book review: everything she didn’t say


Everything She Didn’t Say details the travels and thoughts of Carrie Adell Strahorn, a real historical figure who is perhaps best known for her memoir 15,000 Miles by Stage.  Her memoir – and this novel – details how she and her husband, Robert, traveled the West while working for the railroad.  I really enjoyed the ‘real life’ feel of Everything She Didn’t Say, especially the excerpts from Dell’s memoir that were interspersed with fictional conversations and characterizations.  It’s definitely an intriguing concept that was done right.

The characters were a good blend of likable and realistic (read: ‘annoying’).  I liked seeing how Dell and Robert worked through the rough patches in their marriage.  Too often couples in Christian novels blow up over the smallest thing but the Strahorns were more realistic.  Of course, it helps that they were a real, historical couple who never got a divorce.

Everything She Didn’t Say was an excellent, well-written inspirational read but it did bore me at times.  But overall, this book is a great read for people who enjoy memoirs and well-written historical fiction.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.



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