the outsiders read-along: chapter 2

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In this chapter, everything starts to go downhill even if it may not look like it.  Dally takes Ponyboy and Johnny to the Nightly Double, a drive-in that shows four movies on the weekends (I don’t believe they stick around for all four, though).  While there, Ponyboy and Johnny end up making the acquaintance of two Soc girls – Cherry and Marcia.  Cherry and Ponyboy kind of hit it off right away and he ends up telling her what happened to Johnny a few weeks past (which is that a bunch of Socs beat him up and Johnny’s been extra scared and jumpy ever since and he’d started carrying around a six-inch switchblade).

In this chapter, you really start to get a sense of just how much the gang cares for Johnny.  Like how Dally didn’t do anything to him when he told Dally to leave Cherry alone.  Or how Two-Bit apologizes after inadvertently scaring Johnny.  Or just about everything Ponyboy tells Cherry about when Johnny got beat up.  I love how much the entire gang sticks up for each other, but especially Johnnycake.  And Johnny defending Cherry is an indication of the bravery he’ll show later in the book.

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Couple other things I dig in this chapter: how Cherry reacts to Ponyboy’s name (“That’s an original and lovely name” [p. 22]) and how Johnny “left hastily to get a Coke” (p. 21) when Dally started talking dirty to Cherry and Marcia.  MY PRECIOUS CHILD. (Johnny.  Not Dally.)

Quotes I Like:

She gave him an incredulous look; and then she threw her Coke in his face.  “That might cool you off, greaser.  After you wash your mouth and learn to talk and act decent, I might cool off, too.” (p. 24) (you go, Cherry!)

When you’re a gang, you stick up for the members.  If you don’t stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn’t a gang anymore.  It’s a pack.  A snarling, distrustful pack…” (p. 26)

I don’t care too much for girls yet.  Soda says I’ll grow out of it.  He did. (p. 31) (LOL)

Discussion Questions!

~What kind of problems do you think the Socs face?

~Can you see why Cherry said “I kind of admire him” (p. 27) about Dally?

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12 thoughts on “the outsiders read-along: chapter 2

  1. Not sure yet myself what exactly the Socs problems are, that Cherry makes reference to. Of course, everyone has something to deal with. But right now in the story, we’re on the wrong side of the track and it’s hard for me to really envision the Socs life… yet. Would like to know what others think on this!

    So far though, I’m liking Johnny. He’s good.



    1. You don’t find out about the Socs problems for quite a while – the story is definitely more focused on the greasers at this point, but you’ll see more of the Socs (in good ways and bad) later in the book.

      Johnny is one of my favorite characters! So glad you’re liking him. 🙂


  2. Oh, those poor Socs. I suspect their biggest problem is boredom! Everything gets handed to them on a plate, so they don’t need jobs to get what they want. So they’re bored, so they make trouble.

    As for why Cherry might admire Dally… he does what he wants, right? He’s a lot like Loki, always thumbing his nose at anyone who tries to made him do stuff. Cherry probably envies the freedom from expectations that he has, but also his willingness to take the consequences for his actions. Two-Bit explained it really well, that Dally got caught stealing someone’s hubcaps, so he’ll end up in a fight over it, and Dally’s cool with that. He’s just… above and outside stuff most of the time. That can be easy to envy, even if in reality, it’s a lonely way to live.


    1. I agree about the boredom. It’s just sad. 😛

      Yeah, I love how Ponyboy says that even though Dally could totally pay to watch the movie, he goes around actively TRYING to break laws. That sort of wild, free spirited thing could definitely appeal to a girl like Cherry.


      1. I forgot to mention that Cherry’s response to his name and Ponyboy’d reply are almost word-for-word the same as a passage in Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. When Maxim de Winter and the narrator are getting to know each other in chapter 4, he says, “You have a very lovely and unusual name.” She replies, “My father was a lovely and unusual person.”

        Because I was so intimately familiar with The Outsiders, when I first read Rebecca, I noticed the similarity. I’ve often wondered if Hinton had read Rebecca and been frustrated by the fact that we’re never told the narrator’s unusual and lovely name, and decided to give her own protag an unusual name because of it.


      2. That’s so cool! I read Rebecca once, ages ago (long before I read The Outsiders) but this comment makes me want to read it again. 🙂 Did you know that a lot of people think that the MC’s name in Rebecca is Daphne? I’m not sure how they hit on that though…other than it being the author’s name, of course.

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      3. There’s that. But I like that it makes her the absolute opposite of Rebecca. Rebecca’s first name looms large over everything, whereas we don’t know the second Mrs. de Winter’s name at all. She’s the antithesis of Rebecca in every way.


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