gift ideas from Literary Book Gifts: a guest post

I was recently approached by Melissa, creator of Literary Book Gifts, requesting an opportunity to guest post on my blog to promote her small-but-growing-and-awesome online business.  I was happy to feature her on my blog because I believe that y’all would be interested in her products (and Christmas is just around the corner).  So read on for gift ideas and a special promo code!

Incidentally, if you have a product, book, or DVD that you would like me to review or promote, go here for more details on how to start the review/promotion process!


Have you ever found yourself in a bookstore hunting for gifts for multiple people? I know I have. Books make for great gifts but this day in age, with eBooks and bestsellers alike, choosing a newly released book as a present can be disappointing for the giver if the receiver already owns it. Hunting for unique gifts is a fun but exhausting experience, but the look on their face when they open a gift they truly love is priceless!

Here are a few bookish gift ideas for your perusal. Perhaps they will get you thinking about some fun ways to bring a smile to the face of any reader, writer, or storyteller!


This The Grimms’ Fairy Tales Tote Bag is the perfect present for anyone who carries books lots of books to and from the library, on day trips, or anywhere they go! Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm wrote this title in 1812, but we still read it today, even if not in it’s original edition. It contains some of our most well known and retold fairytales including Cinderella and Little Snow White. So really, even if those who don’t know who the Brothers Grimm are, are probably still familiar with their stories. This crimson red tote with a golden print makes is great for those who read fairytales or those who love antique designs.

Do you love book shirts? Wearing this cozy shirt will always remind you of Shakespeare and his intriguing plays and sonnets. The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s major plays. This pale blue printed shirt showcasing a ship in a storm is sure to spark some conversation between you and a fellow avid Shakespeare fan. Each women’s shirt comes in multiple color options and in sizes XS to 3XL.


Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes is a fun read in either English or Spanish. This Don Quixote T-Shirt will always remind any Cervantes fan of the iconic windmills, a major aspect of the seminal novel. Available in 11 different color options and in sizes S to 5XL there is a style great for any adoring fan. Both men’s and women’s shirts come in cotton fabric for breathability and comfort. For those who like their fabric with a heathered look and feel, these colors exist in the store as well with varying amounts of polyester.


Thank you for reading a little bit about a few of the products and designs you see in the store. Happy holidays to everyone wherever you are in the world!

For readers of Coffee, Classics, & Craziness the promo code CLASSICSANDCRAZINESS20 can be entered at checkout to receive 20% off on any order! This coupon code does not expire, there is no minimum.

Written by Melissa Chan, coffee lover, reader of classic novels, and designer at Literary Book Gifts.


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