the five things tag


Stolen from Maribeth. 😉

Five Things You’ll Find In My Purse:

ONE: My wee Moleskine notebook.  It’s crammed full of story ideas and thoughts from years back – and I add to it all the time.  Absolutely indispensable.

TWO: A small, pink Bible.  It’s my church Bible.  I got it for free at a thrift store and it’s very cute.


THREE: My library card. (Plus two other library cards from other places I’ve lived.  I collect them.)

FOUR: A little booklet of Bible verses for memorization.

FIVE: A green tartan-covered compact mirror that I almost never use because I don’t wear makeup.

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom:

(In my bedroom proper, I only have my bed and my clothes. #boring  All the good stuff is in the hallway outside, so I’m going to talk about that.  Though I do have a rather awesome Captain America poster on my bedroom wall.)

ONE: A desk stuffed with mugs, papers, notebooks, headphones, random bric-a-brac, and a WWII-style “Join the Women’s army!” poster.


TWO: Allll my lovely books.  Sometimes I just look at them and sigh with happiness.

THREE: A white (well, grey now) rabbit named ‘Cream’ (lol – I was so imaginative) which has been with me since I was Very Small Indeed.

FOUR: My collection of action figures and Funkos that mean a great deal to me.  I still need to get one of Edmund Pevensie and John from BBC Sherlock…

FIVE: A framed movie still of Henry Fonda. ❤

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do:

ONE: Meet Julie Andrews.

TWO: Have my book, The Darkness is Past, traditionally published.

THREE: Spend the entire day in a library.

Today I bought two books in our local bookstore and later lent four more from the library. I cancelled all my evening plans, because, well, I'm all booked.

FOUR: Own a cat of my very own.

FIVE: Meet all my internet friends in person.

Five Things That Make Me Feel Happy:

ONE: Studio C.  My sister and I tend to binge watch their sketches (catching up on all we missed) and though I think their jokes have a tendency to outstay their welcome, they’re still awesome.  I have so many favorite videos of theirs.

TWO: Earrings.  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but earrings are quick to put in and there are so many pretty ones.  Just switching them out makes me feel new, in a way.

THREE: Nadine Brandes’ newest book, Romanov, is coming out in less than a month! (May 7th, to be exact.)  And not only that…Finale, the last book in the Caravel trilogy, is releasing on the same day!!!  I cannot wait.

What Happened to Anastasia Romanov Romanov by Nadine Brandes Book Review Romanov is a wonderful read! Nadine Brandes is a storyteller whose prose borders on magical. Brandes weaves a beautiful tale about a princess desperate to save her family at any cost. She brings the historical figure Anastasia Romanov to life. #anastasia #romanov #anastasiaromanov #yabook #yabooks #historicalfiction #fictionbooks #books

FOUR: Celebrating birthdays. (Whether my own or someone else’s.)

FIVE: Running this blog.  I love writing posts, sharing my thoughts with the world, and interacting with all of you.  We’re on track to hitting 400 followers, which is amazing/unbelievable.  Love you guys! (And, yes, there will be an epic giveaway when there’s 400 followers.)

Five Things I’m Currently Into:

ONE: Villains.  Muahahaha.  In all seriousness, I recently watched ‘Maleficent’ for the first time (great movie!) and it got me thinking about all the villains I like and why I like them and why villain-narrated stories appeal to me.  I feel a blog post coming on…

TWO: The soundtrack for ‘Mary Poppins Returns’.  I’ve been humming, singing, and listening to the songs a LOT.  They’re so good.

THREE: Taking pictures of my family’s cat.  Because why wouldn’t I?

Image may contain: cat

FOUR: Doodling.  I have some great gel pens and whenever I’m bored, I tend to default to drawing houses, women’s faces, and eyes. (Someone needs to psychoanalyze me.)  I also enjoy writing random words in my very best cursive and scribbling down story notes and to-do lists.

FIVE: ‘I Can Only Imagine’, the movie.  I might write a review about the whys and wherefores of my (very unexpected) liking for this movie if y’all are interested.

Five Things On My To-Do List:

ONE: Finish the third draft of The Darkness is Past by June 30th. (I asked one of my friends to give me a deadline + be my alpha reader because otherwise I won’t get the draft finished until next year probably.  Drafting is going well so far.)

TWO: Get back on track with my Goodreads reading challenge.  I’m one book ahead right now but I like a little more of a cushion.  That’s where Trixie Belden books come in handy, lol.

THREE: Write more bookish blog posts.

FOUR: Spend less time wasting my time. *the eternal struggle intensifies*

FIVE: Make myself a coffee as soon as I publish this post.

Black Rifle Coffee Company - Follow our memes instagram for coffee memes daily!   @coffee__memes  #BlackRifleCoffee #AmericasCoffee


Feel free to steal this tag (is it stealing if I give you permission?) to answer on your own blog or in the comments!


15 thoughts on “the five things tag

  1. Love this! I’m working on my answers. 😉

    I agree, earrings are happy! And I’m also excited for Romanov. I’m fairly sure it’ll be the first Brandes I read. Can’t wait for a good Anastasia retelling!

    Congrats on the almost 400 followers!!! You deserve it. 🙂


    1. Apparently there’s quite a few Anastasia retellings (which I haven’t read) but I think Romanov is going to be unique – because it’s from Nadine. 😉

      Aw, thank you!


  2. Five things I’d find in my bedroom (skipping the first one for obvious reasons)
    1. My bed
    2. My computer
    3. My bookshelves
    4. Piles of unread comics
    5. Empty boxes in preparation to move into the townhouse I just bought (closing date is May 31)
    Speaking of which

    Five things that make me happy
    1. The fact that I’m now a homeowner.
    2. The fact that my job is going well and I could take it in multiple directions going forward
    3. The fact that, while progress has slowed lately due to being really busy with preparing to move, I’m still improving my strength and fitness.
    4. That I’ve got a large network of family and friends that I can count on.
    5. That my brother’s getting married this fall. That’s a big one.

    Five things that I’m currently into
    1. Listening to music I haven’t heard in years.
    2. MCU movies
    3. Horizon: Zero Dawn
    4. NHL Playoffs
    5. The upcoming Aquatic World Championships

    Five things on my to-do list
    1. Finish preparing to move
    2. Finish my MCU blogathon before Avengers: Endgame releases
    3. Catch up on reading after I move
    4. Get back into writing after I move
    5. Figure out what I’m going to get for my brother’s wedding present.

    And since Easter is coming up
    Five things I love about Jesus
    1. That he willingly suffered a most horrible death so we could be with him.
    2. That he showed us the perfect example of the kind of people we should strive to be.
    3. That when you actually take the time to quiet your mind, you can feel his presence.
    4. That he has a way of making things work for us in ways we don’t expect.
    5. That we’ll get to meet him in person some day.


    1. Ooooh, I hope your brother’s wedding goes well. 🙂 I love weddings.

      And moving into your own place has to be exciting.

      I really dig your ‘five things about Jesus’. ❤


  3. Love this wee little tag! I think I shall steal it. I read both yours and Maribeth’s today, so I need to jump on hahaha. Anyways, I’m actually creating a tag called “The Fantastical and Felicitous Fictional Character Blog Tag” that I’m releasing soon, and I wanted to let you know that I seriously am going to tag you. It’s fun to find other Christian book/film/tv/music bloggers. xD


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