ranking the rebels of ‘rogue one’

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Love the alliteration in the title.

Anyway…I’m not in the Star Wars fandom, per se, but I love, love, love ‘Rogue One’.  I think part of it may have to do with the fact that it’s almost a throwback to the old WWII movies of the 50’s and 60’s (which perhaps is why it translates so beautifully into a WWII AU).  But mostly I love ‘Rogue One’ because of the characters.  Each and every one of the main rebels has a place in my heart, so when I rank them it’s not like I dislike any of these characters.  But someone has to be first and someone has to be last, y’know?

#6 – Baze

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I’m sorry!  But you don’t see too much of Baze, at least compared to some of the other characters.  I do really, really like him though.  He’s so loyal to Chirrut even when he gets fed up with all the Force talk.  UGH AND HIS DEATH SCENE. (Be warned, I’m going to freak out over allll the character deaths.)  Character classification: looks like he could kill you, and will actually kill you.

#5 – Chirrut

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I will say that Chirrut is one of the coolest characters in the whole movie.  He’s blind and he can still fight so well (I guess that’s because he’s Force sensitive?) and he honestly gets some of the best lines.  Like what he says to Cassian about some people carrying their cage with them or asking if Cassian looks like a murderer….CHILLS.  And then he dies.  Like every other character in this stupid movie.  Character classification: ??? (Honestly, I have no idea.)

#4 – K2

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Okay, I have a confession to make.  I kinda hate the ‘snarky android/robot/droid’ character trope.  I don’t find them funny, I find them annoying.  So I spend most of ‘Rogue One’ rolling my eyes over K2’s remarks (don’t hate me!).  But man, he’s still legit hilarious and his scenes in the novelization made me like him more and I know he’s a machine but his death was still one of the most heartbreaking (which is saying a lot).  Character classification: Looks like he will kill you, will actually kill you, but also moonlights as a cinnamon roll.

#3 – Bodhi

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My heart goes out to Bodhi every time I watch ‘Rogue One’.  Here’s a young guy who was (probably) mentored by Galen and changed his allegiances because it was The Right Thing To Do but when he finally defects, he’s treated so horribly but he still fights (and diiiiiiies) for the Rebellion, even when he’s incredibly scared and distrusted and, yeah, I just have way too many feels about Bodhi.  Character classifiction: looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll.

#2 – Jyn

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I had the toughest time deciding whether to put Jyn first or second on the list, and it turns out I love Cassian just the tiniest bit more.  But Jyn is an incredible heroine.  I get the feeling that, before she saw her father’s hologram, she basically shut off all her emotions to make life a little easier.  But once she receives that message from Galen, she becomes such a force to be reckoned with. (Think Katniss in ‘Mockingjay’, but more awesome?)  She’s not perfect, but she has such strength and force of will.  Love her.  Character classification: again, no idea.

#1 – Cassian

Cassian is an incredibly complex character and I don’t think anyone but Diego Luna could have portrayed that complexity with such skill.  I mean, in Cassian’s first scene he murders a guy.  True, there were extenuating circumstances, but it’s still shocking and harsh and yet…he’s my favorite character in ‘Rogue One’.  I have a thing for emotionally wounded, dark past, but-still-with-a-moral-compass guys like Cassian. He’s amazing. (And *cough* incredibly, unbearably handsome.)  Character classification: looks like a cinnamon roll, but will kill you. (But also is a cinnamon roll.)


What do you think of my rankings?  I agonized so much over it, so PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME.  Let me know in the comments how you would rank all these amazing characters.



9 thoughts on “ranking the rebels of ‘rogue one’

  1. Gabby A.

    I agree!!!! Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie character wise hands down. 😀 😀 😀 I love your rankings! You also had some points I hadn’t thought about (I’d always thought Bodhi rather frustrating at times, but yes, when you think about his story, he did have a rough time of it, poor fellow). My rankings would be something like this:

    #6 Baze
    #5 Bodhi
    #4 K2
    #3 Chirrut
    #2 Jyn
    #1 Cassian


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bodhi is one of my absolute favorite characters (as you can see) – I just have a thing for people who Do The Right Thing No Matter What. ❤

      Looks like our rankings are pretty similar. 🙂 Can we all just agree that Cassian is the BESSSSST?

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  2. jessica prescott

    Awesome post about an amazing movie.

    Here is how I’d rank them, I think:

    #6–Bohdi because I didn’t connect with him AS MUCH as the others, for whatever reason. Still love him, though.
    #5–Chirrut. He was epic.
    #4–Baze. His death scene was one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. “I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.” *crying*
    #3–K2-S0. I love droids and robots and AI creations of all kinds, and K2 is one of the absolute best.
    #2–Cassian. My precious angel baby who also carries a blaster and is not afraid to use it.
    #1–Jyn. MY HERO. ❤ ❤ I relate to her pretty hard and I want so much to be like her . . .


  3. I would actually rank the brutally honest K2 as number 1, partly because he’s so contrary to what droids are normally like in the Star Wars Universe. I’d rank Jyn 2nd since she’s the most well developed character, Chirrut 3rd since he’s not only awesome, but he expands on the force a bit, Cassian as 4th because of his complexity, Bodhi as 5th, and Baze, being the most boring member and least developed of the bunch, is a distant 6th. I don’t dislike Baze – I just don’t care for him either way.


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