five reasons why ‘Monsters University’ is THE most under-rated Pixar film

(Well, ‘Cars’ is as well.  But I won’t get into that today.)

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With the semi-recent release of ‘Incredibles 2’, a lot of people have written blog posts and articles ranking every Pixar movie to date.  And while reading through a bunch of those posts I’ve been annoyed at how low ‘Monsters University’ is ranked every. single. time.  Usually it’s in the bottom five, if not the bottom three.  And I honestly don’t understand it.  So today I’m going to give you five reasons why ‘Monsters University’ is Pixar’s most under-rated film.

Reason #5 – Prequels are cool

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I’ve read some complaints about the fact that ‘Monsters University’ is a prequel-sequel.  “We already know where these characters end up!  Why do we care?”  Well, personally, I think prequels are awesome because you get great character backstory and a fun look at How Things Came To Be.  It adds an extra depth to Mike, Sulley, and Randall in ‘Monsters, Inc.’, I think.

Reason #4 – Extreme entertainment

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I don’t know about you, but I find ‘Monsters, Inc.’ pretty boring, tbh.  But I’m never bored while watching its prequel.  ‘Monsters University’ has some great action sequences (the pig chase, the Scare Games, the cabin campers) and it’s also incredibly funny (Oozma Kappa makes me laugh so much).  It’s far more amusing than MI, in my opinion.

Reason #3 – The characters!!!

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Having Mike as the main character in ‘Monsters University’ could have back-fired like making Mater the protagonist of ‘Cars 2’ back-fired.  But it worked really well – Mike is awesome.  Sulley is a jerk for a large part of the film but his courage and humility in confessing that he fixed the Scare Games and then seeking Mike out in the human world…it all made me a bigger fan of Sulley.  Dean Hardscrabble is a worthy antagonist – not a villain, though!  Helen Mirren (HELEN MIRREN!!!) gives her a slight warmth that is awesome.

And how could I forget to mention Oozma Kappa?  Each member of the fraternity is hilarious and heartwarming and I never fail to tear up the tiniest bit when Mike and Sulley say goodbye to them.

Reason #2 – The message of the film is #best

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Sometimes you have to take a long, hard look at your dreams and realize that they’re not right for you.  Or you’re not right for that particular dream.  Or it’s just not the right time to follow that dream.  And that’s okay.  Because there’s something better waiting just around the corner.


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Enough said, ‘kay? 😉

So.  Have you ever watched ‘Monsters University’?  What are your thoughts on it?


10 thoughts on “five reasons why ‘Monsters University’ is THE most under-rated Pixar film

  1. I love Monsters University! Yes, I always thought Monsters Inc was a cute film, with a neat premise (what if monsters are scared of US?), but when I saw Monsters University, I quickly decided this was even BETTER, it lets us get to know the characters better, see more of their world! My Mom, who saw it with me and agreed the prequel topped the original, said it even reminded her a bit of her college years.

    The twist on the usual “follow your dreams” theme is good too. What’s important is that Mike doesn’t so much “give up” on his dream, or life, or his friends–as find ANOTHER way to follow a new dream. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like we hope or expect, but it’s not the end of the world, and that’s important to realize too!

    I still don’t understand how this film is not more popular. * shakes head *


  2. I fully agree on the message. It’s really unique for not only Disney, but kids movies in general. Disney is normally all about encouraging people to follow their dreams, yet sometimes, people just aren’t capable of following their dreams. Like a basketball player who’s simply too short to make it in the NBA for example.

    The new characters are likeable too.

    I still prefer the original though.


    1. I’d argue that ‘Coco’ shares something of a similar message – although Miguel is able to have his music by the end of the film, at one point he’s willing to give it up for his family. (As since the motto “Seize your moment!” is the *villain’s* catchphrase….)


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