falling out of love with fandoms

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I’m in many fandoms. If a book or movie or TV show is quality stuff and has great characters, I can become obsessed very quickly – sometimes, I even track my life by the fandom I was in at a given point in time. First it was Jane Austen. Then Les Miserables. Then BBC Robin Hood and period dramas in general. And so on and so on.

Anyway, I’ve noticed a sort of pattern in my fandom life. It’s like ‘the cycle of fandom’ or something and it goes something like this:

  • Become mildly interested in book/movie/TV show.
  • Become madly obsessed and learn everything there is to know about said fandom.
  • Rewatch/reread book/movie/TV show to death.
  • Get sick of book/movie/TV show.
  • Continue to revisit it from time to time in the future because some of the warm, fuzzy feelings are still there – but a much more pallid version.
  • Get a new fandom.

(The above also applies to actors I like/have liked in the past.)

So, basically, I have this obsessive love for a fandom and then it just sort of…fades. Really weird and highly annoying most of the time. I’ll revisit whatever the fandom is a few months later and it’ll be like “this is so booooring now” when just a short while before it was all I could think about. Does this mean I’m fickle? Weird? Unable to form a lasting attachment to anything? WHO CAN TELL?

There are a few fandoms that have stood the test of time, that I still love and adore. BBC Robin Hood is the main one that comes to mind. Also Jane Austen. But those sort of permanent fandoms are few and far between. I can still fangirl over the ones I’ve fallen out of love with, but it’s like the magic is gone, y’know?

I think the problem is overexposure to the material – I watch/read it so much that it becomes tired and boring and dull. (Whyyyyy do I do that to myself??? Even now, when I know what will eventually happen, I can’t stop immersing myself in my current fandom.)

I’m not sure why I’m even writing this blog post, except that it would be interesting to know if any of you guys have experienced something similar. So do let me know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “falling out of love with fandoms

  1. so true… i used to be absolutely in love with hetalia almost a year ago,, but now it’s kinda boring and a little tiring. i plan on taking a break from the fandom until the new season comes out….

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  2. I feel like there are very few things that will stay with me forever – for you it’s Robin Hood and Jane Austen – whereas having an obsession with something for the moment might happen. ‘This is what I’m loving right now’ versus ‘this is what I’ll keep in my heart forever’. I think rewatching/rereading most things too much makes me sick of them too, but there is the odd thing that I can watch every year and still love. I’m not the kind of person who needs to watch/read things a million times to love them, my obsession usually manifests in writing about them or joining forums and discussing them. Thanks for sharing, really interesting perspective on fandoms that we don’t usually see!

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  3. For me I think it’s also a personality trait! I used to have the same problem with hobbies and would always be so mad at myself for buying loads of supplies for a craft and then giving up on it in a few weeks. Gained a lot of forgiveness for myself when I learned in my case its part of being a fire sign. Extreme passion for a thing, but to the point of burning it to the ground and moving on to the next one. I wonder how your chart compares ^^

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  4. I relate to this so much! It is totally over doing it that makes you so tired of it. I think I’ve only had it happen once with Les Mis. The first time I saw the 2013 movie I loved it so much. I’ve only ever seen it all the way through once, but I rewatched so much of it on youtube. I memorized all of the songs and basically lived it for a summer, thinking of nothing else. What happened? I crashed and burned. I couldn’t get the songs out of my head and it was driving me crazy! Finally I banned it from my house. I outlawed my siblings and mom from singing the songs, talking about it, or even saying the name. If they did I would run screaming from the room. I was extreme, haha! Now, I’ve finally come out of it. I was able to watch the mini series this spring and enjoy it, and I’m thinking about rewatching the movie now, but not being crazy.


    1. Oh my word, I was (almost, haha) as crazy as you were about Les Mis. I remember watching the movie for the first time with my family and bawling my way through it. I even got to see it live at one point. (#dreamcometrue) I still do watch some version of Les Mis occasionally – but it’s definitely not an obsession anymore.


