i don’t know what to write.

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Like the title of this blog post says…I don’t know what to write. My life has been changing a lot in the past weeks and months – maybe not on the outside so much as on the inside. Spiritual upheaval. Emotional and mental upheaval. All that good/hard stuff. I helped out at my church’s winter camp and then a week later went on an insane 24+ hour-long road trip to a hugely helpful conference at Falls Baptist Church in Wisconsin and…yeah. It’s been crazy.

Also, I’ve barely been watching any movies or TV shows so I don’t have much of anything new to discuss in that department. Books have been a little better. I’m currently reading Peter Pan for the first time. It’s a little strange but beautiful too.

I’ve gotten some notes back from beta readers for Flicker and I’m getting excited to see what everyone else has to say as well. I may even start writing at least one scene that I know will have to be added (I don’t like doing any editing until I get everyone’s feedback, but I want to revisit the story so bad).


Oh, I’ve also been listening to a bunch of *blushes* Patch the Pirate albums. #mychildhood They are SO GOOD, you guys. Chock-full of spiritual truths, presented in a super fun way. If you’ve listened to any of those albums/songs, let me know in the comments!

Honestly, I’ve been wondering if this blog is even still relevant to my life and all the changes I’ve been going through. I do love this community but I feel like I’ve moved on from a lot of the stuff I used to be obsessed with?

I’M SO CONFUSED, Y’ALL. (And I’m sure you’re confused by how I’m skipping around to so many different topics, all in one post.)

So, yeah. I’m just going to publish this post now and see what the next few days/weeks/months bring.

Love you lots. ❤


16 thoughts on “i don’t know what to write.

  1. It sounds like an exciting and enriching time! (I get what you mean about “good/hard” though.) Glad hear about the progress on Flicker. ❤

    Also, it's totally fine to move on! I've been blogging on/off since 2009, though on different websites and different topics as the seasons of life change. It is a bit sad when you find you've outgrown one season, but even today, I have at least one blogger friend from "the old days" who's still in touch. Whatever you do, don't delete your old blogs entirely – it's so much fun to go back and read them (often for giggles). 🙂


  2. I understand this so much. I blogged for a few years (2016 until last year, actually) and then… I don’t know what happened? Everything I had wanted to say and blog about had kind of taken a back seat in my life. New, more important things surfaced and I no longer had as much interest in blogging. I’m now considering starting a new blog, but we’ll see.

    All that to say that I can relate to your confusedness (<- that's probably not good grammar). Whatever happens, just know your followers will support you! 🙂


  3. liviepearl

    I’ve been blogging since around age 21, and I’m now 29, maybe not as much changed as it should, but I’ve let whatever changes happen come with me on my blogging journey. I don’t think you have to be tied to doing anything that you did before, it’s your place, for what you like, when you like it. I always love all the lifestyle, education, etc. post type blogs, you can see all sides of a person, well as much as they are comfortable to share, I’ve still never shared my face real name or state specific geographic location.


  4. Grace Avender

    I LOVE Patch the Pirate, my whole family grew up on it!!! My two older siblings participated in a play version of the Mister Slippy River Race while my other brother (who was around 3) sang “My Sin Is Ever Before Me” in the middle of the grocery store!!

    I hope everything falls into place for you and I hope you’ll continue this blog, but I totally understand if that’s just not what’s good for right now!


    1. Yassss. My siblings and I would listen to several of the stories on actual casette tapes and I’ve had so much fun revisiting all my favorites songs and moments. ❤ I love how the songs are so catchy but SO loaded with good lessons – for kids and adults too.

      Thank you. ❤


      1. Grace Avender

        Oh yes, casette tapes were my childhood!!! I recently found the whole Hamilton family singing ‘Rejoice In The Lord’ on YouTube and the oldest son sounds JUST like his Dad!


      2. It’s so funny – the day you posted this comment, I’d just been listening to that version of Rejoice in the Lord in order to show my younger brothers how much Ron Hamilton’s son sounds like him. 😀 It’s pretty crazy!

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