the Reams of Rereads blog event is here!

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I don’t have time for more than a super quick post so I’ll list the details really fast…

  • If you haven’t joined yet, you can still join anytime during October.
  • Comment on THIS POST with all your blog event related links so I can gather them in a huge post at the end of the month.
  • I’ll link to this post through the blog event graphic on the sidebar so y’all can find this post really easily to add your links.

I’m reading Cinder right now and loving it.

Happy reading!



9 thoughts on “the Reams of Rereads blog event is here!


        I’m only reading The Fellowship of the Ring this month, meaning I will have to make sure not to read it too fast, as I don’t want to finish two weeks into October and then have to wait two weeks for the next one. It is long! But if you’re a fast reader it’s not too bad, ☺


    1. Thanks so much, Faith! I’ll check out those links ASAP (I’m doing NaNo right now). Because there were so few participants, I probably won’t do a link round-up post, but thanks for participating!


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