my favorite composers #4 – Hans Zimmer

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There isn’t a Hans Zimmer score that I don’t love.

Of course, there are loads that I haven’t listened to but he’s a musical genius so I don’t expect my opinion will change even if I listen to ALL of his soundtracks.  The main thing that prompted this post (besides the fact that I’m overdue to write another favorite composer thingy) is that I watched some of ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and his score was the bomb.  Really unique for his style (based on the music of his that I’ve heard so far) and very, very fun.  At this point, I can’t over-listen to it!

Besides creating some of my favorite soundtracks, Hans Zimmer has also scored some of my favorite movies – ‘Prince of Egypt’, ‘Rain Man’, ‘Gladiator’, ‘Batman Begins’ (with James Newton Howard; Zimmer scored the Batman scenes and Howard did Bruce Wayne’s parts which I think is so COOL, the way they split it up), the Kung Fu Panda franchise, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’…and then there are other soundtracks of his that I enjoy even if I haven’t watch the movies.  Like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

(I will point out that quite a few of Zimmer’s scores are collabs with him and at least one other composer.  But he is still a great composer in his own right.)

Definitely check out Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks on Youtube or Spotify – you won’t be disappointed!



12 thoughts on “my favorite composers #4 – Hans Zimmer

  1. liviepearl

    I’ve just been skimming Hans Zimmer’s discography list; wow, so many huge movies.
    No wonder the Lion King Music is so amazing. I adored that movie when I was little. Now, I love his Pirates music, so, so much. I really, really, need to remember to watch Prince of Egypt again.


  2. I find it continually amazing that I can watch the same movies as you do and love them, and yet have NO MEMORY of the soundtrack???? Ah, well . . . we are just different 😉

    (Seriously. Did not pay the slightest bit of attention to the music during “Rain Man.” Didn’t even occur to me.)


  3. thebookshopbarista

    I absolutely love Hans Zimmer’s music! Bateman Begins (along with all the Batman soundtracks) is amazing. And his score for Dunkirk was brilliant. I always forget he did The Lion King. What a wide musical range!


  4. It’s quite possible that only John Williams is a better composer than Hans Zimmer in the modern age of cinema, and Williams can’t be far from retirement. Zimmer is not only great at building epic sounding soundtracks, but he’s shown a lot of range with both fun, adventurous soundtracks like Pirates of the Carrabian and dark, mysterious themes like in Inception.


      1. Same here. They’re both capable of composing epic, memorable soundtracks in a variety of styles, but John Williams has more range and tends to do better with subtleties.


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