  5. I totally relate to this, though I think for me it’s more a matter of recycling fandoms. I’ll go through a phase where I am all in for this one movie, musical, book series, or television show. Eventually the fervor will subside and I’ll move on to something else, but often things will come back to grip me again given a few months/years. And discussing the fandom in question with a friend who’s experiencing it for the first time can definitely get me going. Right now I’m going through Round Two with Once Upon a Time and, to a lesser extent, gearing up to get into BBC Robin Hood again. πŸ˜›


    1. Yeah, same in some ways. Like I mentioned in my blog post, I used to be *obsessed* with Les Mis. Every so often now, I’ll watch some version of it again and it’ll be all nostalgic and awesome for me. ❀ Enjoy your BBC Robin Hood rewatch. πŸ˜‰


  6. *thinks back*

    I can’t pinpoint a fandom that I’ve really fallen out of love with? Narnia, Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, Harry Potter . . .

    But like, me not being able to re-read and re-watch things in the first place probably influences this. I literally CAN’T oversaturate myself because I CAN’T experience the thing more than once anyway, lol!

    Which is neither good nor bad–it’s just A Thing about me πŸ˜‰


    1. You’re so right, I think, about not being able to oversaturate yourself. I’d do that, only I MUST REREAD/REWATCH ALL THE THINGS. πŸ˜€


      1. But it goes both ways because then I FORGET ALL THE THINGS and I’m scared to rewatch in order to remember details . . . lol

        So it’s not better either way, I think. We are equally afflicted in different ways πŸ˜‰

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  7. I don’t think I really ever stop liking my fandoms, I mostly just switch back and forth between them. I’ll be in a Star Wars mood for a few weeks, and then I’ll decide to re-read LotR, and then I’ll switch to something else. So it’s not that I ever start thinking one is biring, it just won’t be the one I’m currently thinking about\listing to the soundtrack of\reading\watching. That’s why I’m glad I found so many things to be interested in; that way none of them get boring.


    1. Switching back and forth sounds like a really good method. I should probably do that, lol. I mean, sometimes I do come back to a fandom after a few years and I’m entranced by it all over again. I think BBC Robin Hood was like that. ❀

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  8. I don’t fall out of love with fandoms… but I fall out of All-Consuming Obsession with them. There’s only so long that feeling can be sustained (sometimes it’s a really really long time — my longest uninterrupted all-consuming entertainment-world obsession was ten years; others are short, sometimes only a few weeks), and when the need to obsess inevitably fades, it’s sad, and so I think we naturally look for the next thing to fill that hole up. But fall out of love? No. Or very very rarely.


    1. That’s kind of how I am with some fandoms. *shrugs* But wow! Ten years? I think the longest I’ve been high-key obsessed with a fandom was one year. Two at the most.


  9. I don’t do this, but I’m pretty sure I’m an anomaly in my ability to cling to and love and enjoy a fandom forevermore. I might not be as deeply into a fandom after a while, but my concentrated obsession slowly turns into a deep fondness and lasting love.


  10. Sorry to say this but you sound like a normal human being. I used to get all caught up with Star Trek: The Original Series. I would watch the tv episodes on DVD, the movies whenever I could, the pocketbooks, etc. I did the same thing but to a lesser extent with Star Wars ( only episodes 4,5, and 6) and the tv series Babylon 5. The only other tv series I really enjoyed was Madam Secretary.

    For some reason, I’m fascinated by the literature of the recent past – fifty years ago or just before I was born. I just finished reading No Highway by Nevil Shute which Hollywood turned into No Highway In The Sky. I want to tackle On The Beach next then the book Fail-Safe. I like comparing books with their celluloid counterparts.

    Sorry Eva, you sound like an ordinary person.

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  11. I do this. Early on I think it part it was being young (Jane Austen particularly), but I also think it is part of my personality. Sometimes I burn out on the thing after a few rounds (Harry Potter, I just think I’ve outgrown that, Sherlock, same). This is why I try to space out my favorite books (that and I feel like I have so few of them), tv shows (I was thrilled that I still loved Psych, I hadn’t watched it in over 5 years), etc.


  12. YESSS. I went through that with a lot of books and movies (including Jane Austen *ducks tomatoes*). “Sherlock” was another one…it’s just too dark/cynical for me now. It’s funny you should mention BBC Robin Hood, though – I just got the DVDs for Christmas. πŸ™‚ I think I never took that one TOO seriously so it’s aged better!


    1. I was never hugely obsessed with Sherlock, but I definitely don’t love it as much as I used to. πŸ˜› BBC Robin Hood on the other hand…what a great Christmas present!

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