i need feedback, y’all

I love books.  (Everyone knows this.)  And I love blogging. (Ditto.)  And when I married those two loves (wow, that sounds weird) to create this blog, you guys responded – you love my blog (at least, I think so!).  I currently have 346 followers (whaaaat) and because of that high follower count, I’ve become part of several book review programs.  Basically, I request books (e-copies or hard copies) from all these different programs, read the book, and then write a review on my blog (as well as Goodreads and Amazon).

So, free books!  Which is awesome.  But it’s also started to worry me because, since I can’t pass up a free book that looks good, pretty much all my book blogging is reviewing those books…and I feel like the quality of my blog has suffered because of it.  I can’t remember the last time I reviewed a book on here that had no strings attached to my review.  There are so many books I loooove and I’ve reviewed so few of them. 

The last twelve books I reviewed on this blog were review copies.  Some of them I truly loved, but most I didn’t care about.  And I feel like that dilutes the integrity of my blog.  I know I can’t give up requesting free books entirely, but I think I need to step back a little (even now, I currently have four books waiting to be reviewed – and one of those reviews is coming on Monday).  I want this blog to truly represent the things I love.

I’ve also noticed that my book reviews don’t get a lot of comments compared to my other posts and I think it’s because y’all can tell my heart isn’t in them.  So what I’d like to know is – is that true?  Are you annoyed by this flood of reviews of books that I’m ambivalent about?  Please let me know!  And I promise to work harder at writing blog posts that truly mean something to me…and to you guys. (After I get those four books reviewed, that is. ;))

Have a great day everyone.



19 thoughts on “i need feedback, y’all

  1. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . . . um . . . *shuffles feet*

    I have to admit that your reviews of ARC books are often my least favorite of your posts. And I hate admitting that because I feel obligated to be equally excited about ALL THE POSTS. But, it’s true. *shuffles feet some more*

    I sort of feel like the ARC reviews are less–well–spontaneous–than the other posts? Like you’re posting because you have a contract with the publisher to tell people how you felt about this, even if it was just mediocre. Maybe that’s why they’re not my favorite.

    On the other hand, you’ve done book reviews of other books that were either SO GOOD or SO BAD that you just HAD to tell us alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll about them; and I adore those reviews! So please, don’t ever stop doing those. ❤ ❤


  2. Like … on one hand, I know a reviewer’s gotta review … like, that’s me! I have sooo many ARCs and eARCs and legit don’t know how to fit them into my blog schedule — and they almost NEVER get any interaction!

    I wonder if there’s a way to spice them up somehow??? Because I am in the same boat – lots of reviews to post, no interactions, I know people don’t enjoy them as much, and I don’t want to drive readers away …


  3. liviepearl

    Yes, I don’t care for those posts (from any blogger), and I kind of feel like the books the publishers send a lot of bloggers are “eh” which is why they are sending them, to drum up some attention. Do you have any choice about the books you get or how you review them, like could you review all the ones you didn’t love in one post?

    I loved your composer series, music is something I need to work on, and I don’t remember to think much about movie music although its SO significant to the experience.


    1. I do have a choice on which ones I review. I’m going to be talking about what I’m planning from now on in a blog post, hopefully going up today.

      Thank you! I really need to write more posts in that series. The next one will probably come up soon because it’s about a composer with whom I have a long, awesome history.


  4. I feel like I’m such a newb to your blog that my opinion hardly matters in this, BUT. I personally don’t feel like it’s bad to keep a nice mix of book reviews (both from publishers and not) and other posts! I don’t necessarily read a lot of book review posts from any blogger (not sure why?? It’s a fantastic way to find new reads…) but I’ve been writing some book related posts for my blog which is fairly new to me, and I feel like if there’s a good mix of book related stuff and OTHER stuff, you can’t really go wrong, you know?

    But again. I haven’t been around here very much yet… :((


    1. Yep! I definitely don’t want my blog to be JUST a book review blog. Or a movie blog. Or a life blog. I want it to be a little of everything and I feel like these ‘forced’ reviews are the enemy of variety.

      I hope we can become better acquainted with each other’s blogs in the coming year. 🙂

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      1. Exactly!! BOXES ARE FOR LOSERS!!! XD Yeah, definitely. I’ve never done any publisher reviews (I think I’d be awful at them, anyway) but it definitely sounds like it’d be tough to juggle all those and other posts.

        MEEP! Me too!!!


  5. The question I have is why are you writing about thing you don’t care about in the first place? I’m saying that as a blogger who (gasp) doesn’t really care about site visits and followers, at least in the sense they aren’t the reason Dubsism exists. It’s really more of an outlet for my loves of sports and movies which I don’t get to do at my financially-rewarding, but not exactly soul-fulfilling job.

    In other words, Dubsism is my place to say what I want when I want to say it. Now, I’ve been blessed with a great group of followers, but the blog would still exist even if I hadn’t found those people. That means every thing there is my own odd observations, weird comparisons, or downright stupid jokes, but they are all mine; there’s nothing there which is just “content for content’s sake.”

    The bottom line is why should yours be any different? After all, if you don’t care about what you are writing, how can you expect anybody to care about reading it?


    1. Those are excellent questions and you’re right – I don’t care about my reviews, so my readers don’t.

      I’ve never cared about stats, outside of my follower count (and I’m not begging for followers, I just like seeing the number of interested people go up). So that’s good at least. (Until I want to start monetizing, I guess.)

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  6. TBH, I don’t usually read reviews for books I’ve never heard of or haven’t read (which basically rules out ARCs in general). So I might not be the best person to answer, but I do usually skip those reviews, even on your blog.
    And if you’re not enjoying the books you’re reading, then that’s a good sign to step back. Free books is nice, but it might be worth going the extra mile to find stories you love- idk your finances, but maybe find a library system? I know mine has ebooks, so even if you don’t live close to a branch, you could still access the books.

    I hope you find a solution that works for you! I know it can be frustrating to post something and not get any engagement.


    1. That’s really good advice. I do have some income to buy books – and I pretty much only buy books that I’ve already read and loved – and I have an awesome library system within walking distance. I’ll be addressing y’all’s feedback and my proposed solution in a blog post later today. 🙂

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    1. Like I said to another commenter, I really want to keep this blog full of different posts and I think requested reviews are awful for that. So I’ll definitely be cutting back.


  7. The worst thing to do is write an uninspired post on your blog (I’ve done quite a few.) If you’re not feeling it don’t write it and I think everyone will be happier, yourself included.

    That’s just my advice. 🙂


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