i think New Disney is amazing

This blog post was inspired by the awesomeness that is this blog post.  Go read it!

Disneyland - every weekend from now until New Years @Tim Mather? Free entrance to the Disney parks is one of the many amazing perks to being a part of the Disney corporation family.

I only (regularly) watched three Disney movies growing up (besides live action classics like ‘Swiss Family Robinson’): ‘Winnie the Pooh’ (the one that mashes up a bunch of shorts), ‘The Great Mouse Detective’, and ‘Robin Hood’.  I wasn’t allowed to watch Disney princess movies.  And you know what?  I survived. (I played outside a lot, tbh.)

The first Disney princess movie I watched was ‘Tangled’ and I was in love.  It made me laugh so hard, it made me cry so hard…to me, it was the most perfect film in the world. (I still remember my obsession with it.  It’s hardly died down.)  I watched it a million times and somehow I’m still not sick of it.

"I See The Light" from Tangled will play at my wedding<<< yeeeessssss

Anyway, it was still a few years before I was allowed to watch alll the other Disney princess movies but when I did, I was kind of…disappointed?  So many of the classic Disney films were just kind of limp and boring.  They weren’t as vibrant and interesting as ‘Tangled’ and ‘Frozen’ (which I’d also discovered a little earlier).  Now, I don’t like ‘Frozen’ much anymore, but back then I loved it about the same as ‘Tangled’ and thought it was infinitely preferable to ‘Cinderella’, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’, ‘Mulan’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, etc.

(I do love ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Aladdin’ though.)

I think it’s nostalgia that makes a lot of the old Disney movies so popular.  Like, I watched ‘The Lion King’ recently and, while it was good, I didn’t think it was as great as everyone says.  And that’s how I feel about so many of the movies that came from Disney’s golden age.  Plus, to return to the nostalgia thing, there are Disney movies I love that, objectively, aren’t great films but I still love them – so I really think I’m right about why a lot of people adore classic Disney.

Day 26; sadest death. Mufasa hands down.  Even cried when I saw the Lion King on Broadway.
even though I don’t love the movie, this still got to me.

Basically, I’m really happy with Disney’s newer films.  ‘Big Hero 6’ is a cinematic triumph, ‘Moana’ and ‘Tangled’ are epic Disney princess films, ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ is incredible…and then there are the live-action remakes.  ‘Cinderella’ (2015) is one of those movies where I can’t even.  It’s so sumptuous and feelsy and brilliant.  I CAN’T.  And ‘The Jungle Book’ (2016) impressed me so much when I saw it.  Awesomeness.

I think that every generation has their favorite Disney movies.  Sometimes it depends on what decade you grew up in and sometimes it depends on parents who don’t let you watch certain movies until you’re a certain age. 😉  But whatever the case, we all have our favorites and I don’t think anyone should make anyone else feel bad for liking (or not liking) a certain ‘kind’ of Disney. 

We’re all different.  We’re all Disney.

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13 thoughts on “i think New Disney is amazing

  1. Yes, I think this is true for more movies than just Disney, even. Everyone has their own reasons for liking or disliking a film and I think it has a lot to do with sentiment, who their watching it with, what their parents approve of, any preconceived ideas of said movies and their own personal preference. For me, I watched some old Disney when I was younger (Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Robin Hood etc) but not all of them, and same for the newer ones (I wasn’t a big fan of Big Hero 6 and I haven’t seen Wreck It Ralph or even Moana yet). But mostly because either my parents or my siblings didn’t like some of them, or I simply having gotten around to it yet. But it’s very interesting to see what everyone else thinks. 😉
    Also I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Disney movie in theatre! (Shocking!)


    1. Yes, I didn’t watch a lot of Disney movies because of my parents. And it wasn’t until super recently that my mom said it was okay to watch The Lion King (even though I’m past twenty – I totally don’t mind though). I haven’t seen a Disney movie in theatres either but that’s just because my family doesn’t go to the theatre. 🙂


  2. I would agree that, save for Frozen (which isn’t bad, but doens’t deserve its fame), the newer movies are generally better than the classics. I’m including the early 90’s in that, when the Renaissance was at its peak. But there are still some classic Disney movies that have stood the test of time.

    Personally I prefer the original animated Cinderella over the live action remake, but the remake isn’t bad. Either way, Ever After (1998) trumps both of them.


    1. I think Tangled is a much better film than Frozen, even if you’re just looking at writing, characters, songs, etc. and not personal feelings.

      Interesting that you prefer the original Cinderella! Any particular reason?


      1. I felt that Cinderella had more personality in the original and showed a wider range of emotions. Although I do like that they expanded the Prince’s role in the remake. It’s not nearly as big of a difference in enjoyment as with Sleeping Beauty vs Maleficent (I really didn’t like Maleficent).


      2. Interesting! I’ll have to rewatch ‘Cinderella’ now. 🙂

        Haven’t seen Maleficent yet, but I think I’d like it. (I enjoy stories that tell the villain’s POV.)


  3. This is so amusing to me. Cuz when I was a kid? The only animated Disney movies I watched until I was like 12 were Robin Hood and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Around the age of 12, I saw 101 Dalmations and Aladdin, which became MAJOR faves for me as well.
    Eventually, I saw Cinderella and Snow White and Jungle Book and the other things. The first Disney animated movie I saw in the theater was… Frozen.

    And so, you know what? I’m down with the new Disney stuff too. And the old Disney stuff. Why should there be an either/or thing? Can’t we just love good stories, well-told?


    1. Haha! That is funny + cool. The only reason I saw those two was because they were basically the only animated movies my grandparents owned (on VHS, of course) so whenever we came over, we usually ended up watching one or the other. I still remember how the ‘making of’ featurette played before Winnie Pooh and I was always annoyed because we rarely skipped it.

      Well-told stories are what’s important – no matter the decade.


  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww you mentioned my post *blushes*

    I really like how you put it, too!!! That “Disney” is a HUGE entity and has a HUGE fanbase, and we can’t point to just one narrow era or style (whichever it may be!) and be like “THIS is the Only True Disney and all the rest is trash.”


    1. Of course I mentioned your post! ❤

      Every phase of Disney's 'life', so to speak, is filled with good and bad movies. Let's just say…I LOVE THEM ALL. 😉


  5. “We’re all different. We’re all Disney.”

    Hear, hear! That’s what it comes down to, I think: Different Disney films (and eras) will appeal more or less to different people for different reasons (nostalgia, individual story sense, etc), and we should all just be careful to not judge other tastes as wrong or bad.

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