three things I love/hate about each Star Wars trilogy

Each Star Wars trilogy is amazing in its own right. Multitudes of fans have ranked these trilogies, declared their adoration or loathing for each one, and so on and so forth. I could rank them all, with a detailed explanation as to why the prequels are at the top…but instead, I’m taking a different route. (Besides, I’ve already discussed why I think the prequels are awesome.) For this post, I’ll list three things I love and three things I ‘hate’ about each set of movies.

Let’s jump right in!



—Obi-Wan. I could say Padmé as well, but since I’m also writing a full post about her, I’ll save that for later. Anyway. Obi-Wan. As I told a friend, I love Obi-Wan because he’s a shining beacon of goodness and light in a saga that can get pretty dark and twisted at times. He’s a genuinely good person, always doing what’s right even when it costs him. From his days as Qui-Gon’s Jedi apprentice to delivering little Luke safely to Owen and Beru, Obi-Wan is a true, admirable hero.

—The music. ‘Across the Stars’ and ‘Duel of the Fates’ are two of my top three favorite pieces of Star Wars music (the other piece being the Force theme). John Williams did an outstanding job scoring the prequels, even if other people (*cough*GeorgeLucas*cough*) weren’t at the top of their game.

—Villain backstory. I love my villains, and Anakin’s story gives such a depth to Darth Vader. Well done.


—Jar Jar. Of course. You knew he had to be on here. Jar Jar hate is widespread and well-documented, so I’m not going to spend a huge paragraph talking about his faults. Suffice to say, he made The Phantom Menace about ten times worse than it needed to be.

—Anakin’s general cringiness. For the first two films of the prequel trilogy, Anakin is so not great. A little punk kid in the first movie and a love-sick, toxic teenager in the second. It’s only in Revenge of the Sith that I actually find myself liking Anakin. Having to put up with a blah version of him for two whole films takes some of the shine off the trilogy.

—Palpatine. He’s terrible. And hideous. I can appreciate his cleverness, but he’s an awful person.



—The vibes. All Star Wars stuff is AMAZING in terms of vibes. I love, love, love the vastness of the universe and how it actually feels like it could be real. It’s a whole other galaxy, a whole other culture…I can’t even describe it. And the original trilogy is simply amazing at transporting you to that realm. I will forever watch it just for the vibes, the mood alone. Which may sound weird, but it’s the way it is!

—Luke. It wasn’t until Return of the Jedi when Luke came, all cool and dressed in black, with a master escape plan, that I really liked him. But I do! He’s pretty great. (I guess he takes after his dad, in that I only liked him in his third movie.) Of course, The Last Jedi helped in deepening Luke’s character and making him more of a real person (imo). But yeah, he was great in Jedi.

—Tatooine. Gotta love that planet, eh?


—Boringness. Yup. I hate to say it, but the original trilogy can be boring in places. I found Empire Strikes Back especially so. Mainly, I’ll watch the OG trilogy because it’s Star Wars (and, therefore, awesome). But overall, it’s not as interesting as the other two trilogies. And that’s probably (at least partly) because…

—Not a lot of character depth. I seriously don’t get why people rave about Luke and Leia and Han. Yes, I just said that I like Luke. But for the first couple of films, he didn’t have much characterization going on besides a nice guy who was trying his best (but who was also prone to whining and moping, like his dad). And you don’t get much of Leia or Han’s internal life besides their love story. So not a lot of depth or development there either. At least that’s what I think.

—Han Solo. I do not get Han Solo. Harrison Ford is an amazing actor, but I honestly feel that his acting is cringy in the original trilogy. And I don’t like the character much either. 😛 There. I said it.



—Rey. My beautiful heroine. Daisy Ridley is a joy to watch, and Rey’s strength of character and haunting backstory make her one of the best Star Wars characters, in my opinion.

