“even a traitor may mend.”

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I haven’t properly fangirled on this blog in a while, so today I’m going to be talking about a favorite character trope (and favorite characters to go along with said trope).  The trope is ‘traitor/antagonist/villain/generally dislikable character turned awesome and sweet and perfect’.  It’s a thing and it’s the best.  Might even be my favorite trope of all time.  In this post I’m going to list seven characters who left the dark side and talk a little bit about why I love them so.

  • Dan Kean (Little Men/Jo’s Boys) – Dan was the first character to make me fall for this particular trope.  When he first came to Plumfield he was surly, antagonistic, and generally a bad influence.  But then everything changed through a series of interesting/sad events and I love it and I love him.  I’m going to write an article about Dan for Feminista where I’ll explain more about why he’s my favorite fictional character evah.  So stay tuned for that.
  • Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia) – EDMUNDDDDD.  I kinda wish Lewis had spent more time diving into Edmund’s angst and emotions but the Narnia books aren’t really suited to that (I guess).  That’s what fanfiction’s for!  Honestly, though, Edmund is great and you can read more of my thoughts on him in this post.
  • Ben McKenna Morgan (The Adversaries) – The Adversaries is a book by Jack Cavanaugh which you’ve probably never heard of.  Ben is an officer in the Union army who hates several of the book’s main characters, for various reasons.  But by the end of the story he’s found out that he’s actually related to those main characters he’s hated and he gets saved and his personality completely turns around.  The transformation always makes me tear up.
  • Chris (Shane) – It’s been a while since I read Shane, but Chris always stood out to me because of his switch from mindless lackey to a maturing young man who thinks for himself and chooses the right path (mainly because of Shane himself).
  • Phillip (The Candymakers) – Phillip is one-third of the reason why The Candymakers is one of my favorite books of all time (the other thirds are Miles and Logan).  At first glance you think he’s a spoiled rich kid who’s basically the definition of ‘snobbish’.  But there’s soooo much more to him and it’s great.
  • Allan (BBC’s Robin Hood) – First season Allan is a trickster whose loyalties are shaky at best.  Second season Allan is a traitor (up until the last episode or so).  But third season Allan is brave, loyal, and smart.  He grows and changes and matures AND THEN THE WRITERS HAD TO KILL HIM OFF IN THE MOST AWFUL WAY.  I will never get over the injustice of Allan’s death.
  • Julian Albert (CW’s The Flash) – I believe I’ve already fangirled over Julian – a lot.  But still.  He was Doctor Alchemy for the first few episodes of Season 3 but that wasn’t really his fault because he was brainwashed.  But he also disliked Barry (for understandable reasons) and it was awesome seeing him thaw out over the season.  I’m a fan. (And even if his character was rather unneeded, he’s still a sweetheart and I hope he comes back.)

Sooooo…what’s your favorite character trope?  Do you like/love any of the characters I listed above?  Let me know in the comments!



12 thoughts on ““even a traitor may mend.”

  1. liviepearl

    So many favorites here.

    DAN!!!!! Alcott just didn’t know how to reform people (she killed off Charlie too because she didn’t seems to know how to make Rose break off with him; I’m no Charlie fan. AT. ALL, but I did think that was a “convenient” ending, not a natural one), so she just killed Dan off. Seriously. He was doing so well. Also, I think she didn’t know how to allow him to be different (i.e. not Mr. Perfect Prim Gentleman, like say, Nat, or the less prim Demi) and good. And don’t get me started on the Bess episode. Her other “bad” characters (the two Tommy’s, Laurie, etc.) were more mischievous or naughty and sort of heading for trouble but good-hearted. She couldn’t seem to reform the really troubled.

    I’ve already mentioned my love for Edmund before. This is one of the best character turnarounds ever. Well, Eustace comes close.

    Allan. Oh, I hated Robin and his self-righteousness in this period. Allan almost came back, but Robin’s attitude turned him back (I’m pretty sure Djaq knew it was him; she kept seeming to send him grace while pointing out his wrong). I feel like it was more Robin’s ego than caring while for Djaq and Will especially, it was more about the betrayal of friendship (that trio is my favorite group of characters). Allan’s definitely may favorite. I’m only speaking about season 2. I “boycotted” season 3 when Marian was killed and the best couple left and I learned things about season 3. I might have to watch it eventually though.


    1. And THIS is a huge reason why I don’t like Alcott as an author. She’s so annoying with moralizing and everything! Uggggggh.

      I read The Silver Chair recently and loved seeing how much Eustace changed!

      Well, I’m not sure I agree with you about Robin’s self-righteousness the first time around but the second time (in the series finale) he should have believed Allan was innocent, or at least asked more questions.


      1. liviepearl

        I have issues with Alcott’s moralizing (and the Jo/Laurie plot), but I still do love the other parts of her writing; so many funny characters and scenes and such.



    Redemption angles are one of my very favorite tropes, too. And eeeekkk, you mentioned Allan! My precious baby, Allan. Bless. ❤ (Ugh, I know, do not even GET ME STARTED on his death and then KATE'S FLIMSY LITTLE NON-REACTION and ugh I hate everything and everyone. :-P)

    Fun post! If Dan is the one I'm thinking about, I really liked his arc in Jo's Boys. 🙂 (I haven't read Little Men yet.)


  3. Edmund is very special to me and I’m so glad you love him too ❤ ❤ You're right, we never went too "deep" inside Edmund's head after his redemption–Lewis kind of makes us guess how he's feeling from his actions? I never noticed it as a kid, but now that you bring it up, I definitely agree.

    (Your fanfic is awesome :D)


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