my top ten favorite episodes of Boy Meets World

Because today is Rider Strong’s birthday and because I’m low-key obsessed with this show right now, I thought I’d share my ten most-loved episodes of Boy Meets World.  I haven’t seen all the episodes more than once, so this list will probably change over time, but here’s what I’ve got right now! (In chronological order.)

Teacher’s Bet (S1E8)


The first season of Boy Meets World isn’t my favorite (though I do love it).  Since the characters are all so young, many of the plots center around stuff like bad grades or having to stay home and do chores…it’s just not super interesting to me.  But there are still episodes that make an impact.  One of them is ‘Teacher’s Bet’.

This episode starts off innocuously, with Cory and Mr. Feeny making a little bet that Cory can teach one of Mr. Feeny’s classes no problem.  After all, teachers have it easy, right?  But just when you think you know where this episode is going, it turns into a serious critique against racism – and the results are powerful, to say the least. (As in, I cry.  Because duh.)

Santa’s Little Helper (S1E10)


The holiday episodes of Boy Meets World tend to be some of the best (at least in my opinion) and ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ is so great.  I believe it’s one of the first times you really sense that Shawn has a very different life from Cory’s (though I don’t believe they mention that he lives in a trailer park just yet). 

Basically, Shawn’s dad loses his job right around Christmas.  Cory tries to make it up to Shawn, but he expects Shawn to basically fall at his feet in gratitude.  When Shawn doesn’t, Cory gets mad and it takes a while for both boys to learn how to gracefully navigate a situation like this.  It’s a great episode because it shows Cory and Shawn learning from life and becoming even better friends in the process.

Other favorites from Season 1 include ‘The Father/Son Game’, ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’, and ‘Risky Business’.

Home (S2E23)


Previous to this episode, Shawn’s mom abandoned him…and then his dad did as well. (Though I doubt Chet Hunter would call it abandonment.)  So now Shawn’s staying with the Matthews and it’s not going so great.  He’s been there a few weeks and everyone is getting on each other’s nerves (understandably so).  And that’s when Mr. Turner steps in.

Mr. Turner and Shawn are THE GREATEST THING, YOU GUYS.  They’re like Cory and Mr. Feeny, 2.0. (Not saying that they’re better than Cory and Mr. Feeny, though.  Just, like, a different flavor.)  Their whole relationship tugs on my heart, from the first time Mr. Turner walks into class to his and Shawn’s more than perfect reunion on Girl Meets World. (Even if you don’t like GMW, you’ve got to admit that moment made the whole show worth it.)  Anyway, ‘Home’ is kind of the official start of Shawn and Mr. Turner’s father/son (or brother/brother) bond and it’s the besssst.

Other favorites from Season 2 include ‘Notorious’, ‘Wake Up, Little Cory’, ‘Band on the Run’, ‘I Am Not A Crook’, ‘On The Air’, ‘By Hook Or By Crook’, and ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’.

City Slackers (S3E11)


This is another episode that I thought was going to be light and fun but then it turned out being more serious and heartwarming than I expected.  It starts out normally enough, with Shawn getting another one of his dumb ideas (I love you, Shawn, but you and Cory come up with the stupidest plots).  This time, Shawn and Cory decide to spend the weekend at Mr. Feeny’s mountain cabin (unbeknownst to anyone, obviously).  And of course Mr. Feeny shows up just as they’re settling in.

What sets this episode apart is what happens after Mr. Feeny shows up.  To begin with, he doesn’t yell at them.  He makes supper for them, makes sure they’re comfortable, and gives them some life lessons. (Of course.)  But things become real after the boys read his diary (whyyyy?) and learn some surprising (and emotional) truths about their teacher.  Also, this is the episode where Shawn really begins to understand that Mr. Feeny cares about him and isn’t trying to make his life miserable in school.  Great stuff.

Other favorites from Season 3 include ‘The Double Lie’, ‘Hometown Hero’, ‘Train of Fools’, ‘The Pink Flamingo Kid’, and ‘Life Lessons’.

Turkey Day (S4E10)


‘Turkey Day’ could possibly be my favorite Boy Meets World episode.  It’s not an obvious contender for that title (at least at first glance), but it really warms my heart all the same.  In this episode, Cory and Shawn are excited for their families to spend Thanksgiving Day together at the trailer park.  But things start to go awry when the differences between the Matthews and the Hunters become apparent. (Both families could have done things differently, but some of the Matthews were quite snobbish.)

What I like about this episode is that things are resolved, but not perfectly.  The Matthews and the Hunters are still going to have to work together to resolve their differences, but at least they find common ground and it’s very sweet.  (Plus, Frankie’s family is the BEST.)  This is also another episode that highlights just how strong Cory and Shawn’s friendship is because a lesser friendship probably would have cracked and crumbled because the strain brought on by the events of this episode.

Other favorites from Season 4 include ‘You Can Go Home Again’, ‘Janitor Dad’, ‘B & B’s B ‘N’ B’, ‘Uncle Daddy’, and ‘Cult Fiction’.