—Ben’s redemption. I was one of those who loathed Kylo Ren after he murdered his father. I refused to become entranced with him as so many other Star Wars fans did. But I’m a sucker for redemption arcs, and that scene between Ben and Han was near perfection. I cried a lot. I just wish that we’d gotten to see more of redeemed!Ben before he DIED. *glares at film producers*

—The aesthetic. The planets! The costume design! The colors! The intricate details! The look of the sequel films is modern, sleek, and bursting with life and personality and allll the amazing Star Wars aesthetics you could ever ask for. Such a visual treat.


Except for a couple of kisses (the Reylo one wasn’t earned and I object to the lesbian one for religious reasons), I honestly can’t think of anything I hate (or even terribly dislike) about the sequel trilogy. *shrugs* It’s a good film series overall. I don’t feel like Disney ruined Star Wars. The sequel films aren’t perfect, but they aren’t terrible either.

So! Do you agree with my likes/dislikes? What are some of your favorite and least favorite things about each trilogy? Let me know in the comments!


18 thoughts on “three things I love/hate about each Star Wars trilogy

  1. I’ve never been a Harrison Ford fan. He’s just not a great actor in my mind. But I usually keep my mouth shut, because his fan club would hit me. 😉 I do kinda like Han though, to be frank, I love Leia and her aggressive mouthiness way more.

    Anakin was pathetic. I feel in the hands of an actual writer (not George Lucas) he could have been much more sympathetic, but instead… he just whines a lot and does dumb things. I still kind of like him, though.

    YES. There are boring bit all the way through, and Jar Jar is insufferable. Who thought that was a good idea? It’s a shame, too, because that movie has probably one of the best light saber duels of the franchise AND Liam Neeson and… it’s arguably the worst of all the films. Mostly because of the stiff acting and Jar Jar.


    1. Lol. I love how you say all that bad stuff about Anakin and then you’re like “I still kind of like him, though”. Because same. 😀

      And yes to Phantom having one of the best light saber duels! It’s proooobably my favorite, though there’s so many good ones that it’s hard to choose.


  2. I’ll pick one favourite and least favourite aspect of each trilogy.

    Favourite – How well the Emperor’s plan comes together in the second half of Revenge of the Sith. Like him or hate him, the Emperor is the most fascinating character in the prequel trilogy. He’s in love with how evil he is. And there are a number of genuinely sad and chilling moments, like the opera scene, “Execute Order 66”, and in general how he tricked almost everyone.
    Least favourite – the love story between Anakin and Padme. So much cringe in the writing. And that’s a shame, because there was a good concept behind it. With better writing and directing, it could have been a highlight.

    Original Trilogy:
    Favourite – The fact that as a whole, it’s a very well done take on the Hero’s Journey. Yes, Luke starts the trilogy off as a whiner and a dreamer, but he clearly grows throughout the trilogy. He grows a bit in A New Hope, grows a lot while training with Yoda, and by the time Return of the Jedi begins, he’s a patient, wise Jedi who sees the good in his father, even when nobody else can.
    Least favourite – The changes done to A New Hope and Return of the Jedi since the 1997 Special Editions.

    Favourite – General film making. Of the three trilogies, the sequels have the most consistently good acting, the best constructed action scenes, and with The Last Jedi in particular, the best cinematography and visuals as a whole.
    Least favourite – It’s clear that they didn’t plan the sequels very well from the start. The Force Awakens gave the sequels a lot of potential, but while I still enjoy The Last Jedi on its own, it made it very difficult to finish the series with one more movie. Rise of Skywalker suffered as a result, with the first half hour feeling very rushed, and parts of the rest of the movie feeling disjointed, as if JJ Abrams tried to tell his Episode 8 and 9 in one movie.


    1. Yep, I agree with you totally about the Emperor. His performance alone makes the prequels (particularly Revenge of the Sith) worth watching. Question: do you think George Lucas should have been less obvious about who Palpatine was? I saw someone complaining that Lucas made it so easy to figure out that Senator Palpatine was the Emperor in the prequels. I actually like it though, tbh. Just wondering what you think about that. 🙂

      The Last Jedi is quite the stunning film, visually. I do wish that the trilogy had been more cohesive though. I probably would have loved it more, had it been.


