of the magic, and there is one part none of us have ever seen, we have to look down at that part… Just warning you for if you ever do see it, lol! You may want to look up the review on the Christian site MovieGuide or something first.) I don’t really like Cars 2 or The Good Dinosaur (it felt kind of thrown together and wasn’t very memorable) and Bug’s Life and 75% of Inside out didn’t haves the “grab” most Pixar films do. I think my favorites are Monsters, Inc and Finding Nemo/Dory (especially the Finding Nemo/Dory soundtrack!) and lately I’ve had an appreciation for Ratatouille (again, mostly for the soundtrack!) although I don’t like the “Linguni is Chef Gusteau’s son but Chef Gusteau never knew about him” plot line, lol. For some reason I’ve forgotten about it everytime I’ve seen it (three times) and am re-shocked Pixar would include that, they usually avoid stuff like that. However, for the most part, I really like movies that have someone working so hard for their dream, probably because my dream is so unrealistic, and it makes me feel like anything is possible if you work hard enough, 😁. Although Cars 3 isn’t my personal favorite, if you view it in terms of professional skill, as to the storyline, dialogue, voice acting, and even animation, it is a masterpiece and the only reason I don’t love love love it is because I find vehicles extremely annoying for some reason, 😂. I can’t wait to see Incredibles 2!
    Wow, that was long. I just really love taking about and studying movies and how they work, because I love story telling and movies are one of the biggest, maybe THE biggest, ways to tell a story. Sorry to have bombarded you with this, and talking about me instead of your post😓.


    1. Don’t apologize! I love long comments. 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve heard ‘Brave’ has some stuff in it besides the magic that isn’t the greatest. 😛 I think I’m really going to enjoy ‘Incredibles 2’!


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