the bibliophile sweater tag

Hamlette opened up this tag for anyone who wanted to join in the fun and since I love tags, here we are!


Give the person who tagged you an endless supply of cookies.  (Well, I wasn’t exactly tagged and cookies would probably be ruined if I mailed them to Hamlette, so yeah.)

Answer the questions and use the tag graphic.

Pass along the tag. (If the last book you read had a character whose name started with ‘E’, consider yourself tagged!)

Wear a sweater.  (I’m all comfy in my chair and I don’t want to get up and grab a sweater.  I am wearing layers, so I guess that kinda counts.)

Fuzzy Sweater — The Epitome of Comfort

Anything by Lynn Austin or Lucy Maud Montgomery.  Both those authors write beautiful, cozy books and every time I read one of them it’s honestly like slipping into a worn, comfy sweater.

Image result for lucy maud montgomery books

Striped Sweater — A Book You Devoured Every Line Of

Room.  I couldn’t stop reading it.  So intense and engrossing.

Image result for room book

Ugly Christmas Sweater — Book with a Weird Cover


Image result for pride and prejudice cover cigarette

There are so many things wrong with this cover.  I can’t even.  The cigarette!  The tag-line!  The fact that it’s Colin Firth on the cover but it’s NOT a movie tie-in, just a weird pulp classic edition!  Darcy’s weeeeird complexion!  UGGGGH.  And the cover isn’t a parody – I’ve seen this edition in a thrift store and it’s completely legit.

Cashmere Sweater — Most-Expensive Book

I purchased a copy of Little Women at a thrift store for $4…but it was from Easton Press, a publishing house that specializes in leather-bound, gilt-edged editions of classics.  So I think my copy would have cost about $60 from their website.

Image result for little women easton press

Hoodie — Favorite Classic

I could say Gone With The Wind or Emma or The Outsiders.  But those are favorite books, not just favorite classics.  So I’m going to say Lord of the Flies by William Golding because I read it every single year without fail, and each time I’m awed all over again.  The writing is simple, yet profound and realistic.  Each character has made an indelible mark on my mind.  It’s an insanely good read.

Image result for lord of the flies book

Cardigan — Book Purchased on Impulse

Most of the books I get from thrift stores and used book stores…?  I can’t pinpoint anything exact.  I have bought some ebooks on Amazon that were impulse buys, like The Redemption of Chauvelin (never, ever read because UGH and GROSS).  I’ve regretted pretty much all of them.

Image result for memes impulse buys

Turtleneck Sweater — Book from Your Childhood

Assassin and most of the subsequent books in the Lady Grace Mysteries.  I adored that series and read it over and over again, even though my library only had the first six books.  I’d still recommend the series today.

Image result for lady grace mysteries

Homemade Knitted Sweater — Indie Book

I really enjoyed Dissemble by Sarah Addison-Fox.  Definitely the best of the series and the twist near the end was the best.

Image result for sarah addison fox

V-neck Sweater — A Book that Didn’t Meet Your Expectations

Indie books enthusiastically recommended by the Goodreads community that ended up not being My Cup of Tea: Disowned, Kiera, and Counted Worthy. 😛

Image result for disappointment memes

Argyle Sweater — Book with a Weird Format

The Book Thief hops around in the timeline quite a bit so that was weird and hard to understand the first time.  Also, Code Name Verity.

Related image

Polka Dot Sweater — A Book with Well-Rounded Characters

This is a series, but the Underland Chronicles is definitely my answer.  Thanks to Suzanne Collins’ writing skillz, even the most minor of characters are real people that you’d want to be friends with (or enemies, depending on who it is).  I cannot get over Collins’ ability to create deep, relatable characters.

Image result for quote about writing characters

That’s the end of the tag. 🙂 Have an awesome autumn, everyone!  October really is the best month.  Well, that and December.



4 thoughts on “the bibliophile sweater tag

  1. Oh, that Pride and Prejudice is gloriously bad, I want a copy! I have a Dorothy Sayers novel with a similarly bad cover (they must have mixed up Lord peter Wimsey and James Bond) and find it highly entertaining.


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