      1. It probably would have worked better if it was less obvious in The Phantom Menace, but then again, a lot of fans knew the Emperor’s name was Palpatine before Episode 1 released. Including myself.

        I don’t have any problem with how the prequels handled the emperor in episodes 2 or 3.


  3. Original. The good: the general cool uniquenes of the sci-fi world, the concept. Nostalgia for some memories of childhood and for a past time (70’s 80’s). Han. Young Luke

    The bad. Yeah, it gets pretty boring in spots. The acting is terrible for most. The “ickiness” of Star Wars. There is a LOT of gross out stuff.

    Prequels. All bad.

    The Sequels: The good: the rebirth. The nostalgia. Sci-fi coolness. I like some of the characters. Kylo Ren and Rey in 2 and 3.

    The bad. The copycat plots of already not very good plots. I can’t explain how terrible these plots are. Also, still plenty of terrible acting.

    Rogue One. The good. The overall plot, Cassian and Jyn.

    The bad. Cassian’s morals. I wish that one scene had not happened. That’s not redeemable. Also, it did boring in spots. The other characters were super badly acted and developed.

    The Mandalorian. The good. It’s feel good. The mystery of the man himself. Baby yoda. The theme music.

    The bad. Star Wars gross out strikes again. A lot of cold blooded murder. The plotting is thin. Also, I’m shallow and don’t find the Mandalorian once revealed to be at all attractive or to fit his man of mystery and bravery image.


  4. I LOVE HAN SOLO. And young Obi-Wan, as I described him in a comment on Olivia’s blog, is adorable and a mix of Samwise Gamgee and Gandalf. Amazing.

    I love the prequels best, the original trilogy because of Han Solo and Leia, Yoda, and Chewbacca/the Millennium Falcon, and I’ve never seen the new ones… after what you’ve mentioned about the last one, I definitely don’t want to watch that one. Yikes. That’s terrible. >.<


      1. Thanks!
        Ooh thank you. That would be helpful. I don’t know, though, because even the people I know who enjoy the new ones tell me that I’m really not missing anything. It’s a little confusing. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I love this post! It’s really interesting to get a deeper glimpse into your feelings about each of the trilogies.

    I, too, do not “get” Han Solo. xD I do not like him, except for Alden Ehrenreich’s Han, who’s kind of his own separate character in my head.


    The Bendemption, yessssssssss *weeps with you* When he throws his lightsaber into the sea, man …


  6. When I was a teen, I couldn’t stand Luke. I found him whiny, boring, and generally irritating. That attitude continued through my twenties. In my thirties, I began to just kind of like him okay.

    Watched the original trilogy at the age of 40? Holy cow, that kid has chutzpah. When faced with the slaughter of the only family he’s ever known, does he whine? Does he fall on the ground weeping? Does he spend lots of time fussing and fuming? Nope. He mans right up and gets busy taking down an empire. Props to you, Luke. Time and again, he faces overwhelming badness and refuses to be overwhelmed. (In fact, that’s one of the things I dislike about the sequels — Luke ceases to shine.)

    (And Mark Hamill is remarkably ripped in TESB. I did not appreciate, at a younger age, how much work would go into getting biceps and triceps like those.)

    I love the original trilogy fiercely. Like the prequels kinda. Have washed my hands of the sequels because they kind of ruined the ending of the original trilogy. Oh, you’re celebrating because the evil empire is destroyed? Haha, laugh’s on you — it’s coming back, and it’s worse than before. That’s retroactive story tampering and it vexes me thoroughly.


    1. Wow, when you describe Luke like that…I like him more now too! I read that Mark Hamill said he played up Luke’s whininess at the start of A New Hope because he wasn’t sure that they’d get more than one film, so he wanted Luke’s character development to shine through by the end of the film. (So he went for broad strokes, instead of delicate nuance.) (Also, apologies if I’ve already talked about this to you. I just think it’s really cool that he put that much thought into the character, for a movie that a lot of people thought would be a flop.)


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