three things i liked about ‘mirror, mirror’ (and three things i really didn’t)

I feel like the title of the post sums up most of what I’d say in an introduction, so I’m just going to dive right in! (However, I will add that I’ll be sharing spoilers.)



Come on! How could you not mention the costumes and the sets when you talk about a film as beautiful as Mirror, Mirror? Not to mention the animated opening and the stunning gorgeousness of Lily Collins as Snow White. But back to the general aesthetics. I love it when films look as though they’re gorgeously and carefully made. (Lookin’ at you, Beauty and the Beast 2017.) And that was definitely Mirror, Mirror!

I can’t decide whether I liked or disliked the CGI–at first, I didn’t realize that the Queen’s bedroom was open to the sky and I thought that the moving clouds were actual decorations on her bedroom wall. Which would have been cooler than slightly rubbery CGI. But I digress…bottom line, this film is a treat to look at it. Watch it once for all the splendor, if nothing else.



Urghhhhh. Plot convenience is the worst. There’s mainly one instance I’m thinking of, and that’s when Snow slices off the Beast’s necklace and…something happens to break her father from the spell. They never explained the necklaces at all, and so I’m still very confused. It somehow linked the Beast and the Queen? But why? And how?

I get that magic is often supposed to be taken at face value, but you should still explain the rules and whys and wherefores of that magic to your audience–even if it gets a little exposition-y. (Plus, with a film that’s so creative in other aspects, it shouldn’t have been hard for the writer/director to come up with a way to slip a simple explanation in there.)



Mirror, Mirror’s soundtrack is mostly included on this list because I’m rather proud of myself for (kind of) recognizing the composer before I looked the soundtrack up. It’s Alan Menken! I thought, while watching the film, that the music had a Tangled vibe and I’m so happy to be proved right. I’m listening to the soundtrack right now and it’s quite good. I like it. So if you’re looking for some new fairytale-ish music to write to or just listen to for fun, definitely give Mirror, Mirror’s soundtrack a try!



Another extremely annoying element of the film. *pulls out hair* Again, there’s a couple specific instances I’m thinking of. The first is when the Queen’s magic mirror says something along the lines of “There will come a day when you ask me who the fairest is and you won’t like the answer”. So I was eagerly anticipating the part of the movie where that happened…only it never did.

The other thing was that the magic mirror told the Queen that there was a price to using the magic. We see in the end, of course, that the price is simply aging (though not to the level of Mother Gothel). I guess that wasn’t throw-away foreshadowing, really, but I think the price should have been that the Queen turned into the Beast at night (and become a little more permanently beastly each time she used magic). That would have been perfect! For one, it would have been an outward manifestation of her cruel, brutish nature. And it would’ve meant that she and Snow would have had a climactic showdown (something that was sorely missed, especially because the Queen had had the upper hand over Snow so many times before).

LIKED: THE CHARACTERS (some of them)


Snow was lovely and brilliant and had a nice character arc. Brighton reminds me a lot of Nathaniel (from Enchanted) and I ended up quite liking him. The dwarfs were great. The Queen was…entertaining. Also, even though you only see him for a bit, Snow’s father was nice. (I mean, it’s Sean Bean–you have to like him!)

However, I did NOT like the Prince. (Such a shame because Armie Hammer is very handsome and has such an awesome, deep voice.) But yeah. The Prince was just ugh. Which leads me to…


Snow is wayyyyy too good for the Prince. She falls for him really hard and really fast…it almost seems like, y’know, more plot convenience instead of good writing and natural chemistry between two great actors. He’s pretty rude to Snow in their sword fight but it’s played as a joke and doesn’t do anything to make her dislike him or think that maybe she’s better off running the country by herself. (Honestly, the Prince is rather an idiot about the Queen–what makes Snow think he’s so great?)

Also, the ending in general was unsatisfactory. No closure between Snow and the Queen and the apple! *scowls*

As you can probably tell, I didn’t love Mirror, Mirror. It was fine–good, even–for a one-time watch, but there were just too many things about it that annoyed me.

Have you seen Mirror, Mirror? Do you love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “three things i liked about ‘mirror, mirror’ (and three things i really didn’t)

  1. Three things πŸ˜‰

    One, I agree about plot convenience – the issue with the beast and the necklace really bugged me too!! I was like, “wait, you’re gonna make a big deal out of this and then never explain it? LAME.”

    Whaaat, you don’t like the prince?!?! XD He’s like, one of our favourite characters. He’s so silly and pathetic and funny. He’s half the reason I watch the movie, haha! I guess it all just comes down to everyone’s different sense of humour. πŸ™‚

    I actually remember thinking the exact same thing about the foreshadowing! I made a mental note of it, thinking “ooohh I look forward to this” and then it never happened and I was like BOOOO. πŸ˜›

    But yes, the movie has oodles of weird and wild aesthetics and even though several things bug me about this movie, I still have watched it several times.


    1. Yah, I feel like it would have been a lot cooler if the whole necklace thing had been explained properly.

      I actually just rewatched the movie with some of my siblings. It definitely has its good points!


  2. I have never seen this! I only vaguely knew it was a Thing because Rachel talked about it on her blog once, lol … I thought the pictures you shared were beautiful, though! Especially the one of Lily Collins in that gorgeous white dress ❀


  3. I’ve only seen it once ages ago, I don’t think I was expecting it to be as fluffy as it was, but I enjoyed it because it was so silly I think? I’ve forgotten most of it, so I don’t remember the parts you don’t like, I’d forgotten the king was in it. I do remember thinking that the evil queen was annoying, like she got way more screen time than Snow. I don’t know if that is accurate or not, I’m going to have to rewatch this now.


    1. I’d say the Queen and Snow get about the same amount of screentime (though, on second thought, the Queen probably does edge out Snow in that department). You should rewatch it!


  4. Ah, yes! I love this movie. πŸ˜€ It doesn’t get talked about that often, so I was glad to see your post title!

    THE AESTHETICS ARE EVERYTHING. They’re so unique and immersive. I haven’t encountered a “vibe” quite like MM’s in any other film (though it reminds me a little of some others).

    It’s so interesting that you had those reactions to some of the details of plot exposition and resolution, because I had opposite reactions to a lot of them! Like the ending with Snow and the queen and the apple: I actually love the way they do that, haha.

    Fun post!


    1. I agree about the vibe! It’s a bit like Shrek, a bit like Tangled, a bit like Enchanted…but also really unique and cool.

      Definitely not a terrible movie–just a flawed one (IMO).


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