five reasons why I’m super excited for Nadine Brandes’s newest book, ROMANOV

(This post will extremely gushy but it is not paid for/sponsored by Nadine Brandes or her publisher or anything like that.  Nobody knows I’m doing this.  Except, of course, by the time you read this everyone who hops on my blog will know.  But this is all out of my own head.)

It’s Anastasia.  And historical accuracy. (At least more than the animated movie.)  And FANTASY.


I recently became a huge fan of fantasy stories (I think it was because of Fawkes, another one of Nadine’s books) and I’ve always loved historical fiction, so HISTORICAL FANTASY FICTION???  Sign me up!  Right away!  And as much as I adore Animated Anastasia, it’ll be great to get a bit more historical accuracy. (Though I’ve heard that Nadine portrays Rasputin as nice and helpful?  Kinda not sure about that, but we’ll see!)

I can’t wait for my pre-order goodies to arrive.

Before 2018, I had no idea that there were such things as pre-order campaigns where you could get all sorts of cool swag just for pre-ordering a book you were already dying to read. (Again, Fawkes was my guide.)  There’s a completely cool pre-order campaign going on for Romanov and, trust me, you NEED all this stuff. 😉  Every single person who pre-orders the book before May 7th and fills out this form will receive annotated sections of Romanov (really excited about those) and a printable recipe card for Nadine’s borscht recipe.

A limited number of people will also receive physical goodies like an exclusive (gorgeous) bookmark, a quote sticker, and a bookplate.  I don’t know if that number has been filled yet, but it’s worth a try!

You can pre-order Romanov pretty much anywhere, but I’ll leave the Amazon link here for starters.

I like crying over books.

Weird reason, I know.  But the story of Anastasia is so tragic and Romanov’s plot blurb literally says that Anastasia (‘Nastya’) is going to be on the wrong side of a firing squad…with a guy she likes on the other side.  AHHHHH.  Even if some things turn out well, I know this book is going to move me to tears.  Probably more than once.

It’ll be great.

Nadine Brandes has a great track record.

I’ve gushed quite a bit about the Out of Time series and Fawkes.  I’d wanted to read the OoT series for years when a friend unexpectedly (and wonderfully) gifted the set to me.  Those three books challenged me in my spiritual walk and helped me see that Christian dystopias can be done well.  And I know that not everyone loves Fawkes, but I do.  I really do.  It’s book with an intricate plot (spies! rebels! true love!), a beautiful allegory, and a *cough* super emotional ending.  So I have no worries about loving Romanov…I know I’m in good hands.

That cover.

picture taken from Nadine’s author website.

It always comes back to the cover.

But honestly, who wouldn’t want to have that gorgeousness on their shelf?

Are you excited for Romanov’s release?  Have you pre-ordered it yet?  Did you enjoy Fawkes as much as I did?


5 thoughts on “five reasons why I’m super excited for Nadine Brandes’s newest book, ROMANOV

  1. A sympathetic Rasputin? *adjusts spectacles* H’m.

    But BE THAT AS IT MAY, this cover is gloriously beautiful and Russian history is fascinating and historical fantasy is my jam, so I’ll DEFINITELY be ordering a copy!


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