Starry Night (S5E20)


I haven’t talked about Topanga at all in this blog post. *covers face in shame*  She’s become one of my favorite fictional female characters of all time; I love how she knows who she is, what she wants, and what she believes in.  And I love how she isn’t afraid to voice her opinions – ever.  For a while, I actually believed she was way too good for Cory.  What changed my mind?  The whole Lauren plot line. Seeing how Cory stayed faithful to Topanga, even in the middle of that whole mess, really improved my opinion of him.

‘Starry Night’ is the episode that first had me shipping Corpanga though.  IT’S SO ROMANTIC.  And it was a relief to see Cory and Topanga finally make up their differences, even when everything seemed against them (if even Shawn thought there was no hope for their relationship, then…yeah).  Plus, I like how their reconciliation really felt earned instead of just something slapped together by the writers to make the fans happy.

Other favorites from Season 5 include ‘Brothers’, ‘I Love You, Donna Karan’, ‘Chasing Angela’, ‘How To Succeed In Business’, ‘First Girlfriends’ Club’, ‘And Then There Was Shawn’, ‘If You Can’t Be With The One You Love…’, ‘Eric Hollywood’, and ‘Graduation’.

Everybody Loves Stuart (S6E7)


Everybody does not love Stuart. *glares in his direction*  There are so many things to love about this episode though.  I’m just going to make a quick list.

  • My son, Eric, being the only one to see through Stuart’s fake charm.
  • Stuart is played by Ben Savage’s brother, which I find hilarious for some reason.
  • Shawn apologizing to Mr. Feeny. *bawls*
  • Eric turning the hearing (or whatever it’s called) into a courtroom drama (however briefly).
  • Cory punching Stuart is immensely satisfying.  Go Cory! ❤
  • They all grew up a little bit but they still go out for ice cream because, yes, ice cream does make everything better.

*happy sigh*

Resurrection (S6E17)


M’kay.  Little caveat here.  I really, really, REALLY dislike Cory in this episode.  Sure, maybe Topanga needed to stop being so uptight and get in touch with the old Topanga (that’s still up for debate though).  But Cory acted like an insensitive jerk in this episode and, as far as I remember, he never got called on it (except by Topanga, whose opinions weren’t really treated as valid in this episode).


‘Resurrection’ is still an amazing episode.  The newest addition to the Matthews family, Joshua Gabriel, is in the ICU because he’s having difficulty breathing (he’s only, like, a couple days old at this point).  It’s a tense, emotional episode that never fails to move me.

Also, “Use a mirror, babe” is ICONIC.

Other favorites from Season 6 include ‘Her Answer’, ‘Friendly Persuasion’, ‘Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield’, ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’, ‘Cutting the Cord’, and ‘Road Trip’.

The War/The Peace (S7E15/16)


Season 7 is probably my least favorite season of Boy Meets World.  Yes, there are some good, great, and necessary episodes (like the wedding one).  But too many of the episodes feel like filler.  Entertaining filler, maybe, but filler all the same. (And what’s with Alan and Amy suddenly putting Eric down all the time?)  Anyway, this two-parter is one of the few great things about Season 7.  Sad and sobering at times, but also awesome.

A prank war gets out of hand and before you know it, Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Angela, Jack, and Rachel are all at each other’s throats. (Yes, even Shawn and Cory.)  That’s when Eric jumps in (literally?) and makes peace.  This episode also includes a depressing flash-forward and one of the best quotes in the whole series (“Lose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself.”).  It’s nice to see, via Girl Meets World, that the whole gang mostly stayed in touch (except for Rachel).

Brave New World Part 1 & 2 (S7E22/23)


SERIES FINALES ALWAYS GET TO ME.  Even if I don’t like the show all that much. (See: TURN: Washington’s Spies.)  One of the best things about these two episodes is how they include clips from the show when appropriate, highlighting so many different relationships and special moments from Boy Meets World’s history. *tears up*

Both episodes were a great send-off to one of the best TV shows of all time.  Everything from Topanga, Cory, Shawn, and Eric moving away (making a clean break from their old, comfortable life) to a perfect final appearance from Chet Hunter (final until Girl Meets World, that is) to Jack and Rachel joining the Peace Corps to Cory’s little talk with Joshua…ACK.  So great.  And the very last scene of the whole show? DO NOT GET ME STARTED. #emotionalmesshere  

“Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.”


Other favorites from Season 7 include ‘Angela’s Men’, ‘It’s About Time’, ‘Picket Fences’, ‘Family Trees’, and ‘Brotherly Shove’.

So. Have you watched Boy Meets World? What are some of your favorite episodes? (Alternately, what’s your favorite season intro?) Let me know in the comments! ❤


5 thoughts on “my top ten favorite episodes of Boy Meets World

  1. YES. ALL THE YES. ❤

    This show seriously has one of the greatest series finales of all time. I literally Cannot with how perfect it is.

    Like, everything about it gets to me–but most of all, Shawn. "You never gave up on me . . . never once. I'm not gonna forget you. You're the best person I know."

    *b a w l i n g*

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