the little women book tag.

Katja over at Little Blossoms for Jesus recently answered this tag, and now I’m ‘stealing’ it. I really love this type of format for tags in general! And who doesn’t at least like Little Women?

(All images from Goodreads.)

Marmee—A Wise & Nurturing Read

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Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund suits both of those adjectives. The author draws upon the Bible, as well as several Puritan writers, to provide readers with a deep exploration of Christ’s character (especially His gentleness, as you might expect). Not only is this book filled with wisdom, it’s also a quiet, encouraging read that, yes, nurtures the soul and spirit.

Jo—A Book You Can’t Live With/Can’t Live Without


I’m giving two answers for this one, because I’m slightly confused as to what this means. A book I can’t live with is Frankenstein. Just no. (Though, admittedly, my feelings about the book come more from the titular character than any defects in writing, plot, etc.) A book I can’t live without is, of course, the Bible.

Meg—A Book You Accidentally Damaged


I try to take really good care of my books, for the most part. I will say that I accidentally cracked the spine on my new paperback copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, but that was to be expected with how big it is. And I actually don’t mind how it looks now–I like it, in fact. *shrugs*

Beth—A Cozy Book


Little Women itself! Honestly, there are several answers I could give for this, but the opening image of all the girls sitting around the fireplace with Christmas at the doorstep and Marmee on her way home…what could be cozier than that?

Amy—A Pretty Book


I’ve always been partial to the cover of Sweep. Must be because purple is my favorite color. Oh, and the Mary Poppins/A Little Princess aesthetic.

Mr. March—A Book You’re Embarrassed You Forgot


Ha! I actually have a good answer for this one. One time during a sermon, my pastor brought up Uncle Tom’s Cabin and I thought to myself “Oh, I’d like to reread that” (I used to read it a lot when I was younger). So I went home and, after much searching, found what looked like a decent copy and ordered it. Only to discover (too late for cancellation) that I already had a copy that I’d picked up semi-recently at a bookstore. *face-palm* But it all worked out. I gave that copy to a friend at church, and kept the new one for myself (it was actually used, but you get it).

Laurie—A Fun Book


The Tintin books (graphic novels, really) are loads of fun!

Professor Bhaer—The Classic You Are Most Proud of Reading


Well, I read Les Misérables an insane amount of times back when I was obsessed with it. I don’t know that I’ve ever been really proud of reading a classic just because it’s a classic though. I did try reading War & Peace once, but couldn’t get through it–if I had, I’m sure I’d be bragging about that. 😉 But overall, I read classics for my own enjoyment and not so that I can say “oh, yes, I’ve read that” and wow everyone.

John—A Sweet Character/Book

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The Candymakers is a very sweet story. And it’s main character, Logan Sweet, is even sweeter. (I couldn’t resist!)

Feel free to answer this tag yourself, whether in the comments or on your blog